WILL WE DO IT? YES WE CAN! The Bucket Fund YEARLINGS and NURSING MARES have one more day and that is TODAY!

UPDATE:  10:30AM:  TWO MARE PAIRS SAVED BY THE BUCKET FUND!!!  And, others have stepped up to save the last yearlings!!  SO, THEY ARE ALL SAFE!!  NOW THEY JUST NEED TRANSPORTATION!  If you can donate for transportation to get these last few OFF OF THE LOT, it would be very helpful!!  THANK YOU ALL!  INCREDIBLE JOB in just a few hours!!!! 

Several days ago I told you about the ongoing mess of Nursing Mares with babies, weanlings, orphans and yearlings that were dumped into a Nevada feedlot killpen by a single, negligent breeder.

One woman and her army of do-gooders has been working around the clock to try to find homes for these horses.

You readers have been sending great thoughts and donations to help the cause.  Bravo!

Unfortunately, for the last 16, their time has run out.  Today is their last day.


There are 3 mare pairs (nursing mares and their foals) and 3 youngsters left in the killpen today.  47 others have been placed.

They need bail (and transportation funds).  But let’s just deal with bail…

Bail for 2 youngsters  (meat prices)  225 x 2  = $450

Bail for 3 mares with foals (meat prices) $450 x 3 = $1350

Total needed:  $1800

One mare/foal pair... $450 - SAVED!!


2 yr old striking Sabiano colt. Still in the killpen! $225. - SAFE!

2 yr old Splashy Pinaloosa in the kill pen still. $225- SAFE!



So far this month, we’ve collected $725 that went for the last group of babies (from the same breeder) to be fed while waiting on the lot to be transported to safety.  (That batch of babies are all safe and in their new foster homes.)

This week, we’ve already collected $1118 for transportation of the already sponsored horses to go to the Southern California Rescue.  This is wonderful!  But, I just hate to leave any of them behind!

With this lousy photos, you can see why no one sponsored this pair. The mare has a bi-colored tail, I think. She is a roan and her filly is sorrel. $450 - SAFE!!!


I really don’t know because I think they are very interestingly colored!  But, to be honest, the photos of the mares are not that great…

You see, sometimes ‘Private Parties’ designate which horses they want to be saved with their particular donations.  That is what happened here.  The ‘cuter’ horses were saved first.  Unfortunately, these final 9 didn’t work their way into any donator’s  heart – yet.

Another mare and foal pair... grey mare with pinto colt. $450. Still in the killpen.- SAVED!



We can help these youngsters and their wonderful human helpers by paying these last bails, transporting them (gas and food/hotel for the drivers) and perhaps giving medical attention where needed.

So, if it feels right to you, please support these last babies!   And by doing so, you ‘atta boy’ all the people on the ground who are working today to save their lives.

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UPDATE:  These are all safe… we will begin fundraising for the final 41 very soon.  You can donate for them now, if you’d like.  They have until Sept 2.

Thank you. THIS BOY IS SAFE.









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  1. Miss Jan

    Please note: I ALWAYS help WHEN I CAN. Right now I am facing close to $4,000 in vet bills to save a rescued gelding – I am his “re-home” and my commitment does not end when vet bills loom. But because of that, there simply is no more money at the moment to contribute to any cause no matter how desperate. But IF there was I can tell you this: I would never, ever turn away from any animal in need because I thought the owner was a scammer. NEVER. I did NOT mean to give that impression because it could NOT be more wrong! I realize that some of the Fugly followers (the former Fugly that is) would turn their backs because they did not want to “support” the bad breeder who dumped horses for quick bucks. I put horses (and dogs) before any human (or “inhuman” or “inhumane”) considerations. I am NOT one of those who turn away in some sort of twisted attempt to teach the breeder “a lesson” which they would likely not a) care about b) pay attention to or c) both of the above. And NOT turning away is how I ended up with a PMU program horse, two minis (actually three, one passed at estimated age 40+ a year ago) from a very bad neglectful BYB PLUS a 33-year-old stallion and also a 22-year-old gelding dumped by a college kid who decided a fancier car was more important than feeding her horse.

    I wish more than anything that I was in that area, owned more land, had more money. I did not contribute THIS time because I am thousands of miles away, have only 15 acres and a barn whose walls aren’t expanding of their own accord at this time, and am trying my best to do the best for one sadly neglected gelding who is now mine.

    We all pretty much try very hard to do the best we can. Obviously my “best” is completely misunderstood!

  2. Kelly

    A friend of mine has her husband on the way to pick up one of the pairs. Not sure which ones.

  3. peg

    Dammit Dawn – I can’t stand it.. – sent in 25.00…. Can I specify it go to either a black (in name of Charlie) or a bay (in name of Kitten)? Or anybody else who needs it….

  4. dawndi Post author

    I don’t usually reply to comments… but I need to be clear here. This IS one breeder. These are QHs, not mustangs or Indian horses. He is now out of the business as his stallions and all of his mares were run through. We only saved the young horses, sadly. The breeder is not standing anywhere near the lot. We are dealing with the feedlot directly. We are paying meat prices. There are no extra charges for quarantine or Coggins or any additional anything. We are buying them and transporting them ourselves off of the lot.
    And, although I agree and abhor those who make money by dumping horses, the bottom line is: help where you want to help. Don’t help if you don’t. But for me, if I see a mare’s eyes or a fresh baby face sitting in a kill pen, I’m going to help. I might choose where and who I help, but I’m going to help.

  5. Miss Jan

    Someone needs to “out” the “breeder” who did this! A lot of people are insisting these are wild horses just rounded up off of some “rez” which is just a way of dismissing these poor horses as being someone else’s problem but the someone else is faceless and nameless. There needs to be some public shame attached to this horrible, horrible dumping of innocent creatures. Not everyone can step up to help, I have two elderly rescues in my barn right now and no more stalls and with huge vet bill looming for the one horse don’t dare spare any money no matter how much I might want to. But – we all have voices and it is time someone shouted out WHO DID THIS!!! Fugly has a new blogger and they might be willing to do the public shame thing – so please – if this really is a “single breeder” who did this, who ARE they and are they still doing it? Some other forums are commenting that if it is a “single breeder” they are “laughing all the way to the bank” because they know if they do this many will step forward and give money to them. There is an auction house in Enumclaw Washington who uses this exact tactic, horses get dumped en masse and he holds people for emotional ransome and doesn’t he make a darn good living at this disgusting sham/fraud! It is terrible to think this tactic is going on here too!

  6. May

    You amaze me, Dawn! Thank you for this final push – those mares and foals deserve a chance!

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