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An Update on Our “Quadruple Whammy” August Bucket Fund BHFER Horses — The Magnificent 16!

I guess the first and foremost thought I have while writing this is the obvious… When we started fund raising this month, there were 16 horses in need.  So, let’s just put it out there that it is terribly sad and tragic that poor baby Passion didn’t make it.  We all know that Theresa and BHFER did their very best.  But, she was too far gone before she arrived and although little Passion had much love during her short life, she was not able to stay with us.  So, now there are 15.

But, I’m sure Passion would suggest that we continue the fight for all of her friends at BHFER.  So, onward with today’s update.

To read the original two posts with more information and photos about these horses, click here and here.


A very sick Starla and very sick baby Passion

Just to refresh you, Starla was a mare who foaled at her previous owners ranch just as the “Original 7” horses were being rescued.  Starla was not part of that initial rescue but she was also not forgotten.  Immediately plans were in the works to get her and her newborn.  It took a few days before the previous owner relinquished the pair for Theresa to help.  Sadly, during that time, Starla was sick and not able to feed her baby well therefore little Passion became very ill.  All the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men couldn’t put her back together.  An army tried and the army failed.  Little Passion succumbed to septicemia after only 9 days of life.  Tragic.  And, truth to tell, a bit of Theresa went with her.  Passion was dearly loved.

Starla now with her new friend, Armani

The good news is that Starla is gaining weight and has made a friend!  After several days of bewilderment, Starla has joined back with the farm and is ready to heal!  Hallelujah!


The story is long.  Evidently, there were many, many horses who were starving on a Florida farm.  Hoarder?  Dunno.  But the horses didn’t have food and they drank out of a dank pond.  Ugh.

The Original 7

Animal Control seized some of the worst of the worst and called BHFER (and another equine welfare group) to pick up the first herd of mares and babies.  As you can see by the photos, it wasn’t pretty.

Their only water source

Alas, the good news is that they are all doing very, very well!  All have gained weight and are thriving!  The bittersweet news is that 3 of them are pregnant – again.  Bummer.  But, at least those three will have much better care this time around and those babies will be loved and homed.

One of the 7, an older broodmare and baby, upon arrival

All of these horses have received hooficures, dental exams, shots and wormers if tolerable, baths, love and everything they need to heal their hearts and bodies.  As you can see by the photos, all is peaceful to them.  They are settled and happy!

Lana, 4 years, on her rescue day

I’m sure they never knew this type of life was available to them.

Lana and another of her group, now...

Wow.  It really makes me swell inside to know that they can experience this now.

SHAKER, ASIYA, KANDI (Momma, Granny and Baby)

This trio came in right after the initial 7 mentioned above.  They were all skin and bones, filthy, and had skin diseases.   Shaker was the young mother who was no longer producing enough milk for her baby.  The baby was starting to bond with a 28 year old mare.  They moved in a group of 3.

Shaker, Asiya and Kandi upon arrival

BHFER took them all in.  All three were bathed for their skin diseases, fed, trimmed, loved and nourished.  Momma, now Shaker, is doing very well and gaining weight.  Baby, now Kandi, is gaining strength and becoming a little lady.  Granny, now Asiya, is also recovering.  They all still live in a little huddle of 3 and they all are extremely bonded.

Shaker and Kandi getting a trim.. looks who's watching!

In the photo, you see Shaker and Kandi being trimmed… but look outside the door and you will see Asiya looking in.  She is never far away!


Great news!  They may have a forever home!  You can be sure Theresa has taken great care in placing them…

Trisha is a very well bred mare who was then bred to a well bred stud.  After that, however, for some reason, her owners tossed her out into a field and forgot about her.  Forever.  She was left alone to forge for food and to foal on her own.  The baby was born but immediately received an eye injury.  That injury was never tended and the poor guy suffered daily from pain and flies.

Trisha and Bandit arrive

Finally, a neighbor asked the previous owner if she could treat the mare.  She was told she could “have the useless mare” since the previous owner could see she the Trisha was in bad shape.  The neighbor called BHFER and they immediately brought the foal to hospital.  It was too late for the eye, but not too late for Trisha and Bandit.  They would both be given a green light to recovery!  All they needed was some TLC.

Bandit after surgery (you can see how he got his name...)

Little Bandit had his surgery and is now tearing up the place!  When you think about it, he has never had both eyes so he doesn’t know he’s handicapped.  He has never run into a fence or anything at all…

Bandit now, making a friend...

Another road paved towards a happy ending at BHFER.


This was gut wrenching.

