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Do you DREAM PROPERTY shop? I do.

Although I love Paso Robles and I like our house here, you all know that I don’t like the set-up for my horses.

So, I dream…  I dream of a different property.  I like to online shop so I can visualize what I want and see what is out there – consider possibilities.

For example, I go onto and put in my preferences.  For me, at least 2 bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms, at least 10 acres and ‘barn’ in keywords.  Then, I go from state to state.  I started in California.  I went to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada… I’m moving Eastward.

Today, I went to Montana.

But first, let me tell you what I’ve learned about myself and what I’d like.  I learned that I love warm wood and not modern interiors.  I like wide kitchens (not narrow).  I love a stone, working fireplace.  I like windows that look out to nature.  I like water.  I NEED TREES.  And indoor/outdoor kitchens, patios, decks are very nice.  Also, I want a barn again.

I appreciate and need great photos of the barn.  Actually, I scroll to the photos of the barn before I ever look at the house.  I wish real estate agents took better photos of the barns.  I don’t think they realize that with equestrian properties, the barns are very important.

Anyway, back to today and Montana.

Montana has snow.  Lots of snow.  Not sure I could handle that.  However, I do like all the wood construction and lodgelike interiors.  I love the streams and rivers.  I love the trees and mountains.

Here we go!

I go to Zillow and put in my preferences inclucding the keyword, “barn”.

About 30 properties came up. I slowly look through them. This one, I like the outdoor decking. I love the river, the barn and the arena.

I like this entrance to anther property.

I love this. Beautiful fencing, a lovely river, a nice house and barn. But the house is probably too big and I don’t think we could afford this…

I love this… but not many pics of the barn. Stone fireplace!

This property had a very clean barn. THIS IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF GOOD BARN PICS!

I like to imagine how I’d use the barn… like this property… I’d clear out the barn and make it pristine.

This was a very majestic property, but I loved the indoor/outdoor kitchen and all the stone work.

This was my fav property. It had 40 acres and two homes with a nice barn. Lots of wood and airy spaces. Stone fireplace.  Big, open kitchen for Hubby.

Here is another angle. I love the view of the trees and the decking. Tall ceilings.

This is the 2nd house on the property. I could easily rent it out, I think. Also, pics of the barn. If I could afford this, I would!


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

Foal development in the womb.

My friend, Shirley from NERN posted this today.  It originally came from “Equit Holistic” and it was titled, “Foetus”.

I loved it.  I hope you do, too.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!