UPDATE ON ROOSTER, our November Bucket Fund horse with the revolutionary skin grafting for previously terminal wounds.

Rooster was our November Bucket Fund horse.  He has a wound that could not be closed after a year of trying (vet hospitals, et all…).  A company called KERECIS offered help with a new type of fish skin graft that had not been used on an animal previously.  To read Rooster’s original story, click here.

Kerecis Omega3 is intact fish skin rich in naturally occurring Omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. When grafted onto damaged human tissue such as a burn or a diabetic wound, the material recruits the body’s own cells and is ultimately converted into living tissue.


Strawberry Mountain Mustangs is caring for Rooster.  They are applying the grafts (with vets) and changing the bandages per protocol.

Yesterday was another bandage change with remarkable results!

Here is the post from SMM:

I’ll go through and try to label each so you know what you’re seeing, but the first two are comparisons, with the bright pink skin being from today’s bandage change. In short, we’ve gained another 1/4+ inch all around. (I’ll check my notes and update this post on actual measurements.)

ETA – measurements:

On 11/26 measurements were:
4 1/4 top/bottom
3 3/4 side/side
4 3/4 diagonal

Today those measurements are:
3 1/4
4 1/8

The third picture is the first one taken when he came into our care. I’ve marked the fourth picture with some blue lines to show skin growth.

The pictures without the benefit of the Barn Hag Photo Filter just show me being a goober, but I wanted you all to know just why this horse is the kindest, gentlest creature on the planet. I’m routinely setting my phone on the ground at his feet, having my head up in his junk while I’m taking pictures etc… Last week my right meniscus, FKA “the good knee” tore while I was doing his bandage change. I’m sure he thought he was standing on a dying, caterwauling cat, but he never moved. Another horse and I might have been toast. Love you big guy. (Bandage changes now have me looking like a baby giraffe trying to drink.)

The fancy silver duct tape is our improvised measuring device, which is then laid flat on an actual tape measure.

Roo got to raid the apple tree today and we went for a bit of a walk together to find the bestest grass and clover.

Lastly… I’m a cheap skate. So if it means using the end of five effing rolls of bandaging, so be it. But your year end gifts really do keep us going… If you can give, please remember the horses like Rooster that YOU help SMM save. #imjustyourbarnhag

PayPal is admin@strawberrymountainmustangs.com

PO Box 2133, Roseburg OR 97470

Nice healthy edges, no hyper granulation today, on the right.

Skin growth in under a week’s time

When we started: Our first photo. Under the black, dead tissue was bone. And today…

Eating apples before the rebandage.

Amazing.  Such great work.  Such hope for so many other animals…

LET’S SPONSOR EDDY!  He was ripped from his freedom as an elder, very successful wild mustang.  Now he is stuck in our world.  WE CAN GIFT HIM GENTLING WITH HONOR so he can find a loving, forever home.

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