Reva was brought in several months before.  She had been protecting a colt who was almost starved to death.  When BHFER went to rescue the colt, they couldn’t not take her, too.  So they did.

Reva helped nurse Evan Almighty through his re-feeding program and has been his protector ever since.

Reva and her newborn, all seemed well...

In a twist of fate, soon after her arrival at BHFER, Reva was shown as pregnant.  And, as fate would have it, she foaled right when all of the above stories were happening at BHFER this month!  The birth was easy so everyone sighed a sigh of relief.  BUT, after 24 hours, Reva, sweet/wonderful/selfless/lovable/kind/gentle/everything you want in a mare Reva was showing signs of major distress.  No colic remedies were helping.

The DR came out and said he feared a twisted gut.  Oh no.  Passion had just been lost and now this!  Theresa was beside herself.

Reva was brought to the hospital for an ultrasound.  No gut twist but also no relief…  What was wrong?

Well, we will never know because she got better.  Yay!  Probably just a very, very bad case of gas colic, thank goodness.

Little Man, Reva's colt... she is very, very proud of him I'm told...

That is the update of our Magnificent 16 who were all rescued or aided by BHFHR.  All of the care, hospital visits, food, transportation, remedies, wraps and whatever else … cost money as you know.


“Oh my goodness, I just got home from physical therapy and read this and cried all over again!  Thank you for doing this – very much.  I’m so proud of the Naples crew.  But I’m very sad about Passion.  And OMG should something have happened to Reva, we won’t even go there.  This mare is so kind and almost human at times.  She seems to be able to read your mind at times.  Now, she’s mothering Armani, Kami, and her own bright baby boy.  We are so blessed.  I just got off the phone with a gentleman that contacted me via the local news station about 30 to 50 horses on a large piece of property that are looking pretty grim.  It never ends.

Thanks so much and the Bucket Fund will be of so much help.  The expense of caring for 40+ horses is huge.  I can’t believe we’re up to this amount or that we took in so many with the Naples group – but I just could not walk away.  I keep the faith and with help of others, somehow, we’re able to manage.  God bless and hugs to you!!



Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue, Inc.”


A huge, sincere thank-you to all for giving so much and helping BHFER as our August Bucket Fund Charity!  If you would like to donate to BHFER through our August Bucket Fund Charity drive, please click the Pay Pal donate button below.  Obviously, the horses all receive excellent care at BHFER.  Money well spent!


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Quadruple Whammy wasn’t enough for Bucket Fund BHFER… They had 3 more Whammies this week! OY.

Goodness gracious, how many hits can one rescue take?!

First of all, here is the initial Bucket Fund post which tells the Quadruple Whammy story of BHFER from a week ago.  That was just a week ago!  I’m so happy that BHFER is our Bucket Fund because this has really been a tough month for them – even though the rewards of helping all these fuzzy faces is great — there is a lot of stress here.   Let me recap for you the initial  4  Whammies:

1)  First Whammy:  BHFER takes in 7 malnourished, sick mares and babies.

2)  Second Whammy:  BHFER takes in a 28 yr old, very skinny mare who is Granny to the other young, skinny mare who is Mom to the 3 month old baby who is getting no milk from her Mamma so she clings to Granny.  All are very sick and skinny.

3)  Third Whammy:  BHFER  hears of a mare in poor condition who delivered a baby, alone, and that baby had a very bad eye injury.  BHFER takes in the mare and baby.  The baby colt’s eye had to be removed.

4)  Fourth Whammy:  BHFER knows that another sick mare gave birth back at the ranch where the initial 7 mal-nourished mares were discovered.  The newborn baby and mare were very, very sick and weak.  So, BHFER rescued them as well.

OK, so, if that wasn’t enough for one week, now here are the next whammies…

New Momma Reva with her baby

While BHFER was dealing with all the sickness, neglect, rain rot, diseases, mares not producting milk, babies not having enough milk/nutrition, eye surgery and the general mayhem of adding 14 new, unhealthy horses — one of the previously rescued mares from a few months ago, gave birth.

The mare’s name is Reva and her baby colt isn’t named yet.

Anyway, here is Whammy 5. Reva’s delivery was fast and everything seemed fine.  Yay.  All the Auntie’s who were watching on MareStare were thrilled and supportive.  But then, things went downhill.  Reva was uncomfortable and not letting the baby nurse.  After an awful 24 hours where the vet was called out and no amount of colic treatment was helping, the vet feared Reva had a twisted gut.

