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Have you tried a NATURAL WORMER? Here are THREE choices for you! (no affiliation)

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 | Filed under Medical

From yesterday’s blog, you all know that I like to use natural wormers.  My favorite is Omega Alpha’s Para X.  I’ve used it and it works well!


I LOVE the Omega Alpha company because their nutritionists are available for phonecalls, they do online seminars and have many ways for the user to learn more about equine health.  They are my ‘go to’ for just about every natural product I need.

Here is a description of their natural Parasite cleanse (Para-X) from the Omega Alpha website:

Intestinal Cleansing Formula

Quisqualis indica, Torreya grandis, Areca catechu, Dryopteris Crassirhizoma, Omphaliae lapidescens, Garlic, Pumpkin seed

Serving: Give 30-50 ml (1-1.7 oz) for 5 days, stop for 5 days and then give 30-50 ml (1-1.7 oz) for another 5 days. Repeat every 3 months.

Available in 1L / 1Q and 4L / 1Gal sizes.

Para-X™ is manufactured under strict GMP standards. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions. We always recommend consultation with your veterinarian for proper diagnosis


I’m guessing that many of you have used Silver Lining Herbs.  

If not, go to the site and check it out.  You might find natural products for several issues effecting your dog or horse.  You can call them and ask questions.

Anyway, they have a natural worming product called, “13 Herbal Wormer for horses”.

Click to go to site


So this was in my inbox yesterday.  I thought I’d pass it onward.  There appear to be two natural worming methods here.  They also provide a moon chart for best cleansing.

click image to go to website

  1.   Equine Herbal Wormer

click to go to product

Herbal Wormer for Horses – All Natural Alternative to Chemical Wormers
Our Equine Herbal Wormer is an all-natural feed additive to be mixed in bucket feed or can be mixed with a small amount of apple sauce and syringed in the mouth. It’s safe to use for horses who are prone to laminitis and founder, as it is low in NSC.

Our Herbal Wormer contains a blend of 12 specific herbs, which can help to minimize parasitic infestation, 4 herbs for flavor and aroma, along with some diatomaceous earth and yeast culture which provides some pre-biotics, pro-biotics and digestive enzymes.

The 8 oz. size of our herbal wormer will usually be enough for a two-month supply for one horse. It is fed for 5 days of the month, and the horses love the herbs! We do not recommend it for dogs or goats, but do recommend our homeopathic liquid Paratox for them.

Some horses have been on this blend for over 18 months and up to 3 years, and their owner’s have reported that fecal counts have come back clean. If your horse has a positive egg count after having done a fecal, you can use Paratox (a homeopathic anti-parasitic which we sell) from the new moon to the full moon then use the Herbal Wormer, and you should be good to go!

Horses really do not need to be “chemically” wormed every 6 weeks. It disturbs their digestive health, leading to other health-related problems and a lack of absorption of nutrients in their hay and feed stuffs.

Listen Now: Jessica Lynn’s interview on NBC’s The Horse Talk Show where she talks about nutrition and herbal worming.

For more information on natural parasite control and using herbs for worming instead of chemicals, please see our Natural Worming FAQs.

Please Note: Herbal Wormer is one of our most popular products. We often sell out of this custom blend and have to reorder and reblend the herbs. Therefore, it’s best to order in advance of your worming schedule. If you are ordering last minute, please call to verify we can get it to you by the time you need it. Our herbal wormer blend has a shelf life of one year, so it’s safe to keep some on hand.

Herbal Wormer Ingredients
Fennel, Fenugreek, Cayenne, Garlic, Hyssop, Olive Leaf, Oregano, Pau De Arco, Rosemary, Sage, Stevia, Thyme, Peppermint, Wormwood, and Pumpkin Seed blended with Diatiamatious Earth and Yeast Cultures


Although our Herbal Wormer has been found safe to be used for mares in foal, consult your vet prior to use if you have a pregnant mare.
One of the ingredients is Cayenne Pepper, the horses love it but you may find that you sneeze each time you give your horse a dose!

