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Updates! Scribbles, Honey Bandit, Grace and the Prison Gentled Mustang Adoptions!


Update day!  I had so many that I decided to put them together and make a day of it!


Scribbles was the horse who was crushed by a tree.  (Read here)

Scribbles had her surgery and all went very well!  Here is what Becky, her owner, had to say:

They did it while she was standing in her stall, sedated but not totally under. He made a 5 inch incision in her face, kind of below and between her eyes, and used an instrument to lift the bone. It was so shattered, he had a hard time to lift the entire bone. He removed lots of fragments… he did an outstanding job. She looks different, but better than she did before the surgery. She wont lose any vision, Dr Myhre had an opthamologist examine her eyes- so that’s great news.

Scribbles after surgery

Her barnmates miss her and so do my barnmates! Scribbles mood is good, more somber when we first go to see her then she peps up. I cant wait to see her reaction when she comes home – the other horses will be jumping for joy!

Her leg is healing nicely

Yay!  And, again, thank you readers for all of your support and for those of you who donated to the vet hospital.  Greatly appreciated.

Here is Kelly’s description of Scribbles arrival back home:

“Scribbles is home!!!!! My whole family went with me to welcome her home and we were there when she got off the trailer and ALL the other horses were SOOOOOOO happy to see her! They were all lined up at the fence like a welcoming committee as she walked down to the barn!  We all stayed to tuck everyone in and we just got home about half an hour ago. I wouldnt be at all suprised if Becky sleeps in the barn tonight!!  I have to wait until Becky sends me pictures because the batteries in my camera decided to be dead when we got there even though i checked them before we left the house… im sure she will post them either tonight or in the morning (she gets up around 4am) and she said she would email them to me as well! Scribbles looks GREAT, she will always have a small indent in her face but all things considered it is very minor! She was REALLY REALLY spunky and full of life, what an amazing animal!  Her tail hangs off to the left, she did suffer some minor neuro damage but the vet seems to think that with time it will return to normal and in no way is it severe enough to impede her quality of life. She may never be ridden again but she will DEF continue her life of luxery now that she is back home safe and sound!”


“20 days ago we were trailering a bloody, soaking wet horse to Rochester NH wondering if we were making the right decision.  As Dr George examined Scribbles face in this picture, little did we know that the bone in her face had multiple fractures.  And truth be told, little did we realize how much we loved this little horse.

Those first hours...

Nearly a luxurious Carribbean vacation for our family of five’s worth of vet bills, today we brought home our broken but mending mare to our barn, where she belongs.  A vacation we would have never indulged in, never spent the money on.  It would be such a stretch and a ridiculous splurge, out of our reach…but when faced with the decision to allow Scribbles to survive this fate, or euthanize her it was no question- If she wanted to live, she should live. Did we know what it would cost?  No… but we knew what was best.

Tonight, we trailered her home.  She  put up a good fight to get into the trailer.  Once again, Dr Myhre came through, firmly and gently loading her into the trailer to come home where she belongs.  Did I cry?  Yes, I did.  With joy, and as we drove home I read cards and letters of love and support  from the sweetest people- thank you~

And then from others, so many questions…   Why didnt you euthanize her?  It would be so much cheaper, and she’s suffering.  Our answer to that:  Come and see her, look at her spirit, energy, zest for life and sweetness- I dont see suffering, I see life.  Ride her on beautiful trails, let her nuzzle her soft nose on your hair, listen to her nicker for you as you enter the barn in the quiet of the morning, or at the end of a busy day.  Watch her grow from a listless bag of skin and bones, to a vivacious horse prancing with her tail flagging in the paddock, romping with her pasturemates.  Today we gave that back to her.

Does she know?  I have the answer for that- yes she does.  Yes, she does, and we will be thanked with her whinnies, nickers, nuzzles and someday we will watch her canter across the paddock with her tail flagging again.  We’re patiently waiting, Scribbles, but for tonight you can nuzzle Becketts nose as it was meant to be!

Welcome home, BBG, girlfriend, Scribby~  we missed you!!!!!!”