Here is some background on Reva.  When she was rescued a while back, she was abused, neglected, skinny and sick.  However, she had adopted an even sicker baby colt who had no mother anymore.  Reva was so bonded to this little foal that BHFER, who had come to rescue the foal, took Reva as well.  And, to top that, they had to PAY top dollar for both of them.  It was disgusting…  Anyway, Reva was the strength that kept Evan Almighty (the colt’s new name) alive.  According to the vet, EA was as close to death as he could have been and still be standing.

So, now, months after EA has regained his health, Reva was full term and she foaled.  Shortly thereafter, Reva is fighting for her life.  Teresa at BHFER could not bear losing such a wonderful, sweet, loving mare.  She wrote this heartfelt note as they were taking Reva and her new baby to the hospital two days ago:

Colicy Reva trying to avoid nursing...

“I can’t tell you how much Reva means to so many of us.  The first time I saw her I knew she had a heart of gold.  She mothered Evan Almighty and continues to play a mother role with Kami.  Reva’s baby and Kami have become friends.  Reva welcomes new arrivals (horses and humans) – she is just a wonderful and sweet mare that had lived a horrible life before finding her way to us.  She will always wear scars down her back which prove that she provided a service to man for quite awhile.  I love her so much – I cried many tears today at the thought of possibly losing her.  I’ve prayed to God, many times, to ease her pain and help her to heal and have asked that if he needs her in heaven to please reconsider – we just aren’t ready to let her go – her baby loves and needs her and she is so very much loved by us humans.

As I cried into her mane before loading her to go to the hospital I promised her we will do all we can for her – I didn’t give her a choice and told her she has to get better and that she will make it through this.

Reva and baby home from the hospital!

Reva’s eyes speak clear through to her soul – she is a strong mare and I have faith in her.  She loves her baby and isn’t ready to leave us.  Everyone that meets her falls in love with her.  She is beautiful inside and out and has a way of making you feel better just by being around her.  There is a big void tonight without her and her baby here – I miss them very much.”

The good news is that after a day, Reva turned around!  It was gas colic and Reva recovered.  Momma and Baby returned to the Rescue and will continue to thrive.

Whammy #6: Today, Theresa found out that 3 of the original 7 horses that were rescued last week, are pregnant.  Great.  More thoughtless breeding…  At least these babies will be brought into a world where they will be safe and loved.

Now for the next stomach punch.  Whammy #7:

You know Whammy #4 above… that is the malnourished mare who had a new baby that wasn’t doing very well.  Uh huh.  After five days of life, the vet thinks that the baby filly, Passion, may have an infection in her hips joints.  Passion is having difficulty getting up on her own and she continues to shift her weight once she is up.  So, today, they drew blood and here is a note from Theresa of the results:

“I don’t have good news on Passion.  Her blood work came back and it isn’t good.  She defiantly has an infection going on.  It could be an internal infection or something going on in her joints.  She has been up more today but hasn’t been able to get up on her own.


We are going to give her a few more days on the antibiotics, run blood work again on Monday, and go from there.  I can’t stress enough how hard this baby is trying – she wants to run and play.  She deserves a normal life.  When I looked at her blood work this afternoon I saw numbers and a trend that reminded me so much of Legacy.  We worked a miracle with him – let’s all pray that this baby too will be ok.  The difference between the two is that Legacy likely got the colostrum he needed after birth – Passion likely didn’t.  Please pray for Passion.  Her momma loves her so much – and so do we.  I have to go now to help her up again.  I was very proud of her through the night last night – she got up twice without assistance.”

Well, the next two days were a roller coaster.  First Passion was treated for an infection in her joints.  They flushed her hocks and did everything they could to help her.  Unfortunately, the infection had spread.  This precious little filly succumbed to septicemia.  Theresa and Dr. Ryan and all who were involved did everything possible for this little girl.  My heart breaks for everyone at BHFER who worked so hard to save this sweet filly.

Passion passed on Saturday afternoon.  Tragic.  All because of neglect from the previous owners.  At least her short life was filled with love and compassion.

Godspeed Passion, Godspeed.

Please say your prayers for baby Passion.

And, if you understand what it is like to be Sevendoupled Whammied, and have some extra pennies, please donate to our Bucket Fund by clicking the Pay Pal donate button below.   BHFER has had enormous vet and hospital bills this month.  Thank you in advance.  (If you are receiving this post via email, click this link to donate.)


“For any WHIA member who contributes to Horse and Man’s Bucket Fund for Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue during the next two weeks, $50 or greater per donation, I’ll send a selection of HGP gift packaging items to the WHIA member/donors—and I’ll even pay the freight to ship them.  HERE IS THE HORSESHOE GIFT PACKAGING WEBSITE.”

THANK YOU, NANCY, for your generous offer!  H&M

school fundraising ideas

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

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