UPDATE on our March Bucket Fund horses, SHAKIRA AND TIA!

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Two mares, TRAPPED IN A STALL FOR YEARS WITH MANURE SO HIGH that their backs rubbed on the ceiling – enduring horrible disfigurement … Meet our March BUCKET FUND HORSES: TIA AND SHAKIRA! Please FORWARD! Click here for story and to donate: https://www.horseandman.com/?p=53889

Shakira is the sorrel. Tia the Pinto.


I received this email from Heather Robertson  of MSPCA.

Hi Dawn,

Shakira is doing very well! We’re actually going to start talking to a few potential adopters to see if someone might be willing to take her on as “hero adopters” – someone who is willing to provide for all of her future care with the understanding that we really can’t guarantee that she will be suitable for riding. We’ve had some folks with large hearts inquire about her, so we want to start the conversation now while it’s in mind.

Tia is still struggling. We are making some changes to her diet and some of her medication in the hopes that she will be more comfortable.

Both of them are enjoying some equine therapies donated by some kind people in the area. We’ve received the loan of a BEMER blanket that they are both loving, and a local equine massage therapist has worked on them too. The outpouring of concern for these two ladies is incredible – the horse world is so kind and committed to helping when needed, it’s a real honor to be a part of this “village” that is making their world better!

I’ve attached a couple of photos taken this weekend. Thank you for continuing to share their story!

My best,


Shakira after having her feet done.

Tia after having her feet done. Note how she stands on the outsides of her hooves.



I offered to send Soft Ride boots for Tia.  Heather consulted their veterinarian and this was the response.  (I did also suggest help with finding special splints or prosthetics – if they felt this was an option.)

“I checked with Ellie re: SoftRide boots. She let me know that we have tried these on Tia, but because she walks on the sides of her hooves, they are breaking. I think we have tried other versions as well, without success.   Thank you very much for offering, though!”

Shakira who will be ready for foster or adoption soon!

Tia’s condition is very guarded. She is receiving all the care possible. Here she receives a massage.

CONTACT for NEVINS FARM – Would you like to put in a foster or adoption application for Shakira?

Director of Development for MSPCA at Nevins Farm, Methuen, MA 01844,  978-687-7453 x6118,  www.mspca.org/nevins

THANK YOU EVERYONE!  It takes a village of ongoing care to help these girls.  All donations are 100% tax deductible!  No amount too small.  We are almost 3/4 to our goal!  We can do this!

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  1. Helen Fleming

    Shakira and Tia have been together for so long, I’m wondering how this will affect Tia’s health as a result of Shakira being fostered elsewhere?

  2. dawndi Post author

    I will ask right now… I know they are doing all they can. I will also offer to pay for it.

  3. Alexis

    Acupuncture. Please treat these girls to several treatments. It is a recognized therapy by all of the veterinary and veterinary hospital professional associations. PLEASE try to find an equine acupuncturist to treat these mares. Even if you have to import one from another state. I am lucky to have several out here on the west coast – two or three who treat horses, multiple who treat dogs including my JRT who has serious SERIOUS spinal and arthritis and UTI issues and she is now completely healthy. Please give this a try for these mares!

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