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GOLIATH was one of our April Bucket Fund babies.  To read the original story, click here.

Goliath is just over a month old and he is HUGE.  Although he is doing very well, because if his huge growth spurts, his front legs are still needing support.  So, he is back in splints during the day.  We tried to get some comparison pics so you could see how large he is for a month old foal!

The volunteers at LRTC are doing EVERYTHING with him!  This boy trailers, halters, showers, does chores, drinks from an automatic waterer, meets friends… he is very, very socialized!


He is a month old here! He is as tall as a 55 gallon drum! This kind of growth is why he is having issues with his legs.

This LRTC volunteer is 5’4″ – and in love with Goliath. They all are…

Figuring out how to eat grass with splints.

Hanging out. (I am amazed at this guy. He is a month old! Such confidence and calm!)

Meeting the grown up horses.

Drinking from the automatic waterer!

Getting ready for bed.

A volunteer stays with him all night.

They mess with him all day long… he does chores and plays games with everyone… here he is with a baby saddle pad on… Ha!


CLICK to watch short video of Goliath meeting a friend!

Goliath trailer training.  It looks worse than it was.  He loads twice a day, every day.  He spends time at pasture with games, other horses and volunteers during the day – and sleeps at night in the safety of the barn.

Goliath sampling the new hay!


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DONATION RECEIPTS for April Bucket Fund babies (Sinclair, Oscar, Stitch and Goliath) as well as new pics of all of them!

Last month, we helped LRTC help the wild Viginia Range foals who were in dire need.   First Sinclair then Oscar, Stitch and Goliath on the same day!

You can read Sinclair’s story here.

You can read Oscar, Stitch and Goliath’s stories here.

Sinclair, Goliath, Oscar and Stitch.


You all were incredible with your thoughts, prayers and donations!  We were able to send $3055 to LRTC for the help with these babies!

We sent money as often as we could because these rescues were ongoing and expensive.  (Plasma, milk replacers, meds, antibiotics… hospital stays are all very expensive for LRTC which is a volunteer group.)

Our first donation

The next


And final


This is Sinclair! Her mother was dry and she stood around for 24 hours without any first milk. Now, she’s a month old and has an amazing future!

This is Oscar. He was running with the wrong band after a mixup. He was failing without his mother.

Goliath. Born with too large with contracted tendons. He could not stand to nurse.

Goliath had to be harnessed to stand… and he wore casts for a few days. Look at his before and after!

Here is Stitch, doing great with his nurse mare who loves him. Luckily, Stitch’s timing was perfect and so was his personality for this wonderful mare who lost her foal on the day Stitch was brought in. Stitch was treated with plasma, antibiotics as well as his surgery to stitch up his wounds… and then was paired with this lovely mare!

She is teaching Stitch how to be a horse and they love each other.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!