Happy Customer Testimonials
“I have been using the Herbal Wormer for at least 6 or more years now. I give my horses the herbal Wormer the week of the full moon each month. In the summer/fall and spring/summer, I test my horses for parasites. I am happy to say, I do not have to give my horses any chemical wormers. Once in a while, I may get one or two that may have a few worms, so I worm those only. I am a soul believer in this product. Thanks to Jessica for answering my equine questions when things come up!” – Margit Deerman, 4-Star Senior Parelli Professional

” … Best product ever. All my boy’s fecals came back negative, while pasturemates did not. I’ve always recommended this product to anyone who will listen. Thank you for this natural product. Less chemicals means better health. At 26 years old, my boy needs all the natural alternatives I can find.”

” Love the Herbal Wormer! My vet is always amazed with the negative results after 3 years for both ponies. Even though I am careful, I still sneeze!!!”

“… I am thrilled w/the results of the herbal dewormer; I do quarterly Fecal tests (have a wonderful reference for a mail-in service that is very economical) to make sure all is well and typically, there are NO EGGS found in the manure sample!! There was one 50-egg report in the spring, but that is nothing compared to the 200-egg threshhold most vets use….”

“Over a month ago I emailed you regarding my mare having Strongyles. Just wanted to let you know that her fecal sample just came back clean after using the Herbal Wormer. :-) Yay!”

“I have been using your herbal wormer for the last 7 months…. I just recently had a parasite check done on Lakota and it came back clean. When I first started using it, he had just tested positive for Large Strongyles. I am so happy with this product!!!”
Product Reviews
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2.  Paratox – LIQUID

A liquid homeopathic, all natural anti parasitic for horses, cats and dogs, can also be safely used for chickens and goats as well.  This is a liquid proprietary blend of anti parasitic homeopathic remedies which was made by a holistic vet and we have been selling for over 10 years, preserved in distilled water and grain alcohol.  We have sold Paratox for over 15 years and we do not give out the specific remedies used in this blend as they are proprietary.  It was designed and manufactured by a holistic homeopathic vet from Florida and is still being manufactured after his death by a homeopathic company, I purchase from them and sell to my customers. If you do not understand the history of homeopathy, how it is used, please consult with me before you purchase as this product, I do not make it, it is not returnable therefore not refundable due to FDA regulations.  I have been treated with homeopathy for 65 years, I have been treating my family, myself and my animals for over 50 years and understand the concepts and how it all works naturally.

Paratox is a homeopathic anti-parasitic that you can either put in your horse, dog or cats water daily or syringe in to their mouth. It is effective and safe, no nasty chemicals or toxic substances.

1 pint will last a little over a month for one horse, using a capful in drinking water or at the rate of 2-5 cc (ml) twice per day either syringed in to the mouth on added to their drinking water.

Paratox is different than the Herbal Wormer for the horses we offer, but can be used in conjunction with that between the new moon and the full moon in a specific time frame, or can be for long term use as a stand alone product.

When used between the new and the full moon use at the rate on the bottle, then stop on the first night of the full moon and use the herbal wormer for the 5 nights, then begin again on the 6th night of the the full moon. Or used alone it is an effective non-chemical alternative which is used over 48 days or until the bottle is empty.

For dogs and cats, it is administered usually in their drinking water bowls or buckets and not used with the equine herbal wormer.

Please note that homeopathic remedies are not returnable due to FDA regulations.

EARTH SONG RANCH Herbal Worming Schedule for 2020

Earth Song Ranch has put a lot of thought into the natural rhythms of the earth… and how that applies to the most effective natural worming cycles.

I have never used their products, but this intrigues me and I think I will try the liquid remedy on my dogs and cats to start!

Isn’t this interesting? Click image to go to the site.


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HORSEMEN’S LABORATORY Worm Count: A dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it…


Yup.  I was collecting manure today.  Not just any manure, but manure specific to the horses I wanted to worm test.

Yippee!  (not.)

