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UPDATE on our Bucket Fund Donkey Pony 5!

We have a week left in this month… so we still have time to help them all!  But I wanted to give you a happy update on the three that we have helped today!

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OK, here was the original pic.

The original story photos.


As of yesterday, we had enough donated to get three of them re-homed before the holidays!  And, luckily, one of you readers, who happens to live in Grass Valley, offered her home to the pregnant jenny and the two mini horses.  *I have actually seen the proposed home, and I was very, very excited when I heard that she was interested in these three.

Things moved quickly and the fuzzies arrived this morning to their new home where they will be fussed over and treated like royalty.

Happy Sigh.  I love when things work out so well.

Can you believe this?!  From kill pen in Texas to horsey nirvana in Grass Valley… I only wish I could tell the person who braided the mini’s hair before they were dropped off in the kill pen.  Now THAT would be the perfect Christmas gift.

The mini pair and the pregnant jenny arrived at Jen’s house this morning. Everything happened quickly and wonderfully for these equines and this lovely human.


If you have the inclination, we’d love to do the same for the remaining two equines (pony and jenny) who were in a kill pen in Texs – and maybe another if we can-!  Their fees (for bail, vetting, meds, worming, feet, transportation from Texas…) is $350 each.  Not much considering all that has happened since they were saved from the Donkey Hide Tea market and kill pen.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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LET’S BRING HOME THOSE PONIES! And a couple of donkeys, too…

We now have a cause – A mid December Bucket Fund!

Can we help these sweet equines recover from being dumped at a feedlot in Texas at Christmas time?!   Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!

These two bonded mini horses, two jennys (one pregnant) and a one-eyed pony need help and a home!   I’m trying to talk Hubby into letting us be the home… but for now, we have a Holiday jewelry extravaganza to help pay for these little guys to get the care they need!   $350 each for bail, vetting, quarantine and transportation… $1750 total!

Or, just click this link for a 100% tax deductible donation.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!  What a great holiday purpose this season – plucking innocent, little beings from kill pens!

The bonded pair of minis.

The one-eyed Shetland, Jack

This jenny is pregnant.  They say she is friendly and likes treats.

This little jenny is described as having long ear hairs and as being very timid.


SHIPPING INCLUDED!  I will send them out SAME DAY, I promise!


–All pieces here were artisan crafted for the the needy horses featured in the  HORSE AND MAN BUCKET FUND!

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Jockey Medal from Buenos Aires! ONLY $118!  SOLD!

These are one of a kind and so special! Sterling jockey medal from 1961 with Czech glass pearls/silver beads and crystals plus sterling silver flower beads and sterling silver heart at crystal closure. I wear mine alone or layered with silver and pearls. Necklace is 20″. Pendant an additional 1.5″.

CLASSIC, WEAR EVERY DAY, MERCURY SILVERS!  ONLY $68!  You will LOVE these!  Classic and lovely.  Wear alone or layered.  Czech glass mercury silver beads in 8mm and 6mm.  Wear back to front or front to back.  Handmade Sterling silver bird at crystal closure.  Wear long or doubled.  27″

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Czech glass beads in an amazing, vibrant violet blue! Wear alone and make a color statement! Or layer for a pop. 18″

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TRADE BEAD ‘BELIEVE’ necklace! Only $48!

Czech glass trade beads in gem tones with gorgeous peacock seed beads. Large hand crafted Sterling heart at crystal closure. So pretty!! 17″.
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Sweetbird Studio “Pick Jesus” pendant! Only $128!
I thought about keeping this one… I’d love to wear it layered with pearls and silver/turquoise! So pretty! White, textured guitar pick in sterling mount with a Jesus medal and angel wings. Love this. Czech glass pearls, crystals, opaques and bronzy gold beads. Necklace is 18″, pendant is an additional 2″.
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Only $46! I wear mine every single day! 8mm Czech glass beads with sterling silver handmade flower at crystal closure. 17″ Perfect alone or layered.
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Perfect for the holidays! 8mm matte gold Czech glass beads with crystal closure. 18″ Perfect alone or layered!
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SWEET LILAC necklace! Only $40!
Sweet and delicate! The perfect gift or gift for yourself! Czech glass gold and lilac roller beads with lilac smaller accent beads. Very, very pretty. 17″
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NEVER GIVE UP necklace! Only $68!
Sweetbird Studio red resin pewter pendant with Czech glass beads in cranberry and cranberry cloud with crystal closure. Love this! Wear alone or layered with silver, pearl, turquoise… Necklace is 18″, pendant is an additional 1.75″.
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So beautiful. Czech glass beads in assorted gems and pastel colors with a turquoise gemstone nugget AND Mama Tess “Stand in the Light” Sterling silver charm. Wear front to back or back to front! 2 necklaces in one! 18″
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SEA AND FOAM necklace! ONLY $44!
Yummy! I love this! Seafoam 8mm Czech glass beads with contrasting 6mm Czech glass beads and crystal closure. So pretty! 17″.
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VIVA LA VIDA REDS necklace! ONLY $158!
Back again! One of our most popular pieces, the Viva la Vida from Sweetbird Studio with Czech glass burgundy/silver and mercury glass beads with Sterling silver flower beads and sterling silver hand-made bird charm at crystal closure! Chain is 20″, pendant an additional 2.5″.
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GRAB BAG KELLY/Emerald GREEN MIX!  Only $25!  A simple but elegant Czech glass Kelly green necklace with faceted beads at the front and round silver hued beads following down the sides.  The round beads give it a slightly darker than Kelly green feel.  18″  To purchase, click here:

GRAB BAG TAHITI necklace!  SWEET AND DELICATE!  ONLY $25!  Czech glass beads in beautiful Tahiti Blues with clear teals and greens.  17″
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GRAB BAG KELLY GREEN NO MIX!  Only $25!  So precious!  A perfect holiday necklace or just a pop of color!  Czech glass kelly green faceted beads.  18″.  To purchase, click here!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!