Update on our “Amazing Grace” Bucket Fund Mareextraordinaire… And another STOLEN HORSE!

Happy Friday to all!!  (The stolen horse info is attached after Grace’s story at the bottom of this post.  Please read it and cross post it!  Many thanks!)

I wanted to give you an update on Grace, our Drop in the Bucket Fund Charity for September.  She is the skinniest horse still alive…

Here are pics from 25 days ago:


Just as a refresher, Grace was seized from a farm where she was living (barely) with three other (in good weight) horses.  Grace was more than emaciated. Her previous owners, sadly, had done nothing to help Grace fight for food, or eat at all.

The vets that initially saw Grace said that her condition was so bad, she could not be measured on the Henneke Scale.  She was less than a 1.  But, she had a spark in her eye and a will to live.  So, the Sheriff and Animal Control called in Darla Clark from Strawberry Mountain Mustangs to aid in Grace’s recovery.  If anyone could do it, Darla could…  You can read my original blog post here.

Because Grace has such a will to live and because Darla has such a will to help Grace make it, we made Grace our BUCKET FUND MAREEXTRAORDINAIRE this month.  For the entire month of September, any drop that goes into our Bucket Fund will be collected and accrued together to make one large donation at the end of the month.  Yippee for Grace and Darla!  The Horse and Man Group cavalry is riding in to share some hope and some of the financial burden!


Strawberry Mountain Mustangs has been caring for Grace (feet done, teeth floated, baths, rain rot remedies, natural fly relief, oozey area fixes…) and re-feeding her according to the UC Davis’ Re-Feeding program with great success!  Lookey!  Darla thinks that Grace has gained approximately 200 lbs!  She will be officially weighed on the 30th day.

Grace, finally settling in.

Darla says that Grace’s personality is really starting to shine!  Grace follows any human around, nickers at feeding time, loves to explore and has a newfound love of equine massage!  She is a bit reserved but demanding at the same time – especially when it comes to food!  Darla has had to reprimand the head-butting behavior from Grace, especially at food time!

I’m thrilled that Darla created a few videos for us to watch together.  This one below on the link is my favorite.  It shows a very spry and movin’ Grace!  The story is that it was starting to rain so Dora the Explora (Grace)  hurried back to her shelter but not before checking her grain tub!  Ha!

Click to watch Grace run (walk…) to shelter!

This video is Grace standing there sleeping after a nice meal and a full tummy.

Click here to get a close-up view of Grace sleeping/waking in this video!

Following are some more new comparison photos…  But, just for tidbit sake, no one knows Grace’s breed but some think Standardbred or TB.  Someone coined the phrase “Wonderbred” and I think that fits!  Grace the Mareextraordinaire is a Wonderbred!  She stands 14’2 and Darla thinks Grace will be all black once her healthy coat comes in.

New Pic of Grace as she grazes and explores...


I wanted to share a bit of info that just came in from Darla.  Here you go!

Talked to Deputy Bartholomew yesterday.  He’s getting buried with calls about horses and other animals around the county.  It’s going to be a very long winter –  and we’ll definitely need all the donations the blog can bring in. A huge THANK YOU to  your readers! (As you probably already saw – we’re taking in another starved mare from another county.  And it’s only September!!!)  Bartholomew assured me the criminal case against Grace’s owners is in the works, he just hasn’t had time to finalize the paperwork.

Grace rolling and easily getting up and down.

Grace is very inquisitive and curious. She roams around quite a bit sniffing and investigating, but her shelter is her safety zone – and she always returns there.  She will occasionally look out at the big gelding field across the driveway – but the 8 behemoths there must intimidate her.  They’re big fatties -and she really shows no interest in interacting with other horses just yet.

Her skin is much better! Thank you Equi-Spa THE BALM!

She’s reserved with people –  quite proud actually – would be the best way to describe it.  When she wants attention -she’ll do one of two things. She quite often walks up to me and puts her face about 4 inches from my face and just stares. Like she’s concentrating really hard!  =)  She’s not keen on having her face touched though –  although she likes the massages I give her at her poll.  Other times she will casually side step over and put her head at my shoulder – asking for a neck rub.  She seems to enjoy her massage more and more – rubbing away the old itchy hair and working the small muscles at her shoulder and on her rump.

Lookin' Good, Sista!

The weather has turned it seems…so she’s spending more time blanketed.

We’ll do an official weigh in on Sunday – the 30 day mark.  I wouldn’t doubt we’re pushing a 200lb gain at this point.”

I have a long way to go... Any helpers out there? I really appreciate all that has been done for me!

Amazing Grace is our Bucket Fund Equine Charity for September!  Please donate a dribble, a drop or a downpour and we’ll slosh it all together in the Bucket for our dear girl!  Please click the Pay Pal Donate button below.  OR, IF YOU RECEIVE THIS VIA EMAIL, CLICK HERE.

To see the amount in the Bucket Fund, click here.


Ugh.  Not again.  Here are the links to information and the link to the flyer .  Please cross post everywhere and if you are going to a horsey event or location, please print the flyer and plaster it everywhere!  As we have learned from Sandbox, miracles happen when the Internet Family works together.  Sandbox was also stolen from an event but the Cyper Posee turned up the heat and he was found, roaming the streets, a few days later.

This gorgeous roping horse, Chief,  was stolen from a group event in Arkansas.  Here is a photo of the flyer and then a blown up portion.  Please cross post this!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Kathryn Baker

    I love Horse and Man! The drop in the bucket fund is awesome! I will be reading at this site a lot. Thanks for what you are doing.

  2. Susan

    Grace is bloomin! This would be a great story to post on some of the horse rescue forums.

    I really enjoy the style of your your blog; it reads as if I’m having a conversation with another horse friend. Is there any possibility of adding an ’email to’ link?

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