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SIR DALTON, THE KING OF ALL and other ranch goingson.

I thought I had enough halters to last for the rest of my life!   But then I tried to find a nice, not chewed, leather halter around here for Dalton.

Now, you’d think he would wear a horse-sized halter since he does have, well, he is a mustang after all and they have those larger heads… so I just figured that one of Finn’s leather halters would fit him… or maybe one of my older show halters from my Morgan show days.

But alas, Dalton is a Cobb.  Who knew?!  Finn’s halters were too big.  My show Morgan halters were too worn… so I decided to get Dalton a new halter of his own.  And, since I love nice leather halters (breakable), I ordered his halter just a few days ago, and it arrived already!

I’m very impressed with this company (Tack Shack of Ocala).  I had never purchased from them previously and the halter is beautiful and very well made.

The halter is beautiful and very well made. Triple stitching and very soft, lovely harness leather.  (


Here he is… surveying his landscape (and helping me with weed abatement).

I totally should NOT have gotten him a new halter since he destroyed my hat yesterday, but clearly, I’m a pushover.

Here is the King, helping me with weed abatement and surveying his kingdom.

This photo was taken in the moments before he destroyed my hat and pulled the hose into his paddock and ate it.


I don’t think he liked that I was giggling as I took this photo!

He was a little peeved that I was giggling as I took this photo… but the nameplate fits him for sure.

YOU CAN GET ONE, TOO, with anything you want printed on it – (NO AFFILIATION)

I showed Dalton’s new halter to Lorelei, who has Annie, and she is going to get one for Annie.  Her nameplate will be “Princess Annie”.

You can put whatever you’d like on the plate and I think you can use up to three rows.  I only used one row.

Anyway, I have no affiliation with these folks, I just thought they were very professional, the halter is of very fine quality and the name plate is FUN.  Also, they shipped really fast!

I have no affiliation but I do think this is a terrific quality halter, triple stitching, fine harness leather, well oiled and a fun nameplate with very fast shipping!

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GRASS. We love it, we sometimes hate it… and it is always greener on the other side.

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 | Filed under Dalton

As much as I wanted to keep the grass as long as we could for the horses to enjoy – especially since we only have green grass for about 6 weeks…  I just couldn’t take it.  I had to hack my way towards the horses and I felt like I was being swallowed up in grasses.

So, I had the marvelous weed whacker person (he was thrilled to get the work during this lock-down) come by and get rid of all of the grass/weeds/growth in front of the horses.

But, I left all the other grass around the place.  I figured, “Why not?”.  We are not allowed to have AirBnB guests… so I may as well let it all stay overgrown.  The horses can enjoy it for as long as it is palatable.

Before and after. The left shows Wrigley barely taller than the grass and weeds. The pic on the right is after. Phew. I can see the horses again!

I can see Norma again! (That is Gwen who is grazing on the newly mowed lawn.)

Here are BG and Gwen, grazing on the front, overgrown, lawns. We are not allowed to have AirBnB guests, so may as well let the horses graze instead of mowing everything.  The horses get an hour a day to graze.  Having gone through founder with MamaTess, I am very, very cautious.



So, I’m hand grazing Dalton daily… and I’ve noticed something.  He walks along the perimeter fencelines, and grazes through the fence.


Now, there is grass EVERYWHERE right now.  He could eat in the middle of the front yard.  He would graze in the field by the gate.  He could graze in the orchard or the side of the house…

But NO.  He wants to graze along the fences and eat through the fence to the grass on the other side.

Such a silly boy.

Yesterday, he pulled grass through the front fence… and continued to follow the border fence.

Today, he pulled grass through the wire, again! He spent his hour, walking the fenceline.

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!