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DALTON, KING of the babies!

Thursday, November 4th, 2021 | Filed under Annie, Dalton

As you know, Dalton is in training with Gillian Larson.  And, now Annie is with Gillian, too!  Dalton and Annie are side by side in their respective paddocks.

Annie and Dalton. The Bigun and the Littleun

Today, my friend Shelly and I went to see both Dalton and Annie.  It was a great day… especially watching the babies interact with both Dalton and Annie.

You see, Gillian has 3 long yearling Morgan fillies.  They are adorable (you know I love Morgans)!  All they do all day is act like baby horses… they run up the hills, learn about terrains, roll, bite each other and ask humans for love.

Uncle Dalton gets turned out with the fillies every day after he has his lessons.  This works out perfectly because Dalton can run with the girls on the upper 30+ acres (and he is still bigger than they are – for a while anyway).  They run up hills and canyons… frolic and play!  This kind of activity is perfect for a silly gelding like Dalton!

Inside the babies’ feeding pen is a very large round pen.  This is where Gillian trains when she needs an arena.  Today, we brought both Dalton and Annie to the arena.


Dalton is turned loose with the babies and is watching them greet Annie who is being led by Gillian towards the round pen.

Annie has a proper introduction to the babies from the round pen.

This was just after a huge squealing session…

This is Shelly… The babies were mobbing her, pulling on her boots, shirt, pants, hat… She loved it!!

Dalton cannot believe that these babies get away with such behavior!! We watched Dalton go through his paces (I forgot to take pics!) and he is going very nicely! Once he is ready, we are going to train him bitless because we think he will like that better.


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We got ANNIE!

Sunday, October 31st, 2021 | Filed under Annie

Last week, Gillian (who trains Dalton) and I went down to Southern CA to pick up Annie!

Annie is going into training with Gillian, too!


The California coast line… we took the 101 which brings us through Malibu. Very nice ride.

My friend, Lor, had been documenting the last two years with Annie!

Lor hired also hired a professional still photographer to shoot Annie’s last day in Southern CA.

Heartfelt goodbyes

Lor hugs Gillian and wishes us a safe drive home

Off we go!

Annie in her new digs next to Dalton!

They have side by side paddocks and the use of the huge field around them. Dalton also gets turned out with the babies on several acres – he’s a great Uncle to them! (More on that later!)

Here they are! Two peas in a pod!

Annie looking at me as I drove away.


And now it begins… trail training! 

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!