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INTERESTING MEDICAL CASE from Pilchuck Veterinary Equine Hospital

I really like forwarding unusual equine medical cases because vets only know what they’ve seen or learned… they might not have seen an unusual case – and what if that unusual case applied to YOUR horse?

I always think it is best to pass along information so you can file it away and recall it if necessary.

FROM Pilchuck Veterinary Equine Hospital

Case of the Week – “Bill”
Bill is a Quarter Horse gelding who was found drooling and chewing abnormally. He did not have feed lodged in his esophagus (“choke”), but because of his discomfort he was hospitalized for observation overnight. The next day our dental specialist, Dr. Holohan, found a strange swelling on the tongue. When probed, an abscess full of black material ruptured out! Radiographs showed a metal foreign body (wire) lodged in Bill’s tongue. He became more comfortable after the abscess drained, so it was decided not to take him to surgery. Bill was treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories to control the infection and sent home for monitoring.

Horses can pick up foreign bodies in a variety of ways, but wires are often found in horses who eat out of tires. The tire degrades over time, releasing the small wires incorporated in the rubber into horses’ hay. These wires can either migrate out on their own, encyst permanently in the tongue, or, as in Bill’s case, cause an infection. Now that his abscess is treated, Bill is comfortable and happily eating away in a new plastic feed tub!

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Have you heard of the TUBBEASE hoof sock? Me, neither. HOWEVER, It seems like a nice substitution for the Davis Boot and Equine Slipper. I wish these had been around with Mama Tess. (No affiliation)

Monday, January 20th, 2020 | Filed under Medical

I friend of mine on FB showed me this pic:

This pic is difficult to see, but it is a hoof sock with a hard, plastic sole.


These equine hard socks are called, Tubbease.

Not just in Australia, NZ and the UK!  We can now get them in the USA!  I checked on Amazon, State Line Tack and Jeffers.

Now, I have not used these… but my friend says it was incredibly easy and a great way to soak, add poultice, wrap and protect a tender hoof.

I would have LOVED to try this with Mama Tess!

I use a Davis Boot for soaking, but those have lots of excess room… whereas this is snug.

I used an Equine Slipper with my wrapped hoof… but this looks more snug.  I feel like I could add a poultice or pad into this boot and feel confident that it would stay on.

And, they are inexpensive!.

Click image to go to website.


Right now, no one as any foot issues here (Thank horsegods), but I will remember these for the next time.  I think this seems much less messier/safer than the Davis boot… and more solid than the Equine Slipper.  I think this would give me coverage and security for soaking and wrapping a hoof.

I like it!  PLEASE email me if you have used it!  I’d like to hear.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!