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BACK FROM VACATION and a little update on a horse named, Apollo

We arrived home from vacation last night, only to wake up really early this morning so we could attend the last day of the California State Fair…

Needless to say, I’m pooped.

Anyway, to get back to our arrival home, as predicted there were no issues while we were gone – other than the horses are even fatter.  I don’t know what it is about horse feeders but they always think more is better.

To be fair, from their point of view, ‘better fat than skinny’…  So, I’m not complaining.  All the waterers were full, half the fly masks were on (it is always easier to take them off than put them back on) and no one had any injuries.

All was good.  The feeders had been successful.

Yay!  I fretted for nothing.  As usual.



So, let me ask  you… do you ever go on vacation and find yourself musing about how much your horse would like it there?

That happened to me on this trip.

We went to Grant’s Pass, Oregon.  You might not have heard of that town but you’ve probably heard of the Rogue River.  Well, the Rogue River runs through Grant’s Pass.

The valley is gorgeous.  Beautiful.  Mountains, valleys, rivers, greenery and glory.  Simply awesome.

And, there were gazillions of blackberry bushes.

Y’know, when you live in Oregon, blackberries are the scourge of the earth.  They take over EVERYTHING.

But, when you don’t live in Oregon, blackberries are a delicacy – especially straight off the vine when the sun has warmed them.  YUM-MY!

Anyway, my trail horse Finn loves blackberries.  He also loves single track trails, trees and river paths.

So, as I was picking warm blackberries off the vine while trekking on a glorious single track trail through the trees and near the river, I thought to myself:

“Wow, Finn would really love it here!”.

And then I smiled.

Do other humans think like this, I wondered?


The Rogue River…


Horses in Grant’s Pass, Oregon



About a month ago, H&M had a contest to give away particular Omega Alpha products that I love.  (I have no affiliation with Omega Alpha.  I just really believe in their products.)  To enter the contest, those of you who were interested were asked to write your stories on why you felt your horse could benefit from whichever product desired.

Upon reading all the submissions, Omega Alpha sent product to 38 of you.  Nice!

It is now about time for me to write to all the participants to see how they are doing…  but before I was able to send out the emails, I received this note in the my inbox today.  Apollo’s AFTER letter!

Here is the ‘before’ letter that won Apollo a free trial of Respi-Free and then the ‘after’ letter from today.  Thank you, Red Falcon Ranch!


Hi Dawn!

I am submitting our horse, Apollo, for your contest.  He is a 13 year old Appendix QH ridden by my 11 year old daughter, Sarah.  Sarah has struggled with confidence issues riding horse and could never find the right horse in our herd to connect with.  Apollo is a gentle horse, but at 15.3 hands, Sarah always felt he was too big for her.  She would say, “my eyes are too far off the ground”.  Finally, in February of this year, I found a wonderful young woman horse trainer/riding instructor that my girls really connected with.  Sarah was game to give Apollo a try in a controlled environment.  They clicked right away.  Sarah poured all of her love into Apollo and he was happy to let her fuss over him for hours with brushing and mane and tail braiding.  For two months I trailered the girls and their horses to the trainer’s barn and they improved quickly in their riding skills.  Sarah even started working on small jumps with cavaletti.  Then April came.  Apollo started a small cough.  We had never experienced this before, so Sarah skipped her lesson.  The cough didn’t go away after a week so I contacted the vet.  He said that it was allergic bronchitis, aka heaves.  The vet recommended Tri-hist, but we really didn’t want to start him on medication, so tried Cough Free first.  After several weeks we did not have any relief from the cough.  We decided to go with the Tri-hist and again, it has been several weeks with no change.  No change, no riding lessons, and no trail riding — which is what we love to do as a family.  Sarah finally found the horse that gives her confidence.  Apollo’s quiet confidence and ability were just what Sarah needed.  It is now June.  We live in Minnesota and have a limited riding season, with right now being the best time of the year.  Sarah loves Apollo so much, but now is not riding him.  Finding a product to relieve his cough will get Sarah and Apollo back on the trail and back in riding lessons to continue her horsemanship skills.  It is so hard watching a beautiful member of our family struggle with breathing and we welcome an opportunity to find him relief.

Attached are some photos of Sarah and Apollo.

This is Apollo and his girl



Dear Dawn,

I want to thank you so much for sending us the bottle of Respi-Free.  We have been using it for about a month now.  We give Apollo 40cc in the morning.  We drench it in the back of his mouth with a drenching gun when he is done with his morning ration.  I am so happy to say he is doing incredibly better.  We have tried other products with no results.  Respi-Free really does work!

Last Friday, we loaded up the horses and drove two hours to a beautiful state park.  We rode across a prairie and up and down steep hills with not one cough or heavy breathing episode.
Attached are photos of Sarah and Apollo back out on the trail.

Again, I can not thank you enough.  I will be ordering another bottle in the next week.

On the trail again with no coughing.


Healthy and together!


