UPDATES on our May Bucket Fund horses: Alicia, Ray Ray and Pete!

First of all, thank you ALL for your notes and emails and comments regarding my broken back and torn MCL knee.  I truly appreciate it since the pain has gotten significantly worse (no more adrenalin) and I’m feeling sorry for myself as I lay prone in bed.  But, the truth is – it could have been SO MUCH WORSE.  And I do realize that and do count my lucky stars…   The fact that my leg was caught in the reins could have been curtains for me.  Thank horsegods that Willy (preciously known as Dominic), is a good boy and he stopped.

Prognosis for me:  Not sure yet, as I can’t get in to see the specialists for a few weeks.  (Eye roll).  I guess if it was horribly bad, the ER docs would have admitted me and I would have had surgery in a matter of days.  But since it is a ‘stable’ burst fracture, I’m just waiting.

Hubby’s best friend is a spine surgeon and we had a phone consult.  I will actually be able to give him the CD with all of the scans soon.  He can tell me what’s what before I even get into any local specialist, which is very comforting.  His first guess is that both will heal on their own.  However, the ER doc said that the knee would not recover without surgery – so we will see.

Thanks for caring!


We were able to raise $2200!  Thank you all!!  Here are the updates and the receipt for payment to Lone Star Equine Hospital.


This filly had contracted tendons at birth which were not fixed at that time.  Then she was dumped at the meat auction.  ASIAB saved her and we helped pay for her corrective surgery.  Here are the before and after photos!

Here are the before and after pics of Alicia. She had ‘Ballerina syndrome” or contracted tendons at birth. She didn’t have any corrective surgery at that time… and then was dumped at the meat auction. The after photo is 5 days after surgery. She looks great! Time will tell how much motion she will regain.

Ray Ray

Ray Ray is the stallion who was kicked in the fact in one of the crowded stallion pens.  His eye was ruined and his teeth were kicked out.  Ray Ray was rescued and we helped pay for his surgery.  Ray Ray was gelded, his eye was removed and his mouth was repaired.  Ray Ray is doing very well!

Ray Ray is papered and bred very well!  He’s 20 years old.

Ray Ray’s before pics are pretty awful… so I’m just posting this one. His front teeth were detached and his eye was ruined. (He was kicked in the stallion pen in the auction yard.)

Ray Ray getting a bath before surgery.

Ray Ray during his eye removal surgery and his mouth surgery.


Pete ended up only needing his horrible feet trimmed and tended with special farrier and boots.  Here is a pic of him at the special farrier’s house (Pete), where Pete will live until he is healed.

Pete was severely foundered when he was dropped off at that slaughter pipeline. He could barely walk. Now he has been treated, trimmed, has boots and is living at the specialist farrier until he is out of the woods. He’s so much happier and looking very well!

Receipt from Lone Star Equine Hospital

Here is the receipt from all of your donations!  THANK YOU ALL!  WELL DONE!

This is the receipt for the payment to Lone Star Park Equine Hospital. The funds will be applied to Alicia and Ray Ray. Pete is covered by other donors. THANK YOU ALL!

THANK YOU ALL!!   We cannot save them all, but for these three, your actions saved them.

Horse and Man Foundation, Inc  KEEP THEM OFF THE TRUCK FUND. This Fund will go on all day, all the time. It will always be here.  Horses are in dire need all the time, here in the US.  The slaughter pipeline is real.  If you want to save a horse or donkey from slaughter, you know we will do that here.  IF you donate, those funds will be used on the next save.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you!

Click here for the KEEP THEM OFF OF THE TRUCK donation fund!



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  1. Deb Jones

    So grateful for you and the work you do for these sweet animals. LOVE your Saturday photoblog. And I’m praying hard for your back to heal well…even if it takes all summer… (see Michelle Scully’s book Tales of a Titanium Cowgirl), and then that knee fixed. All that pain is hard to live through, and I’m grateful also for your husband.
    A fan, with love…
    Deb J.

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