UPDATE ON JASPER! One bullet is OUT!

Our June Bucket Fund horse, Jasper, who was shot twice while standing in his field, had his surgery!  (Jasper’s original story linked here.)

The leg bullet is OUT!  They are keeping the neck bullet where it is (too risky of a surgery) – but if it becomes infected, they will take it out as well.

We are helping Jasper’s owner pay for his surgery and shocking surprise medical costs.

Here is a note from Jasper’s owner:

Just got off the phone with the surgeon Dr Blake. She wants to remove the bullet in Jasper’s leg. Surgery is set for about 5pm today. She thinks she can do it standing, which will reduce the cost a bit.  He will stay one more night and I’m planning to pick him up tomorrow morning (provided all goes well). 

She thinks the one in the neck will be best staying where it is at. If it causes an infection down the road, it would need to be removed then. 

They won’t let me be in the room for surgery, but she said they will take photos for evidence. 

If I get any more news, will let you know. 
Thank you again for everything!

JASPER’S cheek and neck are healing well. The bullet is still in there.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  We are working towards our goal but short so far.  Any amount, any Starbucks or seat change is appreciated because it all adds us!

Thank you in advance! 

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DETAILED PHOTOS OF JASPER and update on perp.

Jasper’s owner said that the detective has a strong lead on the perp.  Now, with the bullet out, they can match the bullet to the weapon, if they find the weapon.  So, there’s that.  We all so hope that this is solved.  No one in the area feels safe now.

However, Jasper seems to be doing really, really well… considering.  He is healing up nicely now that the offending infecting bullet is gone out of his leg.  He’s almost back to his old self, even though he is very stiff still, he is a happy camper again.

Imagine the bullet entering the first cheek hole, exiting the second cheek hole and then piercing his neck. Ouch! That bullet is still in there.

The bullet is out and the drain gone. Now the infection is healing so he feels much better. This one hurt the most.



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