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Monday, September 9th, 2019 | Filed under Dalton

Today, I don’t have much to report except some silliness and some fruit around here!


As you all know, Dalton is only 6 and still very, very playful.  Today, while brushing him, he picked up the brush I wasn’t using… and brushed the dirt with it.  Nice!


OK, so I don’t water these vine… I don’t tend to them.  I don’t stake them.  I don’t weed around them.  I do nothing.

This year, the vines are again LOADED with green grapes.

I have searched and searched but cannot yet determine what kind of grapes there are, based on their leaves.  If any of you know, please inform me!!

(I actually think that no weeding around them keeps the critters and birds off of the vines.  There are thistles all over and no one goes in there to steal grapes!)

Around here in wine country, harvest isn’t for a few more weeks.  But here, our grapes are very close to ready!

This is two vines that lay on the ground… they crawl and get bigger every year. When we purchased this place in 2016, the vines were tiny. I think he had just planted them.  Anyway, they have no water and I don’t tend to them.

As you can see, there are weeds and thistles growing all around and inside of the vine canopy, which I don’t trim. Here is a fresh cluster of grapes.

LOADED. Here I’ve just stepped back to show you how many juicy, huge, fat clusters are in just one little section of vine – with NO WATER. Amazing.


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