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Sitting with your horse while he eats…

You’ve all heard me say it.  To me, the best way to bond with your horse is to eat with him/her.

If you take the time to just sit there, maybe pick out the best bits and serve it to him… or just sit there and paw through it with him to shake out the leaves… whatever you do, breaking bread with your horse is a great way to connect and make lifelong friends.

I’ve done this with all of the horses that weren’t born here – Bodhi, Remi, Sam, Rojo, Annie, Missy MIss, Mo, Finn, BG… and it makes a huge difference, I think.  Once you eat with them, and they accept you into their safety bubble, you are friends.

Sometimes it takes a while.  With Annie, it took weeks.  With Sam, it took a while as well.  But most horses really appreciate the gesture.

Today, I had dinner with Dalton, which was hard to do since he doesn’t live here, he lives at my neighbor’s house.  As with all humans with a busy life, husbands/dinner/job/chores seem to take up so much time at the end of the day and it is tough to take the 1.5 hours to just hang with a horse.

But, Hubby was out of town tonight, so I grabbed the chance.

I didn’t have my camera while we were eating together – I thought I had forgotten it.  But when I got to my car, I saw it in there.  So, I went back and took a few photos.  I’m so bad that I accidentally took a video in Slo Mo (I have no idea how) and I took a pic in B&W.  Sheesh!

Here you go!

I am so impressed with Dalton’s potty habits. He is very clean. He uses one area and one area only. Here he is coming back from a rest stop. (The foreground offering was from a different horse who shared the pen.)

This is the B&W photo I accidentally took as I was leaving him after we shared his dinner.

RIDICULOUS SLO-MO MOVIE that is kinda funny!

I should put ‘shampoo commercial’ music under this… his hair is so blowy.

Click image to watch this silly Slo Mo movie that I accidentally created. Someday I will learn how to use my phone…



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The merits of APPLE BREATH when meeting a new horse.

People, throughout my life, have always said, “Gee, that horse sure likes you!”

Well, I have a secret….

My whole life, I’ve always felt that breathing at a horse (since they like to meet people through breath AND are vegetarians)…,  I’ve always felt that breathing at a horse with meat breath, or carnivore breath, was probably rude.  Or at least not a good idea.

I mean, first impressions, right?  If you met someone who was a little smelly in a bad way, you’d probably remember that before the good stuff.

Same with horses, I figure.

So, I always ‘freshen my breath’ before meeting a new horse.  I pretty much try to eat apples or carrots or something appetizing when I’m around my own horses as well.

Why not?  Couldn’t hurt, could help.

And, I think it is why a lot of horses decide that maybe they might like me after all.  Or at least I might be worth their time.

Here is a video of Dalton, who has only met me a few times, departing from his herd to come over.

Apple breath.

Try it!

Click image to watch Dalton. (Mute or turn down volume…)

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!