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An update on our January Bucket Fund horse, Buddy!

Last week, I told you about Buddy.  If you missed that story, click here.

Buddy is another old horse (28 yrs), dumped at a feedlot.  His rescuer wrote a moving missive in his defense, that I read.  I was moved to help this horse.

Buddy is now getting the care he needs to live out the rest of his years.

Buddy upon intake


Farrier and Vet visits today!  His feet didn’t look too bad for an old, malnourished horse.

I actually spoke to the vet.  He sent over Buddy’s file.  We spoke about Buddy’s condition.  The vet felt that although Buddy has a heart murmur, he presents as what one would expect for a 28 year old horse.  Blood was drawn and they are awaiting results.  Buddy’s worst issue is his nutrition.  He needs lots of healthy, soft foods to gain weight as he is missing a molar.  Buddy needs to eat in a safe, calm environment.

The vet also said that Buddy’s lungs were clear.  They did a Coggins test.  And the vet added that Buddy walked with a sway which was not ataxia.  He feels the issue is an old injury to his hip.  Because of this, we have arranged for an equine massage therapist to have a session with Buddy.

As far as eating as an old man with few molars, here is what was told to me:  “He actually chews hay great.  He has all of his chewing teeth except the one missing in the back.  He’s also on 2 lbs soaked beet pulp and 2 lbs alfalfa pellets soaked plus 3 lbs Pro Force Senior feed.  We added rice bran meal in for a supplement and a joint supplement.”

He gets a new, personal blanket tomorrow.

Buddy with the farrier.

We are at our original goal for Buddy’s care!  WONDERFUL!  THANK YOU.  However, he does need continued body work for his wonky hip, so if you’d like to contribute for Buddy, the overage will go towards his body work and massage/chiropractic care.  Thank you!!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  THANK YOU for helping us help Buddy.

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I wanted to address the people who are against Horse and Man helping this particular horse because it is at a rescue they don’t like.  I hear you… but I don’t pick sides.  If the vet and farrier I speak with answer my questions, then my only concern is the health of the horse.  If we can make sure that Buddy gets the help he needs – through professionals caring for him – then Buddy wins.  That is our goal.  To make a difference in the lives of the horses we help.  Today, we made a difference in Buddy’s life.  No question.

As an aside, Skydog had haters, too.  Since I worked there and saw what happened first hand, I could easily defend Skydog…  But it didn’t matter our due diligence;  the haters kept hating.  I learned that there is no appeasing those who hate.

What is important is doing good work.

Buddy sniffing a bit of the new round bale that arrived today.


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Facebook is no longer Horse and Man’s friend…

Sad but true…  it seems like Facebook has it out for Horse and Man.

I mean, why do they care about us?  Really?  I cannot fathom.  But… things are definitely not the same between H&M and FB.

In the beginning, 10 years ago, FB was a huge ally for Horse and Man.  We had thousands of followers and those followers, in turn, shared our stories so that donations to the Drop in the Bucket Fund came in droves from all over the world.  The Drop in the Bucket Fund was very successful.

However, in the last 16 months, all kinds of odd things popped up with FB.  Loyal followers couldn’t find our posts… many followers gave up.  The Horse and Man massive news feed, dwindled down to where we were only seeing the same 50 people posting.  This made it very difficult to find important and deserving Bucket Fund horses from around the USA.

In the last few months, FB has refused to let us add a ‘donate’ button to promote our Bucket Fund through the Horse and Man page – as has been the standard for 10 years.  In fact, they have banned my personal page from promoting the Bucket Fund.  My only page that can promote the Bucket Fund, is the page of my donkey.

As of this month, FB created a ‘new’ Page for Horse and Man that dropped our thousands of followers – just like that.  Now, instead of getting thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, we get a few, if that.  To say I’ve been soul crushed about this is an understatement.  It took a lot of work to build up that following… a lot.

What does FB have against helping horses in dire need?

So, sadly, this year was a very dismal year for the Bucket Fund.  We brought in a quarter of what we usually garnered for these poor horses.  I attribute this loss to the absence of FB readers, shares and donations.  Truly, previously we received FB donations from all over the world.  Now, never.

Once Upon a Time…

I have contacted FB numerous times and they ignore my questions.  I’m just shaking my head.  I cannot believe it, really.  I’m dumbstruck.  The only response I did receive told me to ‘create an ad’ to promote the post.  Right.  Bring in money for FB or fugeddaboudit.  For me, I’m not about advertising our non-profit.  I mean, I don’t mind boosting a post for a few dollars, but I’m not going to run ads.

Well, we cannot cry over spilled milk.  When one door shuts, another one opens.

The Drop in the Bucket Fund is still a viable resource – and we are angels for those who need us – no matter what we give… but some type of new expansion needs to happen.

I will be thinking a lot about this.

THANK YOU to all of you who are email subscribers.  YOU are holding the Bucket Fund on your mighty shoulders!  THANK YOU.

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