An UPDATE on Willow – the horse in Houston that was hit by a tin roof due to a tornado after Hurricane Harvey.

Do you remember Willow from last month?  Her owner had passed away a few months prior to Hurricane Harvey.  She was now living with her owner’s daughter on 20 acres.    They survived the flood but the house was ruined.

However, a few days after the storms, a tornado ripped through their area (which I hear is common after hurricanes…) and pulled the tin roof right off of the barn – and it flew into the horse pasture.  Willow ran right into it.

So, this family had just lost their father, their house was ruined by the flooding and now their father’s horse was badly injured.

Luckily, your donations to the Bucket Fund helped this family and their beloved horse, Willow.

This was the initial wound a few weeks ago. She walked (or ran) into the side of a misplaced tin roof, during a tornado.


Kr. Kris Anderson used our Bucket Funds to help this family and Willow.  Here are photos of Willow’s improvement taken yesterday.


No infection… it will heal up!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  You all have given a tremendous relief to these HARVEY horses.

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  1. Paul Liberty

    have you all tried using the Underwoods horse medicine on this wound? its some really great stuff

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