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Hello everyone!  We have an OMEGA ALPHA GIVEAWAY!!

This is a banner day!

I wrote to Omega Alpha and asked if they would be interested in donating a free liter of either Anti-Flam, Sinew-X or Respi-Free for a contest.  They said, YES!


So, we get to have a contest to win either:

ANTI-FLAM  (click to read the story about how it saved my donkey),

SINEW-X (click to read the story on how wonderful it makes my old mare feel)


RESPI-FREE  (click to read about how it totally helped my pony with allergies)


I don’t receive any money for this.  I just really, really love their products and I wanted to find a way to get some of you to try them, too – especially those who really need them.

The Omega Alpha herbs seem to work better than any other natural product that I’ve tried so far.  I swear.

From what I understand, the Omega Alpha  products work so well because they are liquids not powders.
The process they use to concentrate the liquids is like “steeping” and they use whole herbs so they can measure the actives by each growing season.

So, if you like herbals anyway, these will knock your socks off!


OK, all you have to do is write to me and tell me why your horse should win either of the three products (Anti-Flam, Sinew-X or Respi-Free).  You need to pick one that is specific to your horse’s needs.

Then, you have to be prepared to take before and after pics – use the product correctly – and tell me the results which I will post.

There is only one winner.  But, if this is well received, we will do it again!

Send your stories either as a ‘comment’ below or as an email to:


I don't sell for them or anything... I just love their stuff!



ANTI-FLAM (linked)

OK, I have written several posts on how Anti-Flam is the bomb.  I couldn’t live without it now and I’ll tell you why~

Bute and Banamine have their place for sure.  But Anti-Flam doesn’t upset the stomach.  So, if you need to continue dosing, I switch over to Anti-Flam almost immediately.  For me, I swear by it when any of my horses get laminitic.

Also, if I think my horses will be sore or if they have eaten a bit too much grass, I give them a dose of Anti-Flam immediately and one again the next morning.

It works.  That’s about all I can say.  It does the job without harshness.  My horses eat it topically on simple pellets.  So easy.

SINEW-X (linked)

Sinew-X is like super joint relief.  I use it on my 22 year old, stiff and arthritic ex-show mare.  She loves it!

Here is a link to learn about it.

RESPI-FREE (linked)

My very hyper sensitive, ‘allergic to everything in the air” Shetland.   He wheezes at certain times of the year, his allergies are so bad.  I can always hear him breathing through his mouth when he eats – that is how bad his nose is stopped during high pollen season.

If I give him Respi-Free, he is clear.  Simple as that.  Amazing.


Click image to go to their site and look through the product descriptions!



I have extra Kidney Flush and Liver Flush in my personal stash that I can add to this GIVEAWAY.  (click links to read about these products)

These two products are more of a general cleansing type of product that you would use for a horse who has stressed kidneys or liver.   The results are more subtle and take more time to show reveal than Anti-Flam, Sinew-X or Respi-Free… But, if anyone would like to try either on their ailing horse, please write stories to me with the same rules as above, and I will send the winners my sample bottles.  Again, I’ll need photos and the story of your horse as well as after photos and the results.

My stash of Liver Flush and Kidney Flush that I don't need. So, please, if your horse needs help with their kidneys or liver,write to me - tell me your story - and maybe win!


The contest will end a week from today – so at the end of the day on June 15th.  I will announce the winner(s) on June 22nd!!


If you don’t want to do the contest but just want the product, I know Big Dee carries Omega Alpha as well as Dover.




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? “Horses Inside Out”…


Very cool!


This is very cool.

What a great way to study equine anatomy!

From what I can gather, this woman teaches you how your horse moves via this very inventive and totally clear (and revolutionary) method.

She paints on them.

Yup.  She does it herself.

Great idea!

Here is the website.

Click image to go to the website

Wow! Artistry while learning!



She draws on them herself!


She makes it look easy.


Very interesting...





The website wasn’t as informative about her as I’d like… but it did have this blurb:

Gillian Higgins

Gillian is professional Sports and Remedial Therapist specialising in assessing and mobilising muscles, improving performance and educating horse owners. Gillian is a BHS Senior Coach and Stable Manager.

With a bubbly, engaging presentation style, a passion for anatomy and biomechanics and with the welfare and comfort of the horse in mind, she gives lectures all over the world to anyone keen to ride or train sensitively. She has given demonstrations at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky as well as at the Horse University in Brazil and the horse Expo in South Africa.
She has written several popular books and DVDs. There are more in the pipeline. She writes regularly magazines including British Dressage, Horse and Rider, Eventing World Wide and Your horse Magazine.
Gillian has a First Class Honours Degree and Human and Equine Remedial Sports Massage qualifications. She is also a McTimoney-Corley Animal Manipulator.   Gillian regularly attends courses in all her fields of interest and is committed to giving both humans and equines the best possible levels of care and consideration. She works closely with Vets and regularly attends veterinary seminars and conferences.
Gillian has represented the BHS in Sweden as part of the Leonardo Exchange programme designed to share knowledge with our European Counterparts. This has given her valuable insight into alternative methods of training and treatments, the best of which she incorporates into her own practices.
On a more personal note, Gillian competes at British Eventing from pre –novice to Advanced level, BD, BSJA and Team Chasing.She has represented Great Britain at the Student Rider’s Nations Cup in Austria 2004 and Canada 2006 where she achieved Individual gold for dressage.

Gillian currently owns one horse, with whom she competes and is her model for HORSES INSIDE OUT.



She has a series of books and DVDs… I went to the page and discovered, however, that they are all in the UK.

So, I wrote to her to see if she sells in the US.  I haven’t heard back yet but I’ve been told they are on Amazon.  Here is a link to one.

Click image to go to the website



There were also several videos on You Tube.

Here is a direct link to one.

I’ve included some screen grabs that I took from the video.





Blurry but you get the idea...



For me, I love this!  I would go to one of her demonstrations in a heartbeat!  What a fun way to learn!

I will keep you posted if I learn where to buy her books in the US.



HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!



CLICK the image to help the nursemare babies!



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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!