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We are helping three horses this month…Click here to read the original October Bucket Fund Story.

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Click to read original story (Cricket the Warm Springs baby, The Beat-up young mare from the auction, Big Sexy with the bad eye)

–The Warm Springs wild filly, Cricket, who was brought to 3 Sisters Equine Refuge with several issues including active colic…

–The mare who sustained many injuries and was found at a meat auction – so no one knows how she was injured … fell in the trailer (?), was beat-up in the corrals by larger horses (?) … the injuries to her back legs were very severe.  She was found and saved at a meat auction by All Seated in a Barn.

–The old gelding (now called, Big Sexy) with the stocked up legs and weepy eye who was found at a meat auction and rescued by All Seated in a Barn.  His eye was so bad, he could not see to navigate his survival at the auction.


It has been 2 weeks since these horses were found and rescued.

Big Sexy:  23 year-old gelding.  HIS EYE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED.

Big Sexy is still at Outlaw Equine Hospital where they are treating his stocked up legs with hydro therapy – which is doing wonders – but his eye is showing a hole so it is draining and will have to be removed.

Once that painful eye is gone and his legs feel better, this old gentleman’s life will be so wonderful!  He is already gaining significant weight, even with all of this pain.

Note his flymask/eye mask.  I wrote about these long ago (click here to read).  I think they are terrific because they keep their shape and really do a wonderful job of protecting the eye without annoying the horse.

To watch a movie of Big Sexy, click this link!

The eye has died. There is a hole in it… and it is draining. The eye will have to be removed.  He will feel much better once he has had the surgery.

Click image to watch video of the gelding with the bad eye… (Big Sexy).  The hydro therapy is really helping his back legs with the cellulitis.  And great groceries are adding weight!


No one knows what happened to her, but she was horribly beaten up.   The good news is that she is healing!  Below are somewhat graphic photos of the injuries beneath her leg bandages which are healing up nicely!

When I look at the injuries to her legs, it looks to me like a horse with shoes got tangled up with this filly…maybe in an over-crowded trailer, headed to auction?  Or maybe she fell in the trailer and another horse stepped all over her?

She is such a sweetie! Those injuries are healing up nicely!

Here you can see that the leg wounds are healing nicely!


This filly is doing GREAT!  Here is an update from the 3 Sisters Equine Refuge FB page:



Big Sexy needs so much care, surgery, groceries and continued hydro therapy.  The young mare needs many, many dressing changes and time to heal her battered little body.  The Warm Springs filly is doing well (thank the horsegods) but her vet bills were enormous.

We are not quite halfway to our goal!

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you in advance!  Let’s help those who are on the ground, helping these horses! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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OCTOBER BUCKET FUND HORSES! A wild filly with an impaction, a beaten-up young filly and an old man with a lung infection weeping through his eye. Please share!

I love to help horses in dire need, but it is sad when there are so many options…  This month, we are helping 3 horses from 2 different Rescues.  …Sick, beaten-up and infection weeping through the eye…  One wild, two from a killer auction.

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The wild baby with the impaction, the beat-up filly and the old gelding with a respiratory infection coming out through his eye.



  1.  Cricket, the wild baby with the impaction was rescued by Three Sisters Equine Rescue in Oregon.  They do a great job there and they really need help!  Here is what they told me:

“She had an upper gi compaction ( I can also get a vet write up for you if that helps?) she struggled for days so her GI tract is inflamed now and we are treating to prevent infection and she’s on an expensive feeding protocol for another month. She’s on medical care (2 antibiotics, gastric guard, equiotic for another 7 days) This is awesome! Thank you so much for reaching out to us! So much gratitude.”

She is so pretty!

2)  The auction filly who was horribly beaten-up and had massive slices up and down her back legs.  She was run through the auction, bleeding.  All Seated in a Barn bid on her an immediately brought her to the vet.  They wrapped her legs with heavy duty healing wraps, dosed her with antibiotics and pain killers to make her more comfortable and tended to her wounds.  Hopefully, she will perk up soon.

3)  The old gelding whose eye was oozing infection.  All Seated in a Barn also bid on him and immediately took him to the vet who diagnosed an upper respiratory infection – coming out of his eye.  This is what they said:

“He has a bad upper respiratory infection that wasn’t treated so it started coming out of his eyes since his sinuses were closed.”

Can you imagine the pain here??  And how is he breathing?!  THIS IS AWFUL.

Please let’s help these poor horses who feel MISERABLE right now.  And, for the two who came from the auction, I’m sure they are traumatized as well as defeated.


All donations are 100% tax deductible.  The Horse and Man Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 corp.  Thank you so much in advance!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!