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RESULTS OF THE Horse and Man little GIVEAWAY!

Sunday, March 18th, 2012 | Filed under Handy Tips

Hello all!

Well, the other day I decided to giveaway some horse books via a write-in drawing linked here.

If you wrote in and said you wanted a particular book, I printed your email or comment with the details and put them all in particular hats.

This took way more time than I had anticipated but it was fun!

Just for all of you to know, I have not yet notified the winners so all winners will read their names  here first!  Fun!  Of course, I will notify them all by email tomorrow, so no worries if they are not reading today.


I was not surprised that the SEABISCUIT book was the most popular…  The second most popular was TOLD UNDER A WHITE OAK TREE which is the story told by Fritz, the first stunt horse ever.

The rest of the books were all about equal in requests… with the magazines being the least popular.



Here I sit... cutting up little scraps of paper and putting them in hats on top of the books. Oy, it took forever! First I had to print every request, then find enough equal sized hats and then cut them all up in equal sized strips... My knees were sore! (This is the beginning of the process when I remembered to take a pic.)


The picks! Yup, after I had all the hats full, I put my hand in each hat and swished it around and then just picked. It was totally random so you all should feel equally represented.



1)  SeaBiscuit: The Rest of the Story:  SHERIE V

Sherie is from Equi-Spa so you might wonder if I picked her purposefully… but I didn’t.  In fact, when I pulled her name, I actually considered putting it back but then I thought that would be even less fair.  So, she won, fair and square.

2)  Told Under a White Oak Tree:  SM STATTNER

3)  What Shamu Taught Me about Life, Love and Marriage:  PAIGE C.

4)  Kicked Bitten and Scratched:  DALE AND LISA

5)  Little Black, A Pony:  KIM SHIFFLETT

6)  What the Animals Tell Me:  G WATTS

7)  Cowboys Magazine:



8)  Horse & Rider Magazine:





Here is another giveaway idea…

Alpha Omega gave me a few hats to give to my readers who tried the products after reading my blogs…  Well, since I don’t sell any product, I don’t know who purchased AO products because they read about them in my blog.  Therefore, I never gave away the hats.

*I love the Anti-Flam, the Sinew X, the Biotic 8, Respi-Free and the Para X  (I’ve linked all my blogs about them to each item).

So, if you are an Alpha Omega user and would like a hat, just write to me and tell me about your horses and what results you’ve seen.  I’ll send them all to AO and maybe yours would be chosen as a testimonial!  Who knows… maybe they will send you a sample product for your chosen testimonial.

In the meantime, just tell me what color hat you’d like when you send in your story.  I have 9 hats total in black, royal blue, navy, powder blue and pink.

My assortment of Alpha Omega caps. Tell me about how you use their products and I’ll send you a hat! I have 9! Also, your story might be chosen as a testimonial for ALPHA OMEGA

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!


Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 | Filed under Handy Tips

EQUION TRIAL (no affiliation)

A while ago, I wrote a post about equine lice.  (You can read it here.)

In that post, I thought my pony, Slick, had lice.  EEECH!  But, upon inspection and education, I realized that he didn’t have lice, just dandruff.

But how in the world did he get dandruff?


All I knew was that all the grooming in the world would not fix it.  Dandruff comes from within.  It is a skin/scalp issue.  What was I doing differently in his feed for him to develop dandruff?

And then it occurred to me.  AHA!  I had run out of Equion a few months prior and hadn’t reordered.  That was the first time in probably 15 years that I had run out and not reordered!

So, on a hunch, I ordered more Equion and fed it to him religiously.

I didn’t wash his mane, use any product or alter any other part of his regular feed in the last 5 weeks.

And look!  His mane is healthy and dandruff-free!

The only difference is Equion.


This is Slick's mane now! It looks great and the only thing I changed was adding Equion to his diet!

I cannot remember who first told me about it, but I tried Equion about 17 years ago and was hooked.  It was the first supplement I ever purchased!  This product is no-frills packaging, relatively inexpensive and is a nice, simple, everyday supplement that totally makes a difference.  I’m not a chemist but whatever is in it, does help their systems absorb nutrients, keeps the coat and feet healthy and also spit shines the reproductive tracks on my mares (when I was breeding).

As I’ve said before, my trainers always asked me what I gave to my horses to make them all look so good.  I told them Equion! I swear!  (And you know trainers hate to ask owners for tips…)  ;)

I have no affiliation.  Here is the Equion website.  They are great people and will take care of you!  FAMILY OWNED!


Click image to go to their site


Slick and Dodger both have their healthy manes back... they have been restarted on Equion since Dec 15th. No special grooming, just good food.



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!