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Come on vacation with me at the RLazyS Ranch! PART 2

HI AGAIN!  Yesterday I wrote about returning from my recent vacation to the R Lazy S Ranch.  You can read that post here.

We (Hubby and two sets of neighbors plus Tom, our good friend) had another memorable and wonderful experience!

My PhotoJournal Part 2.  (To see photojournal Part 1, click here.)

Another view of the gorgeous grounds…

There are canals and rivers that feed the irrigation as well as the Snake River.

My favorite part is the water… I love seeing water with trees and mountains.

Two of the wranglers did an impromptu serenade at the evening campfire.  I’m not one for group events or campfires… but this one has incredible, INCREDIBLE food and the people are riotous.  We always have fun.

This is artist John Mortensen. He is the brother of 30 year Wrangler and Barn Boss, Dan Mortensen. One of the highlights of our stay is venturing to John’s studio where he lets you inside and behind the scenes of his artwork. (Bronze, mostly)

Another amazing view from one of the all-day rides.

Team Penning. We didn’t win.

This was my Team Penning team. Hubby, Tom and me. Cash is amazing at this game!  Me, not so much.

The sun came out again!

Happy riders…

This is me, all bundled up, on Jazzy. We were ready to depart on an all day ride up into the Teton National Park. That huge Mountain Horse puffy jacket kept me and my saddle very warm and dry. (no affiliation)

Another day on Cash. Here I am with my neighbors in what used to be a hay field for an old, now defunct ranch.

I know that I hate having my photo taken so I took this one to prove I was there. But, other people had a few shots of me that they lent for this post.

Ahhhh, a happy equine blogger on her favorite horse in her favorite place in a HUGE, open field.  (Note Cash’s tongue.  He’s not as pleased.)

Another rainy day. We tied up the horses and had lunch here, below the snowy mountains.

Those are nice cabins, eh? They belong to the Park Service now.

Hubby and Wrangler Steve play on Talent Night (surprisingly fun and not hokey). Wrangler Steve writes his own songs and they are hilarious! It was wonderful to hear everyone laughing and musing to his songs. Hubby sings other people’s songs, beautifully

Alas, here is me, trotting off into the clouds on my trusty steed, Cash.  It was glorious.  Until we meet again, Tetons, until we meet again…



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Come on vacation with me at the RLazyS Ranch! PART 1

We are home from our annual visit to the R Lazy S Ranch in Jackson, WY.

Bittersweet.  We always hate to leave.

If you can go, you should.  They have an 80% return rate (that kinda says it all…).  You have to make the effort to get in – but SO worth it.  If this interests you, TRY.  I know Hubby didn’t think he would have a good time the first year he went, and now he wouldn’t miss it – ever.  He even has his favorite horse.

Two of my neighbors go, my best friend went, Hubby’s best friend has gone… we recruit everyone we know because the experience is so life affirming and revitalizing.

In my opinion, the R Lazy S Ranch has the best food, best horses, best views, best owners, best feelings of “ahhhh” and “ohhhhh” and “isn’t that breathtaking”… truly… AND THE ONLY PERMIT TO RIDE IN THE TETON NATIONAL PARK.  YUP,  the ONLY permit.  And, the Park is directly next-door to the Ranch.  You just ride off the ranch and into the glory of the Tetons.


The Ranch is up against the Tetons, right below Jackson Hole Ski area.

IF YOU CAN GO… (no affiliation at all, I just want you all to go!)

This year, these dates are available – grab the available cabin if you can!   July 23- July 30th,  July 30th-Aug 6th,  Aug 27th- Sept 3rd, and Sept17th- Sept 24th

I took this photo on the first day. So lovely.


I’ve written so many posts about the R Lazy S Ranch, this one will be more of a photo journal.  Just an fyi, there are activities other than riding… you can fish, go into Jackson, eat, hike, take nature walks, go to the lake, go down the Snake River, mountain climb, ride bikes… but we ride all day, every day.  The opportunity for amazing riding is just too much of a pull for us.

This is the cabin we love – although they are all great in different ways. The R Lazy S provide all the necessities for a crackling fire… and look at our view – we look upon the Tetons! The weather was stormy off and on, so we had a fire every day.

This is the view from our porch. I could just sit on that porch and drink it all in, all day.  Often we see elk in the vast field.

This is my favorite horse, Cash. He is in high demand and I felt very fortunate that I got him this year. I love him. He’s huge and I’m not, but we get along!

This is Cash. He walks right up to this platform to help me load my short self onto his HIGHness.

This is Hubby and his favorite horse, Rose. Hubby has had Rose for the past 9 years. They love each other.

This is me receiving my 10 year belt buckle from Kelly, the owner of the Ranch. The Stirns are a GREAT family who run this place with humility and grace. Everyone feels loved. I sure did/do!

I put it on a belt as soon as I got home…

Usually, you see wildlife on the rides. Bison, lots of elk, deer, foxes, rabbits, coyotes… bear. The Park is full of lovely flora and fauna.

Meet Paige. She is an awesome wrangler with a huge, warm smile. We are having lunch during an all day ride. Just look where we are?!  We are in the middle of the park with grassland and epic views everywhere!

I took this from the porch.  We were at a boarded-up historic old ranch building.

These are my neighbors who come with us every year. We have such a great time… Oh, on this ride, I was on Jazzy. She’s a very special girl as well.

That is Paige the Wrangler again.  We had so much fun! As you can see, the weather was changing and we got wet, but we moved fast and saw such glorious views!

This was our good friend Tom’s horse, Quarter. By coincidence, a woman I worked with at the winery, happened to go to the R Lazy S and also had Quarter. She loved him and Tom loved him.

Yes, we got rained upon, but who cares with this view?!  I love this particular ride when we are above the tree line and can see the entire valley. Just breathtaking. (That is the Snake River)


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