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I know I’ve missed a few Saturdays – and a lot of days… but we are finally all moved back to the Grass Valley house!  There’s still lots to be done, and we have a mountain of boxes, but we are here!  Presently, Princess Buttercup Pebbles and Ethel Merdonk are in the barn, learning. how to accept halters and humans.  Everyone else is in their old stomping grounds.  Or at least the ones who are returning are in their old pens, and the newbies are learning.  Mo isn’t so sure this was a good move.  I can hear his brain working.  He thinks the old house had much better visibility of the horizon and incoming danger.  Here, there are too many trees and hills in the way!  Hopefully, he will calm down and be less patrol-obsessed.

For me, I have peace knowing that all the horses are in a more natural environment for them.


Bats look like flying dogs to me…

Herd dynamics.

Yes, please.

Mother Nature has quite a diverse imagination.

I love this idea!!

Good to know.

Very cozy … book, drink… Needs an umbrella, probably.

How fun! You could rock to sleep!

I love babies.

Made me laugh. I wonder the story here.

Yearlings be like…  …and Momma’s gettin’ tired.


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Today, I drive another load to Grass Valley.  Thank goodness for Podcasts!


Modern Dino

Somewhere in Oregon, after a rain


For about 4 months of the year, there is no place prettier than Oregon.

They are both so smiley!

Great idea!

If I painted that, no one would believe me…

LOOK at that floor!

Someone has almost had enough of baby shenanigans.

Ok, this isn’t even really fair on so many levels.

Protective Mama.

OMG. Adorable.

Wow. Gorgeous. Dramatic.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!