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The drug, Naxcel, has HELPED MAMA TESS FIGHT HER P3 COFFIN BONE INFECTION when nothing else worked: after 8 injections, she is a NEW HORSE!

All I can say is that I wish I had known about Naxcel 2 years ago.

I used Naxcel injections to fight Mama Tess’ coffin bone infections.

Caveat:  Just to make this perfectly clear, I am not a vet – but I know my horse.  After 8 injections, she feels like a new horse.  I do not know for sure that Mama Tess’ coffin bone infection is gone.  All I know is that I started the shots over a week ago, and today I have a different horse.  She is that much better.  Also, I don’t know how long this benefit will last… I don’t know if she will need another dose or a monthly dose or what…  And, for sure Naxcel will not cure the current damage to her coffin bone due to the infection.  But, I swear to you, she is much improved after 8 shots of Naxcel.  And for the price, everyone who has a horse with a coffin bone infection should try this before surgery.  Could it hurt?  Not from what I have read or been told.  Could it help?  It already has.

Of all the remedies I’ve tried over 2.5 years (including coffin bone surgery), these Naxcel shots have shown the most improvement.  I would also project that Naxcel shots in combination with the Theraplate would be a grand slam – circulating the drug for an even greater effect.

Naxcel powder. The base for the injections.

Naxcel powder. The base for the injections.

NAXCEL FOR COFFIN BONE INFECTIONS – Please run out and tell everyone you know who has a horse with a coffin bone infection to try Naxcel injections!

None of the vets and specialists that have treated Tess have ever mentioned Naxcel as treatment for her coffin bone infection.  I was told repeatedly and as recently as 12 weeks ago, that the only cure for a coffin bone infection, was surgery.

Now, this may be true.  But, I would much rather give Tess shots of Naxcel once a month (if needed) to see this result, than endure coffin bone surgery.  As you all know, 2 years ago, MT had coffin bone surgery on her left foot and the recovery was difficult.  In fact, in her case, that foot has never recovered from the very invasive surgery (although the infection was halted for a time).  I’m not against coffin bone surgery; many horses have been helped.  But, if a non-invasive injection can do the same thing, why not?!

Yes, coffin bone infections are very difficult to cure, for sure, because the very nature of the injury (founder/laminitis/abscesses) creates restricted blood flow to the foot, which in turn inhibits any antibiotics from reaching the far extemities – like hooves.

But, the Naxcel injections, somehow, are working!  So please tell everyone you know in case this can help another horse in dire need.

“What? Yes, I opened the hay room slider.  So what of it?”  She is back to being prankster!…


Of the research I have been able to find online, Naxcel injections started with Bovine founder.  I don’t know how it crossed species to horses, but I do know that a few vets on the East Coast have been trying it on foundered P3 infection equines with great success.

This is how I learned about Naxcel.  I don’t think there are any papers on it… and I don’t think this protocol is well known.  But, MT had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I tried it.

Again, today she broke into the haybarn. She is back to her old self. I'm sure she still has pain, but the infection pain much be far less after the Naxcel injections.

Then, she broke into the haybarn from the barnside! MT is back to her old self!  I’m sure she still has pain, but after the Naxcel injections, her activity level has skyrocketed!


For those of you who are not familiar with Mama Tess founder… MT suffered fatal founder 2.5 years ago.  After finally determining the cause too late, I was advised by several vets and specialists to put her down,  She had no chance at a life worth living, I was told.

I looked at MT, and she said, “Get me outta here!”

And that was what we did.

For sure, my team of vets was just trying to spare me the heartaches and setbacks (and financial burden) that occur with trying to cure incurable founder.  But, for me, I wanted to give my horse a chance since she was still fighting to live.

Mama Tess has had some excellent days and some very difficult days.  For a time there, I thought she would survive this… but now I feel that the infections have ravaged her bones to the point that she will never live without some pain.

However, with the spunk she has shown after the Naxcel injections, I once again have hope that with pain management, she could survive this…

Or, at least her legacy may survive.  If this news about MT getting better due to Naxcel shots saves other horses, it has all been worth it.

MT starts her evening stroll... life is good.

MT starts her evening stroll… life is good.

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HAVE YOU TRIED THE SOFT RIDE ICE SPA THERAPY BOOT? PLEASE let me know what you think! (no affiliation)

I tend to never buy the first iteration of anything… I prefer them to work out the kinks and then I’ll purchase.   But I might reconsider with this Soft Ride ice boot.

Have you tried them yet?  If so, please let me know your thoughts.

You see, Mama Tess has hot feet whenever she is brewing an abscess.  I’m thinking it would be nice for her if I had this boot.  From the looks of it, there is an inner boot to stop ice chaffing.  I wonder how difficult it is to get on and off?  How do you fill it?  Is it better to use chipped ice?

In any case, I wish I had one right now to try on MT.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.29.33 AM

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For me, I love that it has an inner boot.  I’m not sure how you fill it, but I do see that it has a drain tube to get rid of the melted ice before repacking.

And, knowing that the inner is just like her Soft Ride boot, I don’t have to worry about cushion or sizing the boot.  I already know there is ample cushioning – and I know her size since she wears the Soft Ride boots daily.

I also like the durability factor and that she can move around with the boot on, without worrying about it coming off.  So, she wouldn”t have to be tied which would allow me to feel comfortable enough to leave her in her stall to eat or whatever.

I like the waterproof zippers.  It does come with extra lubricant to reseal those zippers.  I wonder about that… and how often they might leak.  To me, I’d think they would make it out of scuba materials – but I also know a horse is much harder on things than a scuba diver…

Click image to go to the website

Click image to go to the website

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.30.44 AM


ANYBODY OWN A SOFT RIDE SPA THERAPY BOOT?  Or has anyone done a comparison?

If so, please give us the deets!

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