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A TRUE STORY equine movie, A Sundance Film Festival Winner: ‘DREAM HORSE’. Watch the trailer of a Welsh Racehorse named, Dream Alliance, who beat all the odds to WIN THE 2009 WELSH NATIONAL!!

I LOVE a beautifully shot, great story, equine movie.  And here we have DREAM HORSE.   It is the true story of a Welsh race horse, bred and raised by a down and out community – who went  on to win, and win BIG  (The Welsh National in 2009).

The horse is still alive.  His name is Dream Alliance.

The movie is DREAM HORSE.  Watch the trailer here.

Dream Horse won the Sundance Film Festival won the World Cinema audience award.

Click image to watch movie.



Click here to go to the website for the movie, Dream Horse.


Dream Alliance

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Dream Alliance
Sire Bien Bien[1]
Grandsire Manila
Dam Rewbell[1]
Damsire Andy Rew
Sex Gelding
Foaled 23 March 2001
Country Great Britain
Colour Chestnut
Breeder Rewbell Syndicate[1]
Owner Alliance Partnership
Trainer Philip Hobbs
Record 30: 5–4–2
Earnings £138,646
Major wins
Welsh National (2009)

Dream Alliance (foaled 23 March 2001) is a thoroughbred racehorse, owned by the Alliance Partnership and trained by Philip Hobbs.[1]


Dream Alliance was bred by Janet Vokes, whose main experience until then had been with breeding whippets and racing pigeons.[2] While working as a barmaid at a local pub,[3] she overheard Howard Davies, a local tax adviser, discussing a racehorse he had once owned. She was inspired by the idea, and soon after she and her husband, Brian, found a mare named Rewbell who was available for £1000, due in part to a barbed wire injury[3] and a very bad temperament.[4] They ultimately bought her for £350 and named Davies as the “racing manager” of the group.[2]

They bred Rewbell to Bien Bien, a stallion in his first year at stud in the UK, and the ensuing foal was born in 2001.[3] The horse was reared on an allotment in Cefn Fforest near the town of Blackwood in south Wales, and ultimately 23 different people joined the ownership syndicate. Each member originally contributed £10 per week to help develop the young horse and keep him in race training.[2] The syndicate was organized by Davies, who estimated that it would cost £15,000 a year to keep the horse in training and determined that 30 people, each contributing £10 a week, could work.[4]

Racing career

Dream Alliance moved from the Vokes’ allotment to a stable when he was a yearling. At age three, he came to Philip Hobbs for training, after the syndicate had raised enough money to pay the training costs. On November 10, 2004, he came in fourth in his first race, third the next time, then second and finally in January 2006, won in his fourth race, hurdles at Chepstow. He then entered a slump, but began winning again in April 2007 at the Perth Gold Cup. In a 2008 preparatory race for the Grand National at the Aintree Festival, he sliced a tendon on the course, and only the quick thinking of his jockey and the urging of Davies saved him from being euthanized.[4] Treatment required a very new stem cell treatment, but ultimately he healed and was able to race again.[3] His winnings were adequate to cover the costs of his surgery and 15 months of rehabilitation. He reentered race training in July 2009.[4]

The horse won the 2009 Welsh National by three-quarters of a length, having been ridden by Tom O’Brien.[5] As a result of his humble background and the successful treatment, the horse received significant media coverage in the run-up to the 2010 Grand National.[6] The horse did not subsequently complete that race,[1] being pulled up after the seventh fence. After the Grand National, he was found to have a lung condition.[4] Though he ran in seven more races, he did not place again.[1] He was retired in 2012.[4]

Ultimately, he ran 30 races and won £138,646 in prize money.[1] After all training and veterinary expenses were paid, including his surgery costs, the 23 syndicate members each obtained a profit of £1430.[4]

As of 2015 Dream Alliance is stabled in Somerset under the care of the horse groom who worked for Hobbs and took care of him during his career.[4] In 2015, a film about the horse and the people around him, titled Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story of Dream Alliance premiered, and at the Sundance Film Festival won the World Cinema audience award.[7]



Holt, Sarah (April 10, 2015). “Love story between horse and villagers hits the big screen”. CNN. Retrieved 9 March 2016.


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It was Fernando Farrier day!   (Sorry that I missed Monday… I had to work on Sunday and it was sooooo crazy busy, I was exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep.  So, I did.)


Wrigley. As long as he has hay, he is a good boy.

BG, always tries to be as polite as possible. But, with her splaying in the mud last year, her back end is still a bit tender. And, now her Spring allergies are back. With all that, she was still a good girl.

Finn was perfect. He is always perfect.  (Can you believe how big that tree is in front of him?!  I only planted that coming upon 2 years ago! Black Diamond Vermicompost is THE BEST.)

Gwen. She is older so one hip hurts a bit, but she was good. I had just braided her hair…

Missy Miss was surprisingly calm and quiet. Usually, she fusses for the first foot. Not today. She was an angel.  It is Amazing how well her feet have healed since she first came here.  She’s got mustang platters now. )

On the other hand, Dalton was not a patient boy today. So, I didn’t get any photos as I was keeping him steady. Dalton was upset because he knew it was his turn to be in the big field and he wanted to get there. As soon as we were done, I turned him out and he ran to the furthest corner. Dalton LOVES being in the big field.

Dodger. 40 years old and doing well. I give him green grass as often as is healthy for him, and it really perks up the old boy. He loves to eat near the paddocks. He thinks he likes to go into the big field, but it intimidates him once he is there… so in front of the paddocks is his favorite, safe, grazing area.

Norma always waits her turn. She comes up and stands there quietly. Mostly, she supports Dodger. Or she just wants to get it over with; I’m not sure. She is Such a perfect donk.


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