Update on Lucky: Our Bucket Fund Filly for November!

I am simply awestruck that this filly has so much joy and zest for life – with those feet!

(Lucky was born with club feet and left in a stall for 3 years…  You can read her story here.)

Last week I showed you a video of her leaping and bucking and playing.

Today, I have a series of shots where you see that she acts just like any other teenage horse.

She isn’t ouchy or depressed.

She just – is.

Luckily, the braces she will receive will help boost her front end so that she won’t have to hump her spine.  This will even out her bones and help her muscles regain normal function.


Pretty girl.


Those feet…


Watching over the fence.


Alert. Happy.


Walking off


Watching for supper!


Peacefully grazing


She’s a typical 3 year-old (teenage) horse! She amazes me.


This is Lucky’s boyfriend, Rhett…


If you’d like to help Lucky with her prosthetic braces, please click here!

You can watch the donation thermometer rise, here.

Thank you!!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Mary Wilson

    Incredible little filly. Glad I was able to help in some small way. Just a comment, however. It is very dangerous to leave a horse turned out with a rope halter. Because of the way they fit, they can get caught fairly easily and offer no give if a horse panics, and the horse can break their neck. I know it isn’t always possible to leave them unhaltered, though.

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