“She hasnt sent them to me yet but i stole this one from her blog! It is Scribbles and i last night after she got home and settled in! I am in charge of her care during the day. She gets about 45 minutes of time outside in the round pen in the morning (where she can be near but not with the other horses) and in the afternoon i will take her out to hand walk her for 30 minutes or so.  She also has to have ointment applied to her “good” eye because she had so much sand and mud in it that it caused abrasions but it is healing well and will be back to 100% in no time! She is not a happy girl in a stall at all :( she paces and gets all sweaty becuase she wants OUT in a bad way but we are hoping that she will return to her herd in a couple of weeks! She is doing great, what a miracle horse! It is almost like she knows that i stayed with her the whole time that day…. she has a strong bond with Becky but only seemed to tolerate me when there was food involved but now she puts her head on my chest and will lean into me when im rubbing her and i was brushing her this afternoon and she fell asleep!!! And now her ears will prick up and she will nicker when she sees me as if to say “thank you” :) i will put new batteries in my camera and take lots of pictures tomorrow while i am there!”

Homecoming with Scribbles and Kelly


Grace was our Bucket Fund Babe for September.  She was the skinniest horse still alive.  You can read her story here.

First Day of Healing

Grace is doing well!  After her 60 day comparison, she had gained a bit over 200lbs!  As you can see, she is doing very well…  and she has her new friend, Ginger, to keep her company.  They don’t eat together, but they do roam around the grassy area and graze together.

Grace after 60 days of food. That's all... just food.


HB is over his pneumonia and coming along!  His hearing is also slowly coming back!  I will see him, hopefully, tomorrow as I attend the rally for the Mustangs in Sacramento.  HB is going to travel (not far) to the Capitol and represent for his fellow Mustangs!  He will stay in his trailer in the parking lot.  Hopefully, I will get some photos to share.  Remember that HB is our October Bucket Fund Baby and we have almost reached our goal so please top off the bucket if you have any spare drops!

Oct 17, Honey Bandit and Patches


Oh, I love it when things go well!  This adoption was even more successful than the last adoption.  I didn’t attend, but evidently, there were more buyers and it had higher attendance.  Yes!  Here is the link to my post about the prison gentled mustangs.

To refresh, the Prison Gentled Mustang program is a good one.  I was dubious at first, but after going to the first adoption and seeing the results of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 60 days… I’m a believer!  These prisoners have nothing in their lives besides the horses and this highly regarded program.  So, they want to do well.  And, they find themselves opening up and really bonding with these animals who are just as scared and armored as the prisoners.   This concentrated time is just what a wild animal needs to find comfort.  It works.  It works for the poor mustangs who are hardly ever adopted because of the amount of training needed to gentle them… and it works for the prisoners as many of the inmates who work in this program don’t return to the prisons.


I didn’t watch this one… but from the last one, this is how it went down.  Bidders get their numbers through an application process.  Then, you all sit on bleachers in a covered arena and watch the prison trainers show off the skills of their mounts.  They walk, trot, canter, back, side-pass, bow… whatever they can do to endear the audience to that particular horse.  Some even learned tricks.

After all the horses had their time to show themselves, the bidding started.  The auctioneer person, who is actually the head of the program and a great wrangler, starts with the horse he thinks will go for the most money.  So far, he was wrong both times!  Funny… you just never know.  But, my impression from my day there was that the audience really loved color.  Color, Chrome, Spots… you name it, they wanted it.  The bland colored horses, no matter the skill level, didn’t sell for as much.

OK, let’s go one by one.

1)  JOSEY WALES  (sold for $800)

BLM #1456    Age: 4   Gelding    14 Hands   900 pounds   HMA: Granite Ridge
From the Trainer: Line Back Dun.  Picks up leads well, lunges, travels in all gaits smoothly and stops well.
From Cindy:  He looks pretty muscled up already….can you imagine what he will look like in a few years – after putting on some weight and working hard….He will be a knock out!  He looks like a horse that will work all day for you.  He’s a handsome boy…and really pretty mane!

Josey Wales

2) QUICK  (sold for $8500)

BLM #1312    Age: 2   Gelding    16 Hands   1000 pounds

HMA: Calico Mountains

From the Trainer: Quick, a red roan,  is very supple…possible dressage prospect?  Travels awesome.  Picks up leads great!

From Cindy: I spoke with the trainer at length.  Of all the horses he has trained…this is one of his favorites…that says A LOT!  He said “Quick” is very calm,  kinda like a “surfer dude!”  He also said he is soft, supple, and like  riding in a rocking chair – he is sooo smooth.  Has been a very easy horse…never bucked.

