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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 | Filed under Annie

Annie made it to her Training Camp with my BFF, Lorelei!

The day for me was quite stressful, but I hadn’t needed to lay wide awake all night the night previous because it all went perfectly –  pretty much – for a wild horse.

Here is a photojournal!

Marlene Dodge of Valley View Equine Rescue – has a great rig and lots of experience in hauling inexperienced and wild horses.

We put up an alley made of panels. Annie was ready. We had been talking about this for days

Marlene talking to Annie.

We opened the gate to Annie’s paddock and she and Marlene switched places. Annie was a little flumoxed. “How’d that happen?!”

She checked out the trailer and decided against going in. Now Annie has trailered very successfully twice. She came to me from the kill lot … and we moved her easily from Grass Valley to here.

Here she is, starting to pitch a fit. Wrigley is watching intently in the distance.

Just a little fit. She’s a big girl so it seemed like a bigger fit since dirt was flying everywhere.

Looking at me for comfort.

“Are you sure?!” she asks me. Yup. I’m sure. (I love the moon above her.)

“Really? You want me to go in that thing?!”

Her last little argument.

And then she was in! A four hour haul. (As you can see, she is licking and chewing.)

The trailer leaving! I was so happy and so sad at the same time. I’m sure this is similar to a kid going off to college!

This is after she arrived at the training facility. Marlene easily puts a halter on Annie.

Annie offloads easily into her new digs. She gets the biggest area available and access to the arena.

This is my friend, Lorelei, with Annie on the first day together. Annie looks all groomed albeit a bit confused. But her ears are up and I think this is going to be a great step in her life – for the both of them!

This, however, is my arm. No, Annie didn’t do it, the trailer and I did it. I was standing on the bumper with my arm inside the trailer, offering an apple to Annie so she’d jump in. Well, my hip did something weird and I needed to jump down. EXCEPT, this siderail was a lot taller from the ground than MY siderail on my trailer… so I misjudged and didn’t get my arm out fast enough. So this is what happens when you scrape your arm on the trailer window thing.

I was standing on this bumper with one leg on it and one leg on the side rail, with my arm inside. I jumped down and miscalculated how long it would take to pull out my arm vs the ground – and how much higher this trailer is than mine. Ouch!


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ANNIE starts a new ADVENTURE!

Monday, October 14th, 2019 | Filed under Annie

So… earlier this year, I signed up for a book retreat up at the V6 Ranch.  I went with my  longtime (known her since I was born) friend, Lorelei.

Lorelei and I like to call ourselves ‘wombmates’ because our mothers were friends and pregnant at the same time.  We were best friends forever, before that was a thing.

This is us at the V6 Ranch in March of this year.

Anyway… when we went to the retreat at V6, Lor stopped by my house to see it – and fell in love with Annie.

Now there is just about no one else I would trust with a horse as I would trust Lor.   We rode through all the hills of Calabasas and Hidden Hills (California) when we were kids.  I would honestly say that Lor always had a better seat than I did.  She actually worked TBs at the tracks when we were little.  Me, no way.

So, when Lor liked Annie… and Annie reciprocated the feelings… I asked Lor if she was wanting to train Annie.  If she was, I’d loan her out for as long as it worked.

(Lor lives near a horsey community in Southern CA – 3 hours away from me.)

Lor jumped at the chance!  Annie is bigger, but looks a lot like Lor’s first horse, Priscilla.  And, Lor is totally capable of caring for Annie and hiring a trainer to help her with big girl training.

So, today, they all came up to work with Annie.  (I was at work, which was probably good because the reality of Annie leaving is tough.)

Lor brought her trainer and they worked with Annie today.

On Saturday, our incredible mustang hauler, Marlene Dodge, will bring Annie down to Southern CA for her training and new adventures!

–As hard as this is to admit, our home in Paso is no place to train a horse.  Clearly, I’ve not done much training besides gentling her.  So, I’m relieved that a friend I trust wants to put the time and effort into the lovely Annie.

Thank you, Lorelie.  I am very excited for the both of you!


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