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Anyone know what type of bird made these nests?!

Last week, we had a very windy night.  The next day, a few bird’s nest were laying in our front yard.  One in the backyard.

This made me sad… all that work, now on the ground.  But I was also highly interested in the amazing construction!  How do they know how to weave these intricate nests?!


Mother Nature is amazing.

Does anyone know what type of bird made these nests?


This one was my favorite.  It was made of horsehair and feathers.  So soft and cozy… very downy and warm.  I also find it fascinating that this bird who made the nest, only chose WHITE feathers and horse hair.  Why?!


These two look like the same type of bird made them… however, one is quite a bit larger than the other.  They seem to have a mud base/floor.

I love how the larger one has a stick perch.  I can just imagine Mom or Dad standing on that to feed the babies.


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Do you remember Barbara, the filly with the Wry Mouth? Look at her now!

A friend of Horse and Man, Allen Pogue, sent us a few pics of Barbara, all grown up and after her surgery (see below!)

To remember, here is Barbara’s original (2017) story.  We did raise the money through the Drop in the Bucket Fund to help with her surgery!  THANK YOU ALL!

Here is Barbara’s surgery follow-up story!  Barbara had to be six months old before she could have her surgery.  Before/After.

And here is Barbara today!  All grown up!

To Learn More about Wry Mouth Syndrome, click here.

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Big Sexy needs his eye surgery!  Our poor filly needs so many bandage changes and healing meds…

We are halfway to our goal!



HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!