16 Hands and he is only two…This could be a very BIG horse….better have a mounting block if you get this guy!!

We always try to get a picture of their ears forward….which we get by throwing dirt, wiggling plastic, waving a hat…..whatever it takes.  Well, Quick wasn’t worried about ANYTHING…he just kept an ear on his trainer at all times.  These two are a bonded team…


3)  CISCO  (sold for $1100)

BLM # 1354  3 Years Old  14.1 Hands  1000 lbs HMA: Warm Springs Canyon, NV

From Trainer: Cisco is a chestnut with four socks.  He has a good temperament, learns quickly, trailer loads nicely, and picks up his feet easily.

From Cindy: Oh, my gosh…look at the four beautiful white socks.  I love “chrome” like this…how pretty will he be in the show ring?!?? And look how white his socks are…I have to scrub for an hour to get my horses socks that pretty!


4) AZABACHE  (sold for $600)

BLM #1342    4 years old  14.2 Hands  1000 lbs HMA: Warm Springs, NV

From Trainer: Azabache is a black horse who learns quickly.   He picks his feet up quietly, and trailer loads well.  I’ve had fun working with this horse.  I think he is a good horse.

From Cindy: I looked up Azabache…here is the meaning; Having a jet colour; of a deep black, and often glistening, colour. Okay – I guess I should say this is a TERRIBLE horse (NO! Not really!!!) – A friend of mine really wants this horse…He is gorgeous!   He isn’t real tall, but solidly built! AND, still has a few more years of growth.  Look at the beautiful, LONG tail…..


5)  DYLAN  (sold for $2600)

BLM #1412   Gelding    2 years old  15.1 Hands  1100 lbs HMA: Callaghan, Austin, Lander (NV)

From Trainer: Dylan is a Seal Brown gelding. He has been easy to teach because he is so willing and has a lot of try.  He picks his feet up nicely, and trailer loads well.  He has been a real pleasure to train. (The trainer will be getting out of prison the Monday before the adoption…we wish him well!)

From Cindy: The pictures do not show the beautiful coloring of this horse.  He is so pretty – you have to see him in person!  Another tail that almost touches the ground. It took me 3 years for my horses tail to look this pretty.  This is a solid horse – need a ranch horse?  Well, here he is!


6)  STORMY  (sold for $2500)

BLM #1491    Gelding     4 years Old    15 Hands    1000 lbs

HMA: Granite Range

From Trainer: This horse works HARD.  He is willing to do everything you ask.  He is a quick learner.  He trailer loads, and picks up his feet well.  He has a nice stop, side passes, and backs up well.  I can close gates on him and he is gentle.  He will make a good horse for anyone.

From Cindy: Good Looking horse!!  This horse was being worked when we pulled up..he does have a pretty stop!  I love the coloring on this horse!  15 Hands – 1000 pounds…another horse build like a brick house!



7)  COLUMBUS  (sold for $1100)

BLM #1492     Gelding    3 years old    14 Hands  900 Lbs

HMA: Granite Range

From Trainer: Columbus is a Palomino gelding who is gentle and really smart. He picks up his feet easily, side passes well, has a nice stop and side passes.  He moves real nice. He is also a real good friend.

From Cindy: Look at the golden color…he is so pretty.  Don’t worry about him only being 14 hands…my horse from the prison grew until he was 6 (he started out 14.2   900 lbs and is now 15.2 and over a 1000 pounds). He would look awfully pretty in the show ring…or on the trail….Can anyone guess why the trainer named him Columbus?


8)  EL AS de ORO  (sold for $400)

BLM #1495   Gelding    3 Years old    15.2 Hands  1200 Lbs

HMA: Warm Springs,  NV

From Trainer: El As de Oro is a real gentle horse.  He picks up his feet, side passes and stops and sides passes really well.

From Cindy: 1200! pounds!  Wow!  Need to pull out any trees?  I think this guy could do it!  And, look pretty while he is doing it!  (I looked up El As de Oro – it means Golden Ace)

El As De Oro

9)  ROJO (sold for $1900)

BLM #1545      Gelding    4 Years old   15.1 Hands    1200 lbs

HMA:Warm Springs

From Trainer: Rojo is a real gentle horse.  He is good with this feet, side passes and backs easily, and trailer loads with no problem.

