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Has the FOOT OF YOUR TRAILER gotten totally stuck… won’t budge. Yeah, mine, too.

Previously, when the foot of my trailer got stuck in the down position – on the ground and wouldn’t budge, even when cranked up – I got out the WD-40 and sprayed it everywhere.  Eventually, the foot would loosen and do what it was supposed to do.

But this year, since the trailer has been sitting a while, it was impossible to move that foot.  I did everything I could think of… including asking Hubby to move it.  HE could budge it, but I couldn’t.

Not good.

So… the last time the diesel mechanic was here (with his enormous truck), I told him about the stuck trailer foot.  He said, “I could fix that…”.

And today, he did!

He cut off the old mechanism and welded on a new mechanism.  Just. Like. That.

Needless to say, I was thrilled.  My trailer is 23 years old and still in great shape.  I want to be able to use it without needing another person to help me.  And now I can!

Brian and his big truck. He has EVERYTHING he needs on there, including a welder.

The old, bad, stuck foot.

The brand new foot! I still have to spray paint all of the welds to keep them from rusting.

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Something whispered in my ear tonight… and told me to repost this article on trailer tires.


I am a bit freaky about tires because during one trip several years ago, I had three trailer tires blow.


I couldn’t  understand it.  The tires were practically new.  I had probably only driven a few thousand miles on them – if that.

How could they have failed?


At that time, I was preparing to move from Oregon back to California.

Consequently, I was busy and my trailer just sat.  New tires and all.

THAT was the issue.  Or one of the issues.

The guy at the tire store who helped me with the last of my three blow-outs told me:

(I need to say here that I was quite freaked-out to have so many scary events in one road trip…)

He told me 2 very important things about tires:

1)  Old tires will not last as long, no matter if they have good tread

1a)  Sometimes ‘new’ tires are actually old tires that have been on the shelf for years even if they appear brand new

1B)  Below is a guide on how to check the age of your tires.

2)  If tires sit in one position on your trailer – in the sun – they will fail sooner than later.

2b)  Move your trailer so the tires are not constantly in one position – move it just to move it.  Sun or no sun.

My tires were new but they had sat in one position, in the sun, for a while.

That is why they blew…

Part of my "Start of Spring" cleaning was to get new trailer tires. (Yes, I need to wash the foliage off of m y wheel wells - next weekend's chore!)

Part of my “Start of Spring” cleaning was to get new trailer tires. (Yes, I need to wash the foliage off of m y wheel wells – next weekend’s chore!)


I’ve never forgotten that trip.  So, I am a bit over the top about checking my tires.

This year, I knew that my trailer had less use than usual and I also knew it had been several years since I had purchased new trailer tires.

My tires were not thread bare, but due to the time they spent parked and just because they were older in age, I decided to get new tires – so I could rest easily this riding season.

The same goes for truck tires…

I bit the bullet and got new tires for my truck as well... (Yes, my truck is old... but it works well - especially with new tires!)

I bit the bullet and got new tires for my truck as well… (Yes, my truck is old… but it works well – especially with new tires!)


I found the article on this website:

Click to go to the website

Click to go to the website

The Hidden Danger of Old Tires – how to read the code.
How old are the tires on your horse trailer and towing rig?

“…The following quick tip can keep you and your horses rolling along.

The problem is that tires, like any rubber product, degrade over time
and could present a significant yet hidden safety risk regardless of
tread depth.

Trailer tires 6 years and older can fail/blow out when traveling; also
under inflated tires get hot at high speeds causing sidewalls to fail
and separate from the tread. When getting a trailer or replacing tires
on any vehicle insist on tires manufactured within the past year or so.
Just because a tire hasn’t been ‘used’ or put on a vehicle does NOT mean
it is NEW.

Tires are manufactured with a date code, 4 digits long, which represent
the week and year the tire was made (For example 3211 is the 32nd week
of 2011 while 0598 is the 5th week of 1998). This code is on the tire
usually in a circle or indented oval following the other sizing numbers
and info on the tire. (The code could be located on the inside sidewall
if the tire is already mounted on the vehicle…check for it. Your
safety is well worth the extra effort!)”

PHOTOS are on the webpage. Go read the rest of the article here:

How to check the age of your tires! This will be on the inside sidewall.

How to check the age of your tires! This will be on the inside sidewall.





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