We sent money in advance to TIA AND SHAKIRA so that they could have further medical aid.

Generally, we give our Bucket Fund Donation to the horse(s) in need at the end of the month – after all donations and FB monies have arrived.

But, this month, we received a request from Heather from MSPCA at Nevins Farm where Tia and Shakira are receiving their care.  Here is her note:

“Ellie (their veterinarian) asked me to reach out to you to see if you or some of your contacts might be willing to send some GastroGard our way for Tia and Shakira. Tia especially is having a hard time with some of the medications she is on, and this would be a big bite out of our budget.  Let me know if this is at all feasible.  Any amount would be helpful!”


We sent the cash donations sent through Pay Pal (FB pays 30 days after the donation) –  to help ease the financial burden of caring for these deserving mares – earlier than usual.  It feels good – especially during these tough times for everyone.

Our Bucket Fund donation

This is the first afternoon that they were rescued by MSPCA – wearing blankets but not yet seen by farrier or dentist.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  We are 3/4 of the way to our goal for these girls!

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