From Cindy: Here’s one of those “just a bay” horses….He’s beautifully put together and look – white socks on the back legs.  Looking for a horse that can carry anyone without being 16 hands, here you go.


10) FRED (sold for $1600)

BLM #1297   Gelding    2 Years Old    15.1 Hands     1000 Lbs

HMA: Calico Mountains

From Trainer: Fred can trot, lope, stop and back up.  He trailer loads and is good with picking up his feet.  He is easy to catch and is very gentle.  He has been fun to work with and ride.

From Cindy: When they said Fred, I said,”Why Fred?”  Lachuga said because he looked like one of their trainers named Fred…..I kinda think whoever adopts this guy is going to have to change his name….”Fred” – What a name for a horse..I really like this horse.  He has the start of a really nice spin in place.  4 white socks…I love white socks – I just don’t like keeping them clean!  I watched Lachuga with the horse…Fred is VERY responsive to both the leg cues, and the reins.  Here is a picture with the trainer showing me how responsive he is.

FRED (means ‘peace keeper’)


11)  TUCSON  (sold for $1000)

BLM #1549   Gelding    4 Years Old    15.1 Hands     1150 Lbs

HMA: Warm Springs (NV)

From the Trainer: Tucson is a nice horse.  He has an easy lope, responds well to leg cues, and trailer loads.  He learns quickly.

From Cindy: I like the kind eye on this horse…Pretty, AND sturdy.  This is just a NICE group of horses…so many great horses to choose from!  You can tell from his eye…he wants to please!


11)  COCHISE  (sold for $400)

BLM #1510   Gelding    4 Years Old    14.3   Hands     900  Lbs HMA: Warm Springs (NV)

From the Trainer: Cochise moves well.  He has a good stop, and backs up nicely. (Man of few words!)

From Cindy: There’s my white socks again!  He just looks like he is saying…”What do you want to do…I CAN do it…”

Cochise: pronounced ko-CHEECE.  It is of Native American Indian origin.  The name of a renowned warrier, chief of the Chiricahua Apache ( I got on a roll looking up the meanings of some of the horses)


13)  POTLICKER  (sold for $1000)

BLM #1253    Gelding    4 Years Old    15   Hands     1050  Lbs

HMA: Calico Mountains

From the Trainer: Potlicker is really soft to ride.  You can ride this guy one handed, in a lope or side passing.  He is very gentle, has never bucked or given me any trouble.  He is good about his feet and trailer loads nicely.  He is ready to rope off of.

From Cindy: Potlicker?!  What the heck?  I know naming the horses can be difficult….but “Potlicker”?! This name just has to change after adoption….it just has to!  Doesn’t he look like he’d be pretty in an English saddle? He just has pretty lines (I think!)….


14)  GUNNER  (sold for $4100)

BLM #1437     Gelding    3 Years Old    16   Hands     1250   Lbs

HMA: Granite Ridge

From the Trainer: Gunner is a grulla gelding.  He has a very gentle eye, and has been a pleasure to train.  He moves very well.  He trailer loads and picks up his feet nicely.

From Cindy: Stunning….This horse is just stunning looking….he is a show stopper!  When I asked Hank which horses were gentle, this is the first one he mentioned. He does have a soft eye….At 16 hands…he looks like a gentle giant!


15)  CANELO  (sold for $1100)

BLM #1580     Gelding    3 Years Old    15   Hands     1000  Lbs

HMA: Calico Mountains

From the Trainer: Canelo walks, lopes, and gallops well.  He is always calm and willing.  He trailer loads well, has a nice back up and is good with his feet.  He has just been an overall pleasure to work with.

From Cindy: Hank said, “Okay, the next horse is Cantelope” – Cantelope? At this point, I was convinced the guys had all  lost their minds!  The trainer says, “No! No! Not Cantelope, Canelo.  It means Cinnamon.”  Whew!  Okay…that’s better…..

Isn’t he another beauty out here?!  I can’t believe how pretty all these horses are.  I swear this one looks like someone put a quarter horse out here!  Big and he’s only 3….what a working ranch horse he could be!


16)  ABEL  (sold for $700)

BLM #1579     Gelding    3 Years Old    14.3   Hands     900  Lbs HMA: Calico Mountains

From the Trainer: Abel is a red dun who is easy to catch.  He is an athletic horse with a smooth stride.  He trailer loads well.

