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Another way to soak a foot… and my frustration with The Red Horse.

I feel the need to nod off to sleep (still kinda sick)… so I will  make this short and sweet.

First off, some of you readers gave some good alternate ideas for ice packs and soaking hooves after reading yesterday’s post (thank you!).

Here are a few:

1)  If you add a teaspoon of alcohol to the water in the glove baggie ice pack (from yesterday’s post), it will remain soft and pliable.

I thought that was a great idea because the ice pack would wrap around the foot more easily than stiff ice!

2)  Another reader wrote this and sent in pics!

In the medical world we also use the old I.V. bags as ice bags for the hooves as the plastic is heavy duty. Cut the top open, insert ice and water to make a freezing slush, insert the hoof and duct tape the bag just under the fetlock. These heavy duty plastic bags give us about 3 days of icing wear before tearing and we can simply cut the duct tape and pour in more ice, re-tape and fight  back the laminitic episode. 
You can ice a horse’s hoof for days if need be. Ask your vet for some used I.V, bags. 
This is a Davis Boot over an IV bag wrap.  Davis Boots are Great!

This is a Davis Boot over an IV bag wrap. Davis Boots are Great!  Everyone should have a Davis Boot on hand.  They are durable and water tight.

Here is another variation of the IV bag soaking wrap.

Here is another variation of the IV bag soaking wrap.



Well, it is all my fault, really…

I have been too busy to attend to my Wild Mustang, Rojo, and he is reverting.  He started snorting more and acting evasive almost immediately after I quit working with him regularly…

He had only been civilized for 4 months, so… what was I thinking?!

Silly Owner!

A bribe

A bribe


I’ve known he has been reverting for several months now.  Knowing that he was reverting and that I should do something about it, I took the lazy route and kept him in the pasture closest to me so he would see me all the time – but I hadn’t actually worked with him.


Making hay while the sun shines, as they say… (work,work,work)


I knew it was time to get him back. My goal was to start with him May 1st.

In preparation, Sunday I moved him into a singular pasture.

I got his flymask on and then he ran away from me - but not too far.

I got his flymask on and then he ran away from me – but not too far.


I remember the day I picked him up from the BLM holding tank out in Carson City.  The wrangler said that he was excellent except when you tried to catch him.


Yup.  I think you can guess how it went today…

On Sunday, it took about 5 minutes because

a)  he didn’t know that I was going to separate him

b)  he is a sucker for a face rub

So, I caught him fairly easily – except at the time, I thought it took too long.

That was until I compared it with trying to catch him yesterday and today – after I had put him in his own paddock.


A pissy Mustang is not a good thing.

He was not going to let me catch him yesterday under any terms.  Especially after what I did to him the last time I caught him!  The indignity of being on his own without his harem really was too much…

How dare I?

Rojo is very, very upset with me.

He acted like I wasn't there while he ate - not like him.  He used to be very interactive.

He acted like I wasn’t there while he ate – not like him. He used to be very interactive.


However, Rojo hates flies more than he hates me… and yesterday, the flies were out.

I calmly asked him if he would like his flymask (I know he likes his fly mask…).


Me (singsonging):  It’s your flyyyyymask…

ROJO:  I hate you and don’t trust you.

Me:  Ohhh, those yucky flies are on your face…  Isn’t that bothersome… lookey what I have…

ROJO:  I think I hate you and I think I don’t trust you.

Me (reaching for his muzzle):  Ohhhhh, let me wipe those flies off of your face… isn’t that better?

ROJO:  I… won’t… let… you.. do …

Me:  Awww, handsome, strong Mustang… let me pet your face

ROJO:  You are messing with me and doing some human mind melding thing and…

Me:  Here you go… let me just put this over your face and

Me:  Aha!  it is on!  Now, that wasn’t so bad…

ROJO (pretending to be upset but not moving):  I don’t trust you but you can rub my face…

I reeeeaaaach to pet him.

I reeeeaaaach to pet him.


For three days now, he has told me that he doesn’t remember anything.

I cannot catch him.

I can only put one certain kind of fly mask on  him (his) and if I do put his on him I  have to do it the special way.

He won’t take any food I give him unless I don’t look at him while giving.

He will not let me fly spray him.

He has forgotten how to tie.

I cannot brush him.

He doesn’t want me to use a comb on his mane or tail.

I cannot pick up his feet.


And so it goes.

Back to the drawing board with my wonderfully smart and very special boy.

Finally he lets me pet his forelock - he is a sucker for affection, thank horsegod.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!






HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

Laminitis Season is here: Duct Tape Booties and Quick and Easy to Fit Ice Packs!

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It is the season.  Grass, grass, grass…

In case any of you are suffering laminitis with your horse (hope not), these little dittys should come in handy.

I have the ice packs in my freezer – ready.  I also have a duct tape bootie (flat) taped to a wall in the tack room – just in case.    Because when I’m stressed, I don’t make them well…


The below duct tape booties and ice pack wraps are gems during laminitis season.

You may already know these tricks… but I didn’t, so maybe there are some of you out there who make lousy booties and never have the correct size ice pack when you need it – just like me!


When wrapping hooves, I tended to use duct tape as a wrapping tape.  First you put on the vet wrap and then you follow those same circular motions when adding the duct tape over the top.

And, if you are like me, you will have leakage, the booties deteriorate quickly and you find shavings INSIDE when you thought the booties were sealed tight.

Well, never fear.  I have watched a Master duct-tape-bootie maker at work — My vet, Dr. Mario.


It all started because we were wrapping Norma’s feet the other day.  In preparation, I had made a duct tape bootie according to how I thought Dr. Mario made them.  Feeling smug, I handed him my creation.

He looked at it, eyeing it curiously.  After about two ‘monkey with an odd object’ perplexed looks, he walked into the tack room and started to make his own.

I decided to not be hurt and instead to study what he was doing…  I made mental notes of his commentary as he whipped out a new bootie.

MY VERSION FOR YOU… Please know that I made the booties in these photos, not Mario.

I wasn’t quick enough to get my camera while he was in genius mode.  So, I’m recreating this from my mental notes.

1)  Don’t try to make the bootie with the sticky side up.  Place it sticky side down onto a surface — any surface.  (He said he does this on his truck or bumper often.)  Figure you need a square about double the hoof size on all four sides.   Lay out your strips vertically.  If you need a really strong bootie, you can also add strips horizontally at this phase.

Start with vertical strips, sticky side down

2)  Put on diagonal strips

Apply diagonal strips in the shape of an “X”

3)  Make a frame – all four sides.

Make a frame – strips on all four sides

4)  Cut the sides so they are even

Trim all the edges so it is even

5)  Snip diagonally on all four corners  (this give you your overlap tabs)

Snip each corner diagonally to create tabs

6)  Voila!  You can apply this on the sole,  then paste the sides and then the front and back – or do it anyway you want.  Since the corners are cut, you will be able to overlap it any way that is easiest for you.  It goes on fast and easy!  You can do it with the hoof up, or if the horse is really sore, just pick the hoof up long enough to cover the sole and then let him put his foot down while you adhere all four sides.

When the booties is pre-made, it is quicker to apply to a finiky or sore horse.  This is Norma’s foot.  She was not cooperative yet it still went on.

7)  Add a strip of duct tape around the top to secure all the tabs – or not.  That’s it!  The booties pictured below on Norma were 4 days old!

Here are the booties a few days later… still going strong!


This is so easy, I laughed when I saw Mario do this.

Basically, all you have to remember is to get some surgical LOOOOOONG gloves (or save bread loaf bags – those work, too).  The kind vets use for rectal exams.  Keep those in your trailer or in your barn or your tack box.  If you have any way to freeze something, you are golden.

I keep some of these ice packs pre-made in my freezer.  So if anyone is hurt while at home, I can run and get a pre-made frozen ice-pack!

ICE PACK sized for a hoof.

These are great when you need to ice a hoof or hose it down with cold water.  You can just apply one or two of these and walk away!

1)  Take one surgical glove and tie off the hand part with the fingers.

Can you see what I’ve done? I tied off the hand part.  (You can use bread loaf bags, too…)

2)  Open the other end and add a bit of water.  You only want to add enough to make an oblong ball.  Tie that ball of water off loosely.  Allow the water to slosh a bit so it isn’t tight.  Make sure your tie-off knot is long.  Or, make a few knots.  You want some space between ice packs.

The left side is correct. You want the water loose so it forms in an oblong shape. The right side is wrong. A ball shape doesn’t work well.

3)  Make sure to add a few knots in the middle so that you have space between ice packs.  If they are too close together, they won’t wrap around the ankle well.

4)  Make the shapes only as large as you need.  Too big and it won’t wrap well.  Practice a few times to get the hang of it.

5)  Put this in the freezer

6)  After it freezes, you have two ice packs tied together and all you have to do is wrap it around the area and tie it off!

Cheap, Modifiable and Easy!

It works on Hubby’s sore ankle, too!!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!