WOW! Another update on Guinness!

Last month, I wrote an update on Guinness, the huge Irish Draught horse who had horrible tumors on his mouth and chest.

Well, I just received several new photos of Guinness in his new home!  I thought I would share since so many of you were so concerned and helped get him to where he is today – much happier!

Thank you, Dr. Myhre, for fixing him!

Guinness had huge, painful tumors on his chin and chest.


Below is a note I received from Guinness’ new caretaker, Jenah.

This is the day Guinness came home and became a part of our family. The black Shire is his sister Lilly. She is 9 The Perceron is his brother Surprise. He is 34. And the donkys are Lyla and Stanley. Both around 12. 

Guinness was less then impressed to be living with “farm horses” let alone donkeys but he has warmed up to them, especially the donkeys.
Please thank your readers for all of your efforts.  I can’t thank you enough for wanting to update his life!

A FUNDRAISER FOR GUINNESS to pay the final fees on his massive surgery bill.

This little boy saw Guinness on Facebook and asked his mom if he could go to meet him so he could put a super hero bandaid on his boo boo to make him feel better. OH MY HEART. This horse has stole the hearts of the young and old alike.

He looks very handsome!

Guinness inspecting the photos of him that were for sale at the Fund Raiser

Guinness loves people.



From Jenah:

Guinness isn’t out of the woods, but he is very, very happy.  There is a spring in his step and he loves his life.  Thank you, Horse and Man Group, for helping him come this far!

Guinness and Jenah.

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