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Dominic 2.5 and other things.

You have all been so curious about Dominic – which is great!

I haven’t written again about him because I am suddenly more concerned about his suspensory issues.  He will be fully checked out – with an ultrasound – at Loomis Basin Equine Hospital on Monday.  I want to rule out DSLD.

Here is a pic of Dominic being ridden this week  (by a friend who is a trainer) for the first time in 9 months.  I was watching his pasterns and fetlocks.  I look at them and wonder if this is his conformation or… and I’m suspicious that such a young horse had that horrible injury last September (after only having him 2 days).  I want to find out what’s-what.  I don’t know about Gypsy Vanner cross horses and want to make sure he is OK.

The good news is that he was exactly as he was when I purchased him.  He was perfect.

I’m very concerned about his suspensory issues…


Norma Jean is doing much better.  Even though she is rubbing out her hair, the new hair is coming in behind.   I think the antihistamine is helping.  Norma seems chipper and willing to roam the property in her free time (when I let her out of the barn).  She goes out for about 2 hours, then she puts herself back into the barn.  For a 30 year-old, with skin issues, she is doing well and she’s happy.

Soon, I will build a paddock for her just outside her old paddock, so she can be with her friends but they cannot push her around or steal her food.  Right now, she has Finn, Missy Miss and Mo as neighbors, which is good, but she will always walk over to her old paddock and visit with Rocky Balboa pony, Ethel Merdonk and Princess Buttercup Pebbles.

She is tentative when I come out before her 2 hours are up – she’s worried I’m going to put her away early. You can see the patches that she has rubbed bald. I have sunblock, Swat and Equi-Spa The Balm all over her.

She’s sneaking hay from the little cart. Again, she doesn’t like it when I’m lurking because she thinks she has to go in.  She hangs out by her friends.  This is approximately where I will build her a new paddock.

She found her way into my garden. I thought this was cute. She is so gentle with everything.

This is the view from my office. When I see her turned in this direction, I know she is headed back to the barn. I will go out in 20 minutes and she’ll be inside the barn. She is such a good girl.

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SATURDAY is PhoBlog day!

Today, I do chores.


Gorgeous shot of Yosemite by Elliot McGucken’s 45Epic Fine Art Landscape Photography

Me, sometimes…


Who said Mother Nature didn’t have a sense of humor?!

How can it still be alive?

This is the inside.


Important. I never go outside without a hat.

I love the babies.

Wow! I wish…

Gorgeous wild ones.

Cracked me up!

I can still sing the song…

Artists amaze me.

Bunny looking into the phone.

Gorgeous wild ones, again. I love this family!



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