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Click here for July’s Bucket Fund horse, Spirit – we are waiting to learn if a specialist can improve her sight!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

From the Fridge to the Feed Room! – Our Panel of Fuzzy Judges Decide!


FROM THE FRIDGE TO THE FEED ROOM!  Our Panel of Fuzzy Judges Decide!

I was milling about my refrigerator, hoping for inspiration in a brownie with sour cream frosting, when it hit me!   Today’s topic would be Healthy Kitchen Feed!  My husband always tells me,  “Honey, you may not like to cook but you love to feed!”  Ahhh, truer words were never spoken.

So, there in front of me, inside the crispers calling to me, were several bags of fresh fruits and veggies.  Hmmmm, I wonder what the horses would eat besides the usual carrots, apples and raisins.  I wonder if any of it is bad for them?  Herein began the alternative horse foods (and clean out your refer while you’re at it) taste test potpourri.

I must, as an aside, give a nod to my beloved pot belly, Fannie.  She passed last year at the ripe old age of 17.  Amazing for a pig.  During those years, she was my funny little pig and handy recycler.  I miss her.  Hopefully, we can pass the leftovers baton onto some of my current fuzzy faces who are presently marauding about the barn, trying to pick the gates.  (Above is a photo of Fannie and my gelding, Aladdin.)

OK for starters, the poisonous foods.  Do not feed these.  There were conflicting reports on broccoli and potatoes.  I figure if there is any report at all, don’t do it.  So, listed below are the BAD GUYS:


  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli  (conflicting reports but some say colic inducing)
  • Cauliflower
  • Rhubarb
  • Onion
  • Potato
  • Tomato
  • Acorns


Green Beans, Lettuce, Peas, Celery, Plantain (not that you have that in your refer everyday), Sweet Potato Greens, Beet Greens, Parsnip, Turnip, Mango, Dates (pitted), Bananas with Peel, Citrus with Peels, Any Melon especially Watermelon with rind (fun to watch them eat this, too!), Zucchini, any Squash, Bean Sprouts, Avocado, Guava, Grape, pitted Cherries, any fruit without their pits like Nectarine/Peach/Plum, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Pears and Honey!  (In the seeds category, sunflowers are good).

So, I decided to test this to my best ability since it is winter and I didn’t have much selection.  I scoured my refer and found the items listed below.  I then went out to the pastures for the taste testing.  Always make sure to cut up your treats so no one chokes.  (Read my post 2/18/10 about Equine Choke.  It isn’t pretty.)

(Above is a pic of the first group of anxious taste testers: Norma, Dodger and Slick.)  (The Palomino is a pic I borrowed from the Internet.)


  • Orange (WAHOO!)
  • Lettuce (GIMME MORE!)
  • Celery (Maaybee…, if I was really hungry.)
  • Beet Greens  (OK but I see you have other stuff in there…)
  • Grapefruit (Yes! More, More!)
  • Banana w/peel (Yum with varied experience here… some liked it all, some liked the inside, some the peel)
  • Green Beans (If I was starving.)
  • Zucchini  (Maybe if I was the last horse on the planet and that was all there was to eat.)
  • Eggplant  (Blech. Yuk.)
  • Red Pepper (An aquired taste)
  • Parsley (Uh, no.)

(Shetland Dodger wolfing up the lettuce he grabbed from me.)

So, after my taste testers gave me their full attention and best efforts, I can honestly say they are all different in their testing styles and all have different palates.  Most everyone liked the lettuce but my Morgan mares just sniffed at it.  My Mustang was very dubious of anything new (as any good mustang would be) but she loved the bananas, which I’m sure she never tasted in the wild…  One Shetland loved the lettuce and red peppers but hated everything else, whereas the other Shetland loved the oranges and bananas only.  My donkey, Norma, ate the orange with such precision and relish that I gave her the grapefruit as well.  Aladdin ate most of whatever I gave him except he dumped the bowl when all that was left was eggplant, zucchini and red peppers.  The TWHs looooooved the lettuce and citrus but only nibbled on the zucchini.  No one cared for the parsley but they all took an ittybitty bite – just to be polite.  Ahh, but sadly, I come full circle now because there are eggplant and zucchini bits spit out all over the place.  Too bad Fanny isn’t still with us… she would have a field day hoovering it all up.

(Remi, the Mustang with a blaze, chewing an orange wedge with calculating ears.)

(Gwen the Morgan grabbing a bite of banana.)


As an aside, there are several recipes for good horsey treats online.  Here is one of the many websites for healthy treats.  This one looked good.

Ingredients (organic in all cases, if possible):

2 cups rolled oats or Quaker Oats (original), ½-3/4 cup apple juice, 2 apples chopped into small pieces, ½ cup dried mango or guava, ½ cup shelled raw unsalted sunflower seeds, 2 tablespoons molasses, 1 cup bran (wheat or rice). Instructions:Mix everything together. Drop on ungreased baking pan by teaspoonful. Bake for 20 minutes at 375 degrees F. Give one at a time.  YUMMY!

(The last pic my TWH, Finn, sniffing an orange the moment before he devoured it.)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!