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France trip photos Part 2!

If you missed the first part, click here.

I think our take-away from France is that these people know how to live!  They eat wonderful food at very reasonable times and prices.  They don’t seem to work themselves to the bone… and they take naps.

For example, the first day we were in France, we tried to eat lunch at 3pm, but everything was closed.  You could sit outside on a lovely patio cafe and get a beverage, but no food.  If you wanted food, there were specific times.

For breakfast, it was usually served around 9.  You could get meals (or anything, for that matter), generally, between 10:30-2:30.  From 2:30-7, there was no food available, only drinks.  At 7pm, eateries and stores opened back up.

We went hungry the first day, and we needed allergy medicine.  We couldn’t get either so we learned…

I’m not sure we ever figured out the working hours of stores.  They seemed to open and close whenever they wanted.  Most stores closed at some point in the day – and sometimes they were all closed.

But the general atmosphere made everything so forgivable.  We weren’t upset or pressured at any time for any reason, because they weren’t.  It was all so civilized in a very buoyed way.  We felt like we were living our days, instead of powering through them.

And did I mention, the French know how to eat.  The food is fresh and beautifully prepared.  Oh sure, you can go to McDonalds, but why?  The fresh stuff was inexpensive and lovely.  I had the best (simple) meals I’ve had in a very long time…   There is something to be said for ‘fresh from the garden’ dining.


The first two days we stayed at an AirBnB. This was their patio with a sweet pool. They made us a home made breakfast each morning.

This was the homemade breakfast. All of it came from the garden or was made (except for the meats). They even made the brioche and the jams!

Can you believe this garden?! This was another Chateau that fell into disrepair and a hotel group came in and re-did the entire place and turned it into a 19 room hotel. Gorgeous. We all had lunch there on the last day of our wedding event.

This is me at that luncheon, just amazed by the view.

This was the best and most simple meal! I wish I had taken a photo of the entire plate. I asked for the ‘veggie plate’ and I got the most lovely and yummy plate of all things veggie. Awesome.  Fresh.

We visited this winery. The view was gorgeous, just like what you would imagine a French winery to look like.

We also went to the winery associated with the revamped Chateau where we had lunch. It was called the Fontenille. They wrapped our wine in these ingenious wrapping cartons. We need them in the US!

One night, I ordered this. I had no idea what I was ordering, but it ended up being a custard filled donut, that was AMAZING.

Hubby and I splurged and spent one night in the refurbished Chateau. IT WAS GLORIOUS. We loved every moment and vowed to treat ourselves to this kind of luxury every once in a while. Here is the website for the hotel. So pretty!

On our last day, we did a full day ride back at the Camargue. We went with a different riding outfit at a different end of the coast, closer to the ocean.

I loved my gelding. I couldn’t pronounce his name, but I would have brought him home if they would have let me.

He kept closing his eyes, I think the sun was shining in them. But here we all are, on the ferry, crossing the river.

The horses were hydrating at a communal cistern.

A view from the ferry.

I didn’t take great photos here because I was kinda shoved in a corner, but we were on the ferry with cars, motorcycles, scooter and horses.

This guy was my favorite Fabio type. I don’t know who he was, but I saw him when the ride ended and he let me take his photo.

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Today was Farrier day – AND A NEW PIC OF ANNIE!

I was totally jet-lagged…but we did it!   The farrier wanted to be at my house at 6:30am to beat the heat.  We were totally done with 6 horses by 8:30!


Missy Miss was first. As you can see, the sun was newly rising. We started early to beat the heat. Missy Miss had her breakfast in the net.

Finn wasn’t too sure about the net…

Norma stood like the perfect angel she is and always will be.

Then it was Dalton’s turn.

The hay bag seemed to be working out well, so I just brought it for each horse. Here we have Dominic.

And finally, Ethel Merdonk. She was almost good.

This is a pic of Annie that Gillian sent to me! Annie is down in Arroyo Grande where Dalton was. Gillian’s Mom is training Annie for Dressage. I cannot wait for the photos and videos! Annie is so floaty!

My new car already has 77777 miles on it! I actually stopped my car in someone’s driveway to take this photo.  I was able to be in my car at 8:30am to get down to the oil change place before it got hot.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!