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We have a new shipment from our Artist friend in Poland!  Plus, I’m listing two of my personal pieces that I made for myself…

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1)  LOVELY, RARE fresh water 8+mm pearls in a beautiful, lustrous creamy/rosy/grey sheen.  I purchased these pearls for myself several years ago… and then I strung them using sterling silver wire.  The clasp I made.  Sterling Silver.  They are 21″.  The reason I am selling them is because I made them too long for me… and I cannot stand the idea of cutting this apart to make it shorter.  So… PLEASE, purchase this for yourself or your mother.  You will not be sorry.  The pearls were $230 alone (and that was wholesale, several years ago).To purchase this lovely, rare necklace for $285, click here.

2)  MY OWN UNUSUAL CHAIN.  I made this for myself.  It layers really well with any color because it is neutral… really pops with pearls.  Can be worn alone and I receive many compliments.   Czech glass beads in varied sizes and colors, silver embossed chain, Sterling silver handmade heart charm.  Lobster clasp closure.  28″


3)  CLASSIC EVERYDAY 8mm white pearl necklace!   $48.

I wear mine ALL THE TIME.  Probably every day.  Perfect for Mother’s Day.  This one has a handmade Sterling Silver flower at the crystal closure.  Wear it alone or layered.  A perfect piece.  16″

To purchase the Classic everyday pearls 8mm white for $48, click here!

4)  HEARTS AND DAISYS!  From our artist friend in Poland!  Eco-Friendly tin and bronze.  Lovely heart glass encasing 3 small daisies.  Heart pendant is 2″ long with bezel.  It is a bit larger than 1″ across.  A lovely piece!  30″

To purchase Hearts and Daisys for $58, click here!

5)  SWEET, PETITE DANDELION NECKLACE!  This is the classic style of our Polish artist.  She loves the freedom of blowing dandelion seeds!  Captured between glass and eco-friendly tin, this pendant is 1.5″ long and under and 1′ wide.  Lovely.  30″ chain.

To purchase sweet, petite dandelion necklace for $48, click here.

6)  GORGEOUS CAPTURED ROSE necklace!  This is gorgeous and weighty.  Lovely!  A peachy and yellow/orange bud in glass with bronze frame.  Pendant is 2″ long and 1.5 across.  One of a kind for sure!!  Great alone or layered!  Chain is 30″

To purchase Gorgeous captured rose for $54, click here!

7) AMAZING MAGNIFYING LOOP NECKLACE!  This is so interesting and unusual.  Such a statement piece!  If you need to see anything closer, just use the loop!  And it is large!  The pendant is 3″ long and 2.5″ across!  Great alone or layered!  One of a kind from Poland!  Chain is 30″

To purchase amazing magnifying loop necklace for $68, click here!

8)  SWEET, TINY DAISY!  This is darling.  I love it.  The pendant itself is 1.5″ long and 1″ wide.  Just darling.  Love.  Chain is 30″

To purchase sweet, tiny daisy for $46, click here.

9)  LARGE CRYSTAL FACETED BLUE HUE HEART necklace!  She created this faceted gem in a slightly blue hue.  It is a crystal heart with a pyramid point in the center.  Really unusual and large and amazing!  Pendant is 2″ long by 1.5″ across.  Chain is 30″

To purchase this lovely large blue hue heart for $48, click here!

10)  AMAZING STAINED GLASS EARRINGS – BLUE!  I love these.  Gorgeous color.  Please get them.  3/4″ long and 1/2″ across.  Handmade, of course.  Their true color is the top photo.

To purchase amazing stained glass earrings, blue for $54, click here.

11)  Dainty Raspberry flowers necklace!  Lovely, sweet and a beautiful color.  Fresh tiny flowers captured in glass.  Pendant is 1.5″ long and 1″ wide.  Chain is 30″   So pretty!

To purchase dainty raspberry flowers for $46, click here!

12)  Dainty little necklaces for Mother’s Day!  Each are only $23!

–Pictured her are 5 handmade necklaces.  All the beads are 4-5mm which are larger than seed beads but dainty.  Each are Czech Glass beads.  Varied lengths.  All have charms.

  1. Faceted cherry red and frosted beads with a Top Dog charm!    Crystal closure, 16″ – Purchase here.

2.  Green, blue, cream, brown Spring Meadow colored Czech glass beads!  15″ Angel wing charms.   SOLD!  THANK YOU, LINDA!

3.  Firey honey colored Czech glass with flying heart charm at crystal closure!  17″  Flying heart charm.  Purchase here.

4.  Lovely bronzy pink beads with OM charm at crystal closure!  16″    Purchase here.

5.  Gorgeous, light Aurora Borealis beads – multi colored.  TOP DOG charm at crystal closure.  20″  Purchase here.

MAY BUCKET FUND EMERGENCY SEIZURE! 53 HORSES!  STARVING, PREGNANT MARES, TINY WEANLINGS AND YEARLINGS… click here to read their story.  Click here to Donate!  Thank you!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

–We are ALMOST HALF WAY THERE to helping ALL of these horses have a better life!  (THIS MARE IN PARTICULAR  JUST BREAKS MY HEART!!   She is 22, starved and pregnant.)

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53 NEWLY SEIZED HORSES NEED OUR HELP! Malnourished Pregnant mares, skinny yearlings… a herd left to fend for themselves! MAY BUCKET FUND: THE MUSTANG 53!


This got so out of hand.  A human thought he could let a wild mustang herd live ‘naturally’ in an unnatural setting.  They were cooped up on insufficient acres and bred indiscriminately.  The youngsters are malnourished and half of the size they should be.  All the mares are pregnant and suffering.  Everyone is unhealthy. Most have a body score of under 1.  There wasn’t enough food… and all are suffering because the human mismanaged their care.

Luckily, this herd was seized and is now under the care of three rescues helmed by KHEART, Kansas Horse Education, Advocacy and Resource Team.  (KHEART Member Rescues:
Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue and Retirement, Inc., Shooting Star Equine Rescue, Inc., and Hope in the Valley Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc.)

Please, let’s help right this wrong.  These mustang mares are all pregnant and in deplorable condition.  Last year’s babies are tiny and haven’t grown property.  All are desperate for groceries and skin remedies.  The malnourished horses all need what food provides.

44 are in holding at $11/horse per day – this is a huge burden to the county.  Nine are in special intensive care to help boost their vigor.  The skinny, tiny weanlings and yearlings are being watched and monitored while their re-feeding programs take shape.

Please, help us help this horribly mismanaged herd come back to health and be prepped for future adoption.

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A very pregnant, 22 year old mare.

This filly is 2 years old. Clearly stunted.

Everyone has a body scale of 0-3.

This pregnant mare is losing her hair from malnutrition.


I really don’t have any idea why a human would think that a natural mustang herd could live ‘naturally’ in an unnatural situation.  They were confined on limited acres with not enough food, no ability to graze and move, no natural enemies and no support.  And on top of this all, they didn’t geld the herd stallion.  So, the herd grew even larger…

This was so unfair.  In a natural environment, they would have a fighting chance… but in a large enclosure, they rely on human help.

There was none.

Until now.

Please help right this wrong.  Let these mares have food so they can foal to their best ability given their condition.  Please let these yearling and weanlings grow to a normal size and be adopted.

They all deserve better treatment from the humans looking after them.

A very pregnant, skinny mare.

A sickly weanling.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.

This would mean a lot to me personally.  Let’s be the humans who intervene to make a huge, positive difference in the lives of these captive mustangs.


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This very weak filly thanks you.

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Your purchase with Riding Warehouse through this link helps the Bucket Fund!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!