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This is HORRIBLE. PLEASE HELP our November Bucket Fund horses: Andre and Phoenix! Please SHARE.

I’m going to tell you that this will make you very angry… that someone could neglect these horses and drop them off with a horse trader who took them to the auction IN THIS CONDITION.

One has a huge necrotic bubble on it’s rump.  The other, a huge swelling necrotic mass on its leg.

Both of these horses are fully aware, eating drinking, etc…  They are still with us, they’ve made it this far.  We have to help them if they are able to be helped.

PLEASE let us right this wrong.  Let’s help All Seated in a Barn give these horses the medical attention needed.

WARNING:  The first photo is hard to see… and the following photos are a bit worse.   I’m not even sharing the worst shots…  But we HAVE TO HELP.  We have to know this kind of thing happens and we must right this wrong.

ALL DONATIONS ARE 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Thank you in advance!

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I blurred this to make the image more palatable… however these horses have huge, weeping wounds. One on the rump and one on the leg. (Andre is the tall one on the left. Phoenix is the one with the rump wound.)


THE STORY… so far.  (warning:  somewhat graphic photos below)

These geldings had been dropped off to the auction by a horse trader.  There are no papers, no history.  No owner of record.

All Seated in a Barn purchased these horribly wounded horses for $350 each and immediately brought them to the hospital.  (The flies on these wounds were like a carpet of black.  Horrid.)

Blood was drawn, samples taken and they are awaiting results.  The Dr. wants to do surgery on Phoenix (rump – massive, necrotic, weeping wound) next week once they can stabilize him.  If the issue is an abscess, the fear is that it has gone to his spine.  But for now, he is doing very well, so they are hopeful.

(I asked the vet if it was a cougar attack and she didn’t think this was animal related…)

Andre’s leg wound is a mystery as well.  They do not know what they have.  Test are happening and we may know later today.

PLEASE PLEASE HELP AND SHARE!  All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you!!

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Huddled at the auction

So skinny, neglected and miserable. WHO WOULD DO THIS?!

At the hospital. They don’t know what this is… I asked if it was a cougar but the vet thinks not. She thinks it is some sort of abscess.

This is Andre’s leg after being cleaned at the hospital. Again, they are running tests because they are not sure what this is… clearly de gloved.  Horribly swollen and painful.


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Our October Bucket Fund Receipts!

Our October Bucket Fund horses are all doing well!  Big Sexy is still at the hospital with the filly, but both are healing nicely.  Big Sexy had the eye removed and the filly’s legs are healing nicely.  Little Cricket has survived her colic and settled nicely.

THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping us help them!

To read the original story, go here.



I did post these recently, but in case you missed them, here is the gang!

An update on Cricket!

Poor girl… but she is healing. We will never know what happened but I feel that she fell down in the transport truck and was trampled by another horse(s) who was wearing shoes.

Her wounds look much better.

Big Sexy had the eye taken out… he is much more comfortable and gaining weight.



HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!