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An Annie UPDATE!

Thursday, February 17th, 2022 | Filed under Annie

Annie is at Gillian’s where she is in training, along with Dalton.

Lorelei visited Annie and took these photos and the video of Annie playing bitey-face with one of Gillian’s geldings.

In the photo for the video, you will see how much larger Annie is compared to Gillian’s HUGE quarter horse who she uses for her long rides.  Amazing.  The Percheron in Annie is all there! I forgot how huge she is.

I will visit both Dalton and Annie soon!  Work has me mired in this moment.


Lor kissing annie

Annie was moved to an even larger pen near the babies at Gillian’s. She is loving it! The babies have been eating her tail!

Lor spent some time grooming her luxurious locks…

(It is hot here, already…) As you can see, Annie has put back the weight she lost during her pneumonia.

Happy Annie Bannany!



You can watch the “bitey face”  video here.

*I think it is so perfect that the other mare just stands there, ignoring the two crazies playing.  She never moves!

Click to watch Annie play!

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She was down for 8 hours…


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I visited Dalton and Annie!

Thursday, January 13th, 2022 | Filed under Annie

Today I went out to Arroyo Grande to visit with Dalton and Annie.    Gillian had an appointment so she couldn’t be there… and I didn’t have much time, so I just hung out with them.  I love having no agenda, a bag of cookies and a brush.

The weather was perfect.  Not warm, not too cold, no flies and not raining.

Both of them made faces at each other but a good time was had by all.  (When I’m not there, they play together all day.)


Annie loves Gillian’s Mom, Jody.

Annie and Dalton had been playing, so she was a bit sweaty in her winter coat.

Dalton is giving Annie side-eye. I made to sure go to Dalton first, but he was still jealous.

That face is directed at Annie…

There she is, with her winter coat… all 16’3 hands of her.

Annie pouting. Cookies were involved here…

Dalton keeping one ear on me and one turned to her.

More Dalton attitude. He seriously was not this upset… just each time I took a break to get my phone, he remembered about her.

Such a good girl.

Her mane is growing so long…

Pretty girl.

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