In case your missed our September Bucket Fund story about the vet who has taken in 30 stray horses from the Louisiana floods… please click here.


Jackie is doing great!  Her legs are growing back hair and she is eating and happy!  Dr. Lee still bathes and wraps her twice a day… and the hard work is paying off!

Also, Dr. Lee sent a pic of Jackie’s rescue from the very high flood water.

Jackie was led by brave rescuers after she had been in high water for 4 days.

Jackie was led by brave rescuers after she had been in high water for 4 days.

She was then tied to a rock on dry land. Dr. Lee took her in...

She was then tied to a rock on dry land. Dr. Lee took her in…

Her skin fell off...

Her skin fell off of her legs…

And now it is growing back! Under Dr. Lee's care, Jackie is blossoming!

And now it is growing back! Under Dr. Lee’s care, Jackie is blossoming!


Sugar is so brave!  Dr. Lee finally received back the West Nile bloodwork – and she had it!  That is what was wrong with her, neurologically, 2 weeks ago!   Amazing Sugar pulled through that virus even as he skin was falling off of her.

But now Sugar is facing another issue.  Her skin is not healing properly.  She has many pus areas and hardened little pieces.  Those plaque-like things are called “kunkers” which you see in pythium.  Dr. Lee is very afraid she has contracted pythium.  There are only a few labs that will test for it.  We should know next week.

As usual, Sugar is very happy, loves to eat and graze…


Her spirits are GREAT and Dr. Lee is working with her 24/7. She is sloughing off her skin.


Here is a closer look, before her bath.


These are the plaque-like pieces called “kunkers” which you see in pythium. The test results will come back next week.


Dr. Lee has been working non-stop to heal these 30 horses… plus her regular horse clients.  I cannot imagine offering this much care and time FREE OF COST and also running a practice and raising 2 little kids.

She is truly amazing.

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  1. Laurie

    Wow !!! what a difference.
    Prayers for all under the Doctors care…plus the Dr.!!
    Thank you for update.

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