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Today, I attend a family member’s celebration of life.


I’ve used this before but I just love it so here it is again. (The policemen are so unaware!)


Wow. Such dedication.

I love this.

Yes, please. If there were already set up bins (in my backyard) of colored rocks in nice shapes and sizes, I would attempt something like this… and probably fail. I think this is gorgeous.

No thankyou but I appreciate the creation.

This should be the Phyllis Diller bird, but its real name is Sclater’s Crowne Pigeon.

AND ANOTHER beautiful rock artwork.

If I lived anywhere that this was possible, I would do it.

Gorgeous wild ones.

Artists amaze me.

Could you cut into this masterpiece?!

Beautiful wild friends.

I LOVE THIS – photo by Elisabeth Haug.

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So I made some changes to your paddock… big deal… DOMINIC THROWS A HISSY FIT.

I made some changes to Dominic’s paddock.

Granted, the changes do create some inconvenience for Dominic.  He now has to go around to get to the water trough and the pony… and yes, he cannot fluidly race around the paddock as he used to… but it isn’t that bad.

To be honest, from his point of view, I would agree.  It would piss me off, too.

However, I probably wouldn’t throw a tantrum.  Which he did.

Let me tell you the story.


As you may have surmised, Dominic is a bit willful, strong-minded and STOUT.  He is also pushy.  So I wanted an area where I could work with him – that wasn’t in the arena.  I needed smaller.

The great worker guys that I pay to come over to do stuff, came over today and I offered them my list of things to do (that Hubby doesn’t want to do on his 2 days off – can’t blame him).

One of those things was to put up panels in Dominic’s area.  While they were doing this, I put Dominic up behind the house so he had no idea what was going on.

Alas, when I put him back into his newly remodeled paddock, he stood bolt upright.

Dominic (incredulously): Wha??  What did you do?!

Me:  It is for your own good… we are going to learn manners again.

Dominic (stomping his foot):  I don’t like it.

Me:  It isn’t for you to like or dislike right now.  Besides, you still have the same amount of room.

Dominic:  IT IS RUINED.  MY LIFE IS RUINED (whimpering) how could you?!


Although I didn’t capture the true essence of his hissy fit, suffice it to say that he let it be widely known that no one asked him and he strongly disagreed.

As you can see, we made it like it had been for Annie when she was new here. We separated the shed with panels to the fence – and then panels out the side to the fence. *Those bags of shavings were immediately stepped on and pawed, by the way.

I had opened this panel because it was the most secure when opened. But he wouldn’t even consider going through that opening, even with me there showing him how to do it. Nope.

He ran over to this panel and indicated that he wanted this one opened because that is his neatly worn path that he loves and cannot live without. (It is true, he uses this fence line often.). So, I gave in to his wishes and opened this panel instead of the more secure panel.

Then he went over to the far panel and started thwanging on the connectors. Clearly, he wanted this throughway opened as well. I declined and he erupted with hissyfit.

He was whinnying in my face. I missed his open mouth as I fumbled for my phone. This is his afterwhinny face, wondering if I got his drift.

Side-eye from the angry and bewildered Gypsy/Hackney pony.

This is the view he gave me for the entire time I was outside. My butt to you, lady. He was very upset, to say the least. And that makes me sad – but his response is exactly why I created this smaller space. Time for some manners, little one.



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