UPDATE ON ROOSTER!! (Our BF horse who had the horrible injury that wouldn’t heal…)

Do you all remember Rooster?  He was our November, 2019 Bucket Fund horse who had the unhealed for 2 years, bone exposed, open wound… three specialist vets said that the wound could not be closed.

Strawberry Mountain Mustangs was able to work with Kerecis to use a ground breaking fish generated patch – and there are the results, 7 months later!

Original story here.

This is Rooster last November. You can see his open wound with the bone exposed. It itched and Rooster would bite it… the wound had been this way for 2 years – until SMM received him.

This is the wound with the first Kerecis patch stitched in. You can see how large of an area was exposed… Three vets said that nothing would work. This area could not be healed.

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A note from SMM:

Yes, Kerecis tissue (not skin) graft allowed healthy tissue to form over bone, where epithelial cells wouldn’t grow. Once we got over that ledge, and with the specialized bandaging and topicals – we’ve managed to do what three vets said would never happen – close the wound.

Handsome Rooster.


Happy. Healthy.

The leg takes full weight.

Early comparison to now.

Cheers to SMM and Rooster’s new, pain-free future!


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