Our October Bucket Fund horse, who had been run down a Chicago freeway for 7 miles, is doing well – so far.  She will never be able to carry a rider again, but she is recovering at Forest View Farms.


NuNu is doing well.  Her personality is finally coming out.  A note from her caretakers:

“Now she it’s bright and happy to see people. She can’t wait to go out and she can’t wait to come back in!  Her spirit was broken, but she is back mentally!”

The court case has been postponed.  So we have no news on that front…

OUR DONATION in the form of gift cards at their local Feed Store

Since Forest View Farms is not a 501c3, we cannot give them the donations we have collected directly.  We must choose an entity like a veterinarian or a feed store.  In this way, we are giving a credit for medical fees or upkeep fees.

Here are our receipts for Forest View Farms to upkeep NuNu while they fight a legal fight.

This is our receipt for the Gift Cards purchased to help NuNu.


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  1. dawndi Post author

    No… I know that they were having issues with the previous owners trying to get her back, but the County was not allowing it. I think they went quiet until it is all settled. (I do know that she recovered, but her feet will never carry a rider again.)

  2. Maggie

    Do you have any further updates on NuNu? Are donations for her care still being accepted?

  3. Mary Kahn


    Why can’t NuNu ever carry a rider again? Just curious.


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