UPDATE ON NUNU our October Bucket Fund Mare!

For those of you who missed this story, NuNu was run down a Chicago freeway for 7 miles – whipped when she stumbled.  Her injuries were horrid – but she is indeed ALIVE.  (I guess there are rumors that she was put down… she’s alive.)

You can read the original story here.

NoNu really needs our help for her ongoing care.  I cannot disclose her injuries due to the court case, but they are severe and were life threatening.    You can see in her eyes that this girl is still in pain daily.  However, she is getting better, little by little.  NuNu will never be ridden again.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  THANKYOU THANK YOU thank you!

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Here she is!  NuNu has had dental work, and, not surprisingly, manymanymany farrier visits plus therapeutic shoes.  She is also on daily meds and therapies… (Again, I cannot be specific due to the court case.)

Please help her carers help NuNu.  Many thanks!

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