UPDATE on Yarrow – the surviving February Bucket Fund foal.

February Bucket Fund babies are/were Yarrow and her colt brother who passed.  These starvation cases are so touch and go… especially with babies.  You can read the original story here.

Yarrow is in critical condition.  She is still with us, but not anywhere near healthy.  We put one foot in front of the other daily and there has been progress.  If you can help with her daily medical bills, it would be fantastic and such a relief for 3 Sisters Equine.  Can we help right this wrong?

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It’s Yarrow’s first time being able to walk out of the barn! While this seems like a small step for most, for this little lady, that fought not to die on us several times, this vitamin D and muscle building is HUGE!
With her extreme starvation Yarrow suffered a selenium deficiency. Selenium is a trace mineral that protects the body’s cells from being destroyed by free radicals, which are normal byproducts in some functions of the body. Deficiency can cause muscle disease, heart failure and respiratory distress. While the safe range of selenium is narrow it is essential for horses health.
In Yarrow we saw the deficiency present with muscle failure as she was unable to stand on her own. Our amazing team at @bendequine recognized, tested for and treated Yarrow with a shot of selenium and vitamin E, as they work synergistically together.
After some rest and more steps in her refeeding program Yarrow was able to enjoy some sun today. She has a long road ahead but is such a little fighter.
Thank you to Cyndi and Keith for their round the clock care of sweet Yarrow. Keep sending her all the love!

This is a very slow process and Yarrow will be under intensive care for several months.  PLEASE help if you can.  Thank you in advance.


I think these videos show how bad she is … and the improvements… however, she is absolutely not out of the woods.   Starving a baby is a touch and go thing.  Well, starving any horse is bad, but with babies, they crash so easily.

Click here to watch the video with Yarrow and the vet.

Click image to watch first video with the vet

Click here to watch the video of Yarrow walking.  As you can see, there is a human behind her, encouraging her to move.  She isn’t walking out of joy… just that she can.

Click to watch Yarrow walk

THANK YOU, EVERYONE!  You can watch the donation thermometer rise here.



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