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Not Inspired?… Clever Purses and Dixie Midnight Pads

Well, I’m kinda wondering why no one watched the SPRING INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO (this is an embedded Quicktime version) I posted on Wednesday.  Lots of people read the post but no one watched the video.  Hmmmm.  Was it the name?  Did it not load well?  Was Wednesday a communal busy day for everyone who read the blog?  Dunno.  But, I decided to rename it “At Liberty Jumping” and make the file smaller so it loads faster.  Anyway, this is an experiment.  I’m re-posting it embedded here and as a link to You Tube.  We’ll see if anyone looks at it this time.  The back story is we filmed this at Arizona’s Cowboy College.  This gal rode her horse, at Liberty, no saddle/no bridle and no restraints, over several jumps and it is awesome and awe inspiring to watch!  So, here is is again, click here (this is via You Tube).

OK, back to the usual fare…


I saw this very nice recycling idea. You send your old cowboy boots to this inventive gal at Diamond 57 and she fashions a purse.  Or, if you don’t have any boots, there are lots of yummy ready-mades to choose from on her site.  These certainly are unique and a great recycling idea!  One design was very sentimental — as a memorial to her cowboy Dad — one woman asked to have a purse created from his boots!  But, like I said, you don’t have to have an old pair of boots already, I found several that I coveted from the designers website selection.  And, even though I’m not a Western Gal, I liked them and thought this was a very clever idea and a great re-use of leather.  The detail is cool, too.  If you look closely, all the parts are from tack.  Think of the possibilities!

She makes backpacks, wallets and other items, too.  I scoured the site and they even have a “Sale” page.  So, if you like deals, go get one!  Evidently, lots of celebrities have these…  I think the best part is that not any two purses could possibly be alike!  There are so many boot designs out there, and you can use anything as detail or as a handle.  Some people use reins or bridle parts, other use rawhide or rope —  or you can use any leather handle.  So, sky’s the limit!  Anyway, I thought this was very inventive.


This item is a “must” in my tack room.  It was designed as a pad to go under your pad to keep it clean while at the same time, keeping your horse’s back more comfortable and cool.  I love it because it works.  I use it under my padded saddles and I’m good to go.  I don’t use another pad except for a Tacky Tack when needed.  No worries, I can ride for hours!  My horses are comfortable, there are no pressure points, my tack stays clean and I don’t have a high-rise under my saddle.  Of course, your saddle has to fit your horse for this to work…  It is a great innovation!

I’ve attached a photo.  It doesn’t look like much — but it is!

Here is the science:   (OK, I did steal all of this from the website but I felt they could say it better than I could.)

What It Does
•    Prevents horse sweat from reaching your saddle pad.
•    Allows your horse to sweat freely and naturally without restriction.
•    Prevents infections, fungus, mold,and bacteria caused by a dirty saddle pad.
•    Keeps your horse’s back cooler.
•    Prevents saddle pad icing in winter weather.
•    Exclusive heat-sensitive fibers soften at your horse’s body temperature and conform to any horse’s back and won’t crease or lump up.
•    Keeps your saddle pad dry, regardless of what you ask from your horse.
•    No-Sweat™ vent pads are guaranteed to perform as described or your money back.

Why It Works

•    No-Sweat™ vent pads are made of interlocked large-diameter polymeric fibers, which are loosely pressed together.(But they can’t unravel.)
•    This design creates thousands of air spaces.
•    The air spaces let the air flow over your horse’s back, keeping the horse cooler, even under a very fuzzy saddle pad.
•    In the greatly enlarged photo of a No-Sweat (at left) you can see the interlocked fibers, and how smooth and comfortable they are.
•    The warmer the No-Sweat gets, the SOFTER it bcomes.  At your horse’s working temps, the No-Sweat is soft, and very comfortable!

Anyway, I noticed that he is running a sale right now!  So, if you want one, now is a good time.  And, the owner is really nice.  He will answer all of your questions.  I have three of these pads that I’ve cut to fit a few different type of saddles.  I totally love this technology!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and check back for Saturday’s PhoBlog day!

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Spring Has Sprung, the Grass Has Rizz, I Wonder Where the Flowers is?… Spring Inspiration!

My Aunt Sid used to use that expression and it always made me smile.  Spring is here!

I have two things today.  Inspiration and Lists.


Here is an inspirational video (click here) that we shot at Arizona’s Cowboy CollegeThis is a girl who with only a strap around her horse’s neck, takes him over several (not little) jumps, around bushes and trees and whatever else without a fence or any gear except a helmet. Hmmmm.  Kinda inspiring to become ONE with your horse again after a long winter…  I totally remember shooting this and feeling like such a schmoe because I couldn’t ride at liberty.  Anyway, all it takes is lots of devotion, companionship and practice.  And time.  Lots of time.

Did you know that Cowboy College taught this sort of thing?  I didn’t either.  Yup.  It isn’t all about ropin’ and ridin’.  It is about total horsemanship.  Check it out!  We loved it there.  Anyway, here is the video of our Spring Inspirational At Liberty video.


You probably already do this list but I’m writing it anyway just in case my experience helps you:

  • clean and repair flymasks (or buy new ones on sale)
  • clean out feet and apply thrush cure if needed (If you suspect canker, us the purple mush.)
  • detangle manes and tails (this could take several days  ;)  …)
  • wash and put away winter blankets
  • clean out all water troughs/buckets and remember to check them more frequently
  • order your predators
  • order your garlic (if you use it)
  • order fly spray on sale or make your own
  • clean out your trailer and trailer tack room
  • road ready check on your trailer — bearings packed?
  • put fresh water in your trailer
  • grease the trailer ball
  • clean tack (If you use leather cream, my favorite is Skidmore’s.)
  • clean and oil your clippers – or have someone do that
  • check your helmet
  • clean out your saddle bags (hopefully no mystery blobs of old treats in there…)
  • fix your hoses, floats or waterers
  • check/order your hay – this is the hardest time to get hay
  • watch a few videos (They make it look so easy…)
  • get on your trainer’s schedule if needed
  • scour Ebay and Bayequest for tack on the wish list


  • TIGHTEN ALL CHICAGO SCREWS (I lost a bridle mid-gallop because of this — not good.)
  • CHECK FOR SPIDERS IN TACK (One that made no web and left no clues, crawled out mid ride and bit me.)
  • CLEAN THE MOLD FROM YOUR TRAILER HORSE AREA AND TOTALLY WASH OUT THE HAY BAGS/RACKS FOR MOLD  (This seems so obvious but you want to be really careful with this.  Mold climbs up walls and gets into cracks that your horse sniffs.  I have known of respiratory ailments that came from hidden mold in the trailer of a show horse who traveled often.)

Oh, and here is a tip.  I found this plastic 5 gallon gas can that BMX/ATV riders use.  It is perfect for water in your trailer after trail rides.  Previously I used the huge trailer tanks but for me, they were kinda unruly.  This is easy to fill, easy to carry and easy to pour (two handles).  I love it.  You can get them at any motorbike store or online.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!