From Cindy This horse decided right off the bat that I had eaten horse for breakfast, and he was going to be my lunch!   He was scared to death of me.  I have to give the trainer credit,  he kept bringing the horse up to me…I finally was able to pet on him…he still wasn’t too sure about me, but the trainer did the right thing by making him get used to me, and not letting him get his way.  The trainer said it was the first time he reacted like that to anyone (lucky me!)…. I think he’s a cutie…and man can he move….The way he was trying to stay away from me…he might be fun to play with cows on..


17)  JED  (sold for $500)

BLM #1719     Gelding    4 Years Old    14  Hands     900  Lbs

HMA: Black Rock Range (NV)

From the Trainer: Jed is a chestnut, with a flaxen mane and tail.  He has a soft lope, and a good side pass.  He is real soft in the mouth, and opens gates really well.

From Cindy: I LOVE a flaxen mane and tail….I just want to go to town bathing him.  He looks pretty now…can you imagine after some serious groceries and luxurious shampoos what a gorgeous horse he is going to be ?! Way too cute!  We had another horse that had a laid back surfer attitude…this one looks like a surfer dude with that mane!


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!
The October Bucket Fund will benefit Honey Bandit, the most sick little mustang baby struggling to survive.  To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate to this incredible foal,  please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

Fuzzy AppleNappers. I have an infestation under my tree.


Do you have an infestation of fuzzy applenappers?

Evidently, these scraggly nappers are of the green fruit-eating variety.  They are relatively small, compared to other fuzzy nappers, yet they have a ‘persistence quotient’ paralleled by none.


First, let me introduce you to the object of their affection and extreme obsession… the apple tree.  Now, this apple tree may look like any other apple tree.  But, it isn’t.  This apple tree is an over-achiever.  Every spring, it bursts forth with as many blossoms as its little trunk can muster and then by Fall, this brave and powerful little tree has so much fruit, its branches droop with the weight of its luscious harvest.  This little apple making machine is so prolific, we cannot possible eat them all…  Which is precisely why the fuzzy ones lurk beneath it.

The object of their obsession


This is Slick.  He comes by his name honestly…  You see, this fuzzy little piebald or skewbald Shetland applenapper was a teasing stud at a Thoroughbred farm.  Yup, he thought he was ‘all that’.  Besides prancing about snaking his neck, if he felt like letting himself out of his stall to run the aisleways talking to the ladies, he did.  Well, the farm wasn’t too thrilled with his antics so their problem, Slick, became mine.  He was immediately gelded (although you wouldn’t know it) and came to live with us here.  That was 14 years ago.

If he was a human, he’d be be a cross between Ferris Bueller and William Macy’s character in Fargo.  I mean, Slick is very slick until he really, really wants something.  Then he becomes totally frazzled and nonsensical.  Oh, and his hair is like Rod Stewart’s.

Slick becomes a frenzied dervish under the apple tree...


His name is Dodger.  We call him Dodger because he dodged the bullet at the meat packer plant.  Yup, this fuzzy Shetland napper was originally on a circular kids’ pony ring but he didn’t like it.  So, off to the meat packer.  But, HELLO… this boy stole my heart and it was both of our lucky days.  I purchased him for $35.16, his meat price.  He’s been snorfulling under fruit trees here for 13 years now.

Dodger is a very stoic and polite fuzzy applenapper.  He is also the Boss fuzzy applenapper.  He’s the walk softly, carry a big bite/kick kind of napper.  I think that is why his feet are all banded in white… they are the WATCHOUT warning lights as they whiz by your ear.

Dodger, the leader, waits patiently while I pick


This is Norma.  She is the “one of these things is not like the other” fuzzy nappers.  For her entire life, she has been the round with the squares, the swan with the geese and the angel with the devils.  Norma does what the boys do, only better because she’s smarter.  They give her the idea and she improves it.  Hence, she is the most charming and the most successful of this motley crew.

