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Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 | Filed under Dalton

I am so excited!  Previously, I spoke of my interview with Gillian Larson the thru rider (long rider).  She has done the Pacific Crest Trail, the Arizona Trail, Mojave, Knive’s Edge… with her horses!

You can read about her and that interview, here.

After contacting Gillian and meeting up, she told me that she was moving to Arroyo Grande (near me, but way cooler – as in temperature).  I dared ask if she,  “ever took horses into training?”  She said she hadn’t, but she was willing to start with Dalton!

However, first she needed her new digs to be set up for horse training, including accommodations for her own pack of horses.

Yesterday, I got the call!  Time for Dalton!  He leaves next Thursday, the 28th.

Wow!  I’m so excited for us all!

Here is a new video about Gillian created by Firestone Brewery.  She is an ambassador for them, so of course, this spot is more about the beer she holds.  But, just LOOK at the scenery!  I want this for myself, but if I can’t do it, at least my horse can.  My dream…

Click image to watch the video

I’m so excited for Dalton to learn and grow – earn his chops with Gillian

Those aren’t Dalton’s ears… but hopefully, someday…


Here is a link to Gillian’s You Tube page.

Gorgeous, gorgeous scenery…

click image to peruse Gillian’s videos



I’m so excited for Dalton to learn, grow and earn his chops under Gillian.  If I can’t give it to him, I’m going to let him shine with someone else for a while.

This is why I’ve been working and saving.  Dalton’s college tuition.

If I’m lucky, Gillian might even like him enough to take him on a thru ride.  We’ll see…

My boy, Dalton. He’s going to school to learn the ropes of the trail.

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My horse eats oranges off of the tree!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 | Filed under Dalton

So I was walking Dalton around to get some fresh, green grass and …  he grabbed an orange off of the tree!  And then he went after another!…

My photo journal.

We were walking along and he swooped in and grabbed an orange that was on the tree.

He picked it right off of the tree!

He went in for another, and I held it so it wouldn’t fall on the ground.

He slurpy ate it all, the whole thing.

It sounded so good, I picked a few … plus a grapefruit

And using my handy device…

I made this YUMMY glass of fresh squeezed OJ! It was soooooooooooo good!

Some things about California are really, really fresh and good!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!