UPDATE on Dorothy and Willie (now Prince Harry) – our August Bucket Fund Horses!

Dorothy (late 20’s) and Willie (now Prince Harry – 24) are the senior mustangs rescued from kill pens last month by Skydog Sanctuary.  To read their stories, click here.

Skinny Dorothy and very ill Willie/Prince Harry.


Willie/Prince Harry

Here is a movie is Willie (now Prince Harry) as he walks down the Malibu hill of Skydog Sanctuary, to meet his new friends.  Willie had a month of food and the best veterinary care – and now he is in his forever home!


Click image to watch movie


Tiny and very senior, Dorothy, has been eating like a Champion since she was in quarantine and been given intense medical care at Skydog Sanctuary Oregon.  Dorothy has had a sinus issue cured and has been helped with her suspensory issues and hock pain.  The vets also think that this tiny mustang is closer to 30 than 24!

Click image to watch the movie of Dorothy’s bath!


We are waiting for FB payments, but this is the amount that came in via Pay Pal.

Receipt for Pay Pal donations!

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