Norma, not quite hiding in the magical apple tree


The apple tree is a mainstay for all of the horses if they are out and able to get to it.  However, the fuzzy ANs are waaaaay shorter than the other horses (who harvest the low hanging fruit with ease) so the poor fuzzies have to try harder.  Either they run to the apple tree and hoover up the apples that have fallen, or they don’t get any.  Unless…I’m out picking some apples.  Then, they put on their cloaking devices and become super stealth.  You see, as I’m picking, I invariably drop one or shake a few more out of the tree than I can catch and, WHOOSH!, it is gone.  Instantaneously picked off like a ball girl at Wimbledon.  It is amazing, really.  If I drop two apples, WHOOSH WHOOSH!, two immediate saves by the fuzzy team with the next player now first in line to swoop in for the next steal.

Appearing nonchalant as they prepare their strategy under the apple tree

The problem here is that Fargo Slick always blows his cover.  He gets too excited for the green and he becomes frantic and frenzied.  Slick is so overwhelmed by his first ingestion of the green nectar that his brain hiccups and he starts whirling about under the tree — “WHERE WILL THE NEXT ONE FALL?    I GOTTA GET IT!  AHHHH, WHICH WAY?  WHICH WAY SHOULD I GO????!!  THIS WAY.  NO NOOOO, THAT WAY… ARRGHH, I’M SO CONFUSED!!”  And so it goes.  The skewbald piebald fuzzy ruins his chances by over-thinking his strategy and letting his greed take over.

Contrastingly, Dodger is a perfect and patient applenapper.   He stands there politely and either waits his turn to pick up what has fallen or he just looks at me in his very cute way and I toss him one.  Works every time.

Norma is a bit more bold.  She will come up to me and tap me on the shoulder, just to make sure I know she is available to help.


At one point, the fuzzy ANs made a discovery — the glorious apple picker from Home Depot.  The orange apple picker must hold secrets and magical powers.  After all, whenever I put the pole in the tree, the orange picker cup comes back with apples in it.  “IT MUST HOLD THE POWER!”  So, the fuzzyones went about claiming the orange picker cup for themselves.  Hence its current condition:  smashed and beheaded.

The customized (wrecked) apple picker

Of you look closely at the picker cup, you will see that it is caved in on one side.  Also, the cup has separated from the stick – which doesn’t help.  You see, the three fuzzies  (Three Stooges, more aptly…) stole the apple picker and tried to possess it.  They chewed on it, stomped it and did whatever they could think of to make the stick surrender its magical powers.  Sadly, this effort was fruitless.  All they succeeded in doing was wrecking the picking device.  Thanks.

But, Mom repaired the picker, sort-of, and continued to let the stick perform, albeit one-sided and awkward.


The most fun part of apple picking with this hedonistic band of apple nappers is their constant attempt to rob the Basket of Love.

The basket of Love.

The Basket of Love is the front basket of a wrought iron bicycle I have on my porch.  As I pick, I put the apples there for temporary storage.  They are safe there, most of the time.  But, if I’m not vigilant, they sneak towards the bike, anticipatory drool marking their path as they tippy-toe ever so quietly.  But, really now, can 250 lbs of excited pony really be quiet?  No.  And that really ruins it for Norma because she can tippy-toe.  She can be quiet and she doesn’t drool.   Many, many times Norma as gotten her delicate donkey lips around an apple from the Love Basket and the only warning I had was the sound of her initial CHOMP.  But, pushy and excitable Slick ruins it for everyone as he bulldozes his way towards the Love Basket.  So, I can generally head them off at the pass…


Now the whole reason I was having trouble today with the swarm of fruit nappers was because my Security Team was gone.  Nomar the Mastiff and Dex the Kelpie were nowhere to be found.

The Security Team really doesn’t care about apples.  In fact, they wonder why anyone would want to eat apples.  Patooey.  But, they are extremely protective of their waterer which sits right beneath the apple tree.  So, if the applenappers are near the apple tree, they are also near the waterer and that is a no-no.

Reporting for duty, Ma'am... can I bite them?

Luckily on this particular day, Nomar came back on duty just as the nappers were starting to do their end-runs (headed by Norma) and overwhelm me.  Here is a photo of Nomar asking me if it is OK to bite them… not hard, just a nip or two.

And another day is foiled for the poor fuzzy applenappers of Grass Valley.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!
The October Bucket Fund will benefit Honey Bandit, the most neglected BLM mustang baby who is struggling to survive.  To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate to this incredible foal,  please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

Click to help our poor, neglected BLM Bucket Fund Baby, Honey Bandit!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!