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Meet Dalton: Dalton the Dun. Gelding Dun D. Dalton the Gila Mustang. A very sweet and happy boy, indeed!

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 | Filed under Dalton

Today, I went to the amazing facilities at Sweetbeau Horses  to visit and play with Dalton.

Truly, my heart jumps when I’m there.  It is EXACTLY what I would like in a horse facility.    I love all the training elements to this venue … and the landscape is gorg.

Before I say anything about Dalton, let me say… If you are looking for a mustang who has been started correctly (with love and support) and trained through and through, please contact Sweetbeau.  I am amazed at how thorough Dalton – and others there – have been trained.  It isn’t just halter training and picking up feet… it is a finished horse.   In fact, it was so much fun watching these horses come up via FB, I almost couldn’t choose.   My eye was on Dalton – but I also had a soft spot for Cadence, Granite and Caleb!

So, I heartily endorse their training program and encourage you to contact  (or follow and watch) Sweetbeau! (No affiliation – but I would gladly affiliate!)

Click image to go to site


Dalton is one of those horses who will end up with a million nicknames because he is so curious and fun!  He’s a goof and silly, but also confident and curious!  As a 5 or 6 year old (no one is sure), he has that teenage, “Who’s the boss in this moment”… attitude, which cracks me up.  He is always thinking.

And, like me, he hates arena work.  In the arena, he is a Super Plug.  Couldn’t be more b-o-r-e-d.  But, take him outside, and he perks right up – which is perfect for me because I hate arena work, too.

Handsome.  (Isn’t this place beautiful?!)

Licking my car… as one does.

Today, we walked all around the beautiful property of Sweetbeau.  I wanted us to get to know each other during the walkabout.  And, I wanted him to familiarize himself with my Boz saddle.  So, we did that.

Then we went into the arena (sigh) where he immediately  became underwhelmed.  So, we decided to play on the obstacle course.

Clearly, nothing bothered him.  In fact, he ate the blue tarp, tried to pull down the pool noodles and he was quite proud of himself on the teeter totter.    “Yea, so what… easy.  Been there, dun that.”

He chewed on the blue tarp, ate the pool noodles and was “KING OF THE HILL” on the teeter totter thing.

Clearly, he wanted to leave the indoor arena, so we did.  We went into the outside arena and did our drills on the long line.  As long as we were outside, we were good.  Here he is on the the tire-thing again.  I swear, he would not come down!  He likes standing on things.  I dunno why.

He loves to stand on things… like a goat!

EARS. – And a little video!

Yes, his ears always seem to be back.  And, I must admit, when he jumps over little things or canters, he puts back his ears.  I almost think it is a concentration thing.

I decided to post a very short video of Dalton following me around Sweetbeau.   As you can see, he is happy.    And, his ears are mostly floppy back.  He is a funny boy!

Click image to watch video.

Click to watch video

MORE DALTON STORIES TO COME! – Follow him on Facebook!

If you’d like to follow Dalton, I’m setting up a FB page here (The Dun Horse Diaries).  I’ll add more photos and special days with Dalton there, so you can be up to date with our progress.  It’ll be FUN!

The below pic was taken by a volunteer from Sweetbeau.  Nice shot, eh?!

Click to go to Dalton’s FB page! (He looks so grown up here!  And his ears are forward!)


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So far, so good!

A pic from today…

This is nice and all… but you cannot see his trick.

Yes, awkward left foot, but otherwise, he did great!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!