Update on our April Bucket Fund – The HEARTBREAK KIDS/NURSE MARE FOALS – lots of pics!

I know, I know, no one has time on a Monday … but, we all have time to look at adorable photos!

And, if you know anyone who has a place in their heart and in their paddock (who has the wherewithall) to adopt a baby or two, please let DETC know.  I’ve linked info here.  Also, if you’d like to sponsor a baby, you can also speak to them about that- linked here.


So, as we blogged about before, 11 photographers went to Dream Equine Therapy Center to photograph these babies.  Most of the photogs had never seen a baby horse, let alone understand how they moved and reacted.   BUT, they did a great job and we now have 13 PAGES of photos for all of us to fawn over!

Here is direct link to the 13 pages of our Bucket Fund April Heartbreak Kids photos!  Have fun!  I sure did as I was trying to figure out who was who so I could make the next section.  Those bays look alike to me…

If you go to those photos and see foals who are not listed in the ‘Personality’ section, it is because they have been adopted or are in adoption pending.  If you’d like to inquire about them (or any of the foals), use this link.

CLICK HERE image to go to the link with HUNDREDS of our HEARTBREAK KIDS foal photos!


Naming a foal is a fun way to take ‘ownership’ without really taking any ownership…  If you’d like to name a baby, the donation is $50 per name.   Simply tell me which baby and what name in the Pay Pal ‘comment’ box.  I will update the newly named foals as soon as I receive the donations!

If you receive this via email and would like to make a $50 donations to name a baby, click here!


I asked DETC to provide a brief personality of each baby.  The below descriptions are directly from their caretakers.


Armstrong, has been through a lot, malnourished when we got him and wouldn’t drink. He was on a feeding tube for 2+ weeks but is now holding his own.  He will take months to get better and to gain weight since his appetite isn’t really where it should be. He does buck a little now when you rub his butt and enjoys sunbathing outside. One day he tried to run full speed and tripped and fell over, then got up and trotted around the paddock. He actually escaped out of the stall yesterday while I was cleaning, a good sign he is feeling better.


Armstrong no longer has the feeding tube... handsome boy


He has much catching up to do...


Sarid is the other one with feeding tube that is now off and doing well, actually he is becoming just as wild as the other foals which is good.


Pretty Boy, Sarid


Sarid headshot

3)  TB FILLY – NAMED!  “HIGH COTTON” which is an old Southern saying that means we are doing well as in “We are now in High Cotton”!

The first pic is of the TB foal from the first group. She is really bored and lonely because she has been under quarantine for so long. She wont be available for a while but we just didnt want anyone to forget about her. She is a purebred TB from one of the TB farms and she is going to be a looker. Supposedly her Sires stud fee wasnt paid and it was $50,000. They knew she wouldnt bring much at a sale so they were going to euthanize. We stepped in just in time. She is the one that had contracted tendons, but they straightened out after just one week off the mares milk. Very easy fix.


"High Cotton". She is fine now and said to be very valuable!


The next pic is of the gaited sorrel colt with blaze. He is so laid back and quiet. He doesnt get into trouble and he isnt scared, he just hangs out. He will make a great calm trail horse someday.


Sorrel colt

Sorrel Colt appears to be gaited.

5)  BAY PONY COLT WITH STRIPE – NAMED!  “COOPER” (as in the Mini-Cooper or Gary Cooper)

The next is the bay pony colt with stripe. He is definitely a pony, not too much of a trouble maker, but has that pony personality. Not sure how tall he will get probably in the 13-14hh range. He would be a great show pony prospect for kids. Orphan foals are extremely easy to train. He is very easy to handle.  Actually all the foals pick him to try to nurse on for some reason.


They think he will be a smaller horse


The next is the black pinto TWH colt. The charlotte photographers named him Jordan because he hangs his tongue out the side of his mouth like Michael Jordan. He does this alot, playing and sucking on it. He is not a dummy foal, just cute and playful. He would not leave the photographers alone or will not leave us alone when we are trying to work with the other foals. We can try to wave our arms to get him to move and he just stands there and looks probably wondering what we are doing.


This boy stole the photos' hearts

His other side...



This first is black gaited filly with star. This one will gait and not, so hard to tell what she will do when older. We had an identical foal to her last year that was a colt. He had the same star and white hind sock. His name is Dakota.
She has always been very strong, healthy and happy since we got her.


Black filly with star


The next filly is the solid bay, tall gaited filly. She is all legs, very petite, has a head like an arab or saddlebred and a great sweet, she knows she is cute personality. She is one of my favorites.


Bay tall gaited filly

Bay fillies


The next is the pinto with bald face colt. He has some movement. Now he is one that gaits sometime as well, but he is strong and thick. I am pretty sure he has a little draft in there. He has a western pleasure lope which he does all over the paddock and even in small circles all by himself.
Another future awesome trail horse.


Pinto colt


Next is red dun QH filly. She is petite compared to the others but still has the QH muscling. She was real scared when she first came, but when the charlotte photographers were all lined up at the fence taking pics, she went over and greeted everyone. She has become very laid back and will just lie around all day. She is no longer spooky and actually suprises us nosing around or biting our clothes when we are not paying her attention.


Pretty girl



And the Belgian colt. What can I say. He has the typical in your pocket, into everything, trouble maker personalities that alot of drafts have. He is actually overly friendly. When we are walking with milk buckets or feed buckets out in the paddock, you have to watch your back. He is one that will try to jump on you, playing of course. He needs his own home and someone to give him the attention he deserves.


Belgian colt

13)  TALL GAITED BLACK/GRULLA FILLY- NAMED!  “VENUS’ CHAMELEON” she will change color and she gets older… Chameleons change theirs..to suite whatever they are on…and Venus is the goddess of love…

Next is Tall Gaited black/grulla filly. She was extremely skittish at first and would just smack her lips constantly when we were around and handling her(submissive sign).  she is coming around and now is curious and comes up to us willingly. She is going to be a nice tall filly.


Tall grullla filly


14)  CREMELLO QUARTER HORSE FILLY – NAMED!  “EPONA” ( She was the Celtic Horse Goddess and the name means divine mare.)

Cremello Qh filly. I am suprised no one has scooped her up yet. We never get this type of color with nurse mare foals. Cremello with a small star and blue eyes. This is probably the rarest nurse mare foal you will see. She is a pistol. Very strong healthy girl.


Cremello filly




Last is the Dark bay gaited filly. this one is a couple weeks older than the rest. She is the fastest in the group moving out down the paddock and even galloping full speed. She reminds me of a speed racking horse. If you want to win in competitive trail or endurance this may the filly for you.


Dark bay filly

I think this is her but I'm not sure... could be the other bay filly



“This is overall one of the best groups of foals we have had. All started out skittish at first but now are very curious, very easy to handle. Of course they didnt like all the medications, butt baths, nose ointment etc but when you are just hanging out with them and not trying to catch them to do something to them, they will all come up for some loving.”



If you’d like to help support these babies with any amount at all…  (it all goes into the Bucket) please click the donate button!  Thanks for reading and thanks for caring!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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