Click image to go to their website.



I want to try Omega Alpha’s natural parasite control called Para-X.  But, the only way to really know if it is working is to know the parasite count before and after the application.

I decided to get kits for 3 of my horses (Tess -22, Wrigley-3 and Shetland Slick -19).   I’d test their manure before we started then I’d treat them with Para-X and test again once the treatment was completed.

Sounds easy enough.

So, I sent off for the kits.  You can too via the Horsemen’s Lab website.

The kit arrived with instructions, the little plastic kit bags, a brochure and a SASRE.



Y’know, in every field of endeavor there are experts.  So, why not count worms in horse poop?  Somebody’s gotta do it and I’m kinda glad they provide the service since I know that I don’t want to do this…

I made an online order which was simple to do.  Basically, you pay for the kit, they send it to you, you (ahem) fill it and then send it back in the SASRE that they provide.  Easy.

The pricing is broken down like this:

Reasonably priced…



I got my kits and they were much smaller than I thought they’d be.  So, I’ve added a Sharpie to the photo so you can see the relationship (I didn’t have an orange or an apple or a quarter…).

The kits aren’t big and you don’t need much manure.



Actually, it is quite simple.  I appreciated that they made the effort to keep the price down.  Each kit is packed inside of a small plastic bag – like the bags you’d see containing a few extra buttons on the blouse you just bought…

They also added a small cotton quilted pad to soak up any moisture as well as a tiny ice-cream tester spoon.  (Kinda ruined it for me for Baskin Robbins testing in the future – eech.)  You also get a tiny plastic lidded container like you’d get for an eye creme sample at Nordstroms.

Anyway, simple but efficient.  Nothing fancy.

Be sure to fill out the front side of the sample bag BEFORE you fill it… easier.  I used one of my thousands of new Holiday return address stickers that have recently arrived in the mail to identify my bags.  Worked great!

Fill out the front of the bag… easy.


I went to the barn where I had stashed some fresh manure from each of my subjects.  I had anticipated needing much more than I needed.  One apple will do ya.

Using the little spoon for slicing and packing was somewhat humorous since it was so tiny and not a pillar of fortitude.  Part of me just wanted to pick up a piece and smash it into the lotion container but I refrained.

But, to be honest, horse people are so used to manure:  how often, how much, the color, the shape, the consistency… collecting manure for this was no big deal.

I ended up kinda cutting the morsel with the side of the spoon and then smashing the piece into the container with the back – just like packing ice cream.   Then I snapped the cover over the little sample and inserted it back into the plastic baggie with the cotton pad in there with it.


Using that tiny spoon ruined ice-cream tasting for me…


I took all three of my samples and put them in the supplied envelope.  I added another holiday return address sticker and I was done!


I’m not sure how long before I have results but I will let you know.

In the meantime, I will treat my horses with the Para-X and then do this process all over again.

So much fun!  (It wasn’t bad, really…)

Drop it in the mail.



I listened to a seminar about Para-X.  (Update:  I’ve used it and I like it!)

My takeaway from the seminar was that worms become resistant to the formulas we all use to get rid of them (Ivermectin, Strongid).

What Para-X does is make the environment not comfortable for the parasites so they detach and leave.  It doesn’t kill them, it evicts them, so to speak.  They don’t want to hang around because the gut becomes unsavory to them.

I like that idea better than bombarding the poor horses’ guts with so much chemical.

Now, I’m not saying it works – yet… but it sounds so much healthier.  If I was deworming myself, I’d rather do it naturally than put all kinds of chemicals into my stomach…  I mean, most equine nutritionists insist that you follow any parasitic wormer with probiotics to replenish the gut with all the good bacteria that the dewormer killed…  (Ugh.  Here’s your sign…)

So, to me, this Para-X sounds like a really fine alternative.  The less damage we do, the better.

I’ll keep you posted~

A natural dewormer. It isn’t caustic and doesn’t kill the worms – it makes the parasites detach and slide